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2011-03-24, 10:14 AM
Remain Conscious reminds me "Die Hard" feat from 3.5 ed.

Does a tough hero with this talent become stable or should he make a fortitude save in order not to lose 1 hp per round?

2011-03-27, 02:51 PM
anyone? hello?

2011-03-27, 03:42 PM
anyone? hello?

Considering the original name for Diehard was Remain Conscious, I'd say yes.

2011-03-27, 04:21 PM
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Kuma Kode
2011-03-27, 11:20 PM
It does not state that he automatically becomes stable, just that he can act as though he were disabled by taking a single move or standard action per round.

He continues to lose HP every round as normal, and can even accelerate his own death, since acting while disabled causes damage.

2011-03-28, 02:38 PM
Sorry and thank you averagejoe.

And thanks for the answers guys. I'll stick with Kuma Kode's answer. I was thinking the same thing.