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Totally Guy
2011-03-23, 07:51 AM
Has anyone ever played Inspectres?

It's a light system about a group of normal people that happen to have an unusual job: Paranormal Investigators.

It's pretty sweet in that it runs with virtually no prep. The players get to tell the table what happens when they succeed dice rolls. If you roll to investigate the green goo and you are right, you can say, "The green goo is not alive... the whole well is alive!"

The players can't resolve everything in a single roll though as each mission is worth a certain number of successes. This becomes a pacing mechanic.

I played a game where the Inspectres visited a house with a green goo infectation in the basement. They determined that their employer was a murderer when they found living skeletons in the basement. They found out that a tentacled cthlulu-like abomination came out every midnight. They get themselves kitted up with books, candles and a chainsaw and the whole thing was resolved in a slimy explosive mess.

Their employer had to then share his home with the living skeletons of the guys he'd killed and if he didn't he'd be found out and arrested for sure.

The payoff was so good that they doubled the the worth of their business unit!

2011-03-23, 10:49 AM
I want to play this game a lot. Alas, no time. :smallfrown:

2011-03-23, 01:15 PM
It's one of the favored "one-shot" games that my old gaming crew runs on the rare occasions that we have a quorum. The last game I played in (wow, almost exactly a year ago now that I think about it) wound up involving the ghosts of dead dinosaurs who were haunting a pair of gas stations because they were mad about their remains being used as fuel (and this was before the Space Savers storyline in Dr. McNinja).

It's one of those games where we manage to throw together intra-party dynamics in a single session, which generally takes us longer to do. The ability to do the confessional asides helps with that, I think.

Totally Guy
2011-03-23, 03:50 PM
Just ran the Goo in the Basement situation again on this forum. This time the group ended up down a living well and the goo was from the spirit of the well that disliked the client's taste in music.

2011-03-23, 05:29 PM
As one of the players in said goo in the basement, I love the system. And being able to declare the well living was awesome.