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2011-03-23, 12:55 PM
BRANKING NEWS: Unknown party with an Unknown NPC Capt and Unknown craw with an Unknown ship with Unknown cargo there did/didn’t pick up going to explore the Unknown Region! GM what do you have for use. Any Star Wars lovers :smallbiggrin:

To many unknowns, some of them I can do my self
Unknown party is the pc chars (the party I start with)
Unknown Capt is the female the hide the PC char to help he explore
Unknown craw is the craw needed for the ship
Unknown ship I need help with that. What I’m looking for is a small ship with 2 transports. What I was planning to using is Acclamator, Venator Class Star Destroyer but I can find the blueprints or if they can hold Transports that’s been modified for exploring. Or you have a batter ship to use?
Unknown cargo must is for the ship (food ext) I may make the go find something that will take up room in the cargo hall.
Unknown Region that’s lot of space out there …………… any ideas? Missing fleet, hive that kills anything that it sees,

2011-03-30, 01:26 AM
How big is your player group? Do you want to have alot of NPCs? Is the ship run by alot of droids?

I think a corellion corvet modified with a hanger that can hold two small shuttle craft or four fighters will do. Other than that it's a good durrable ship that can carry enough weapons to defend its self and cargo for long trips.

Edit: The Far Star is an example of a corvet with a hanger bay.