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2011-03-24, 02:26 PM
I've been reading Equinox Road and I liked the idea of a high powered World of Darkness game, with a changeling focus. I'm planning to run one for my group next summer, but with the possibility of adding in other supers.

And therein lies the question. I can be sure that if I keep it to changeling things will at least be somewhat in keeping. If I add in other splats.. I'm not sure what would result.

First thing. Are there any high power merits available for the other supers? Equinox road is fairly full of them for Changelings.

Second things.
The character creation method I had in mind was this:
Standard character gen except:
Powerstat=5 to start (Primal Urge, Wyrd etc.)
11 merit dots.
+2 dots of attributes
+5 dots of skills, and 1 free speciality
+2 dots of powers (Transmutation, Arcana etc.)
Higher power stat can be bought once for 5 merit dots.
Morality can be lowered by up to 3 points, each giving 10xp.

Now this should make really powerful characters.
Does it give too much power to any splat though? Should I intentionally limit down the powers of a particular group? Can anyone see any particularly big problems?

Specifics of the story are in spoilers.

The Lost Crusade.

A legendary group of 5 Changelings, the Thorns of Echidna, has been operating around the world. Active since the 20s, they really ramped up their activities on a global scale in the late 50s. Interfering with supernatural events everywhere, and smashing the schemes of the gentry wherever they could find them.

A decade ago, they vanished. Rumours about their disappearance abounded.

Now however, one of them has returned.
His reappearance has set the world of the lost ablaze. He is rallying a crusade, to establish a permanent foothold in arcadia, through which to enact large scale rescue attempts of others who have been captured and eventually to bring down the gentry wholescale. He has the secret to allow easy travel between arcadia and the hedge, letting large groups travel there.

Large amounts of the lost have flocked to the banner. Large scale preparations for the crusade are under way.

This is where the players come in. They're exceptionally powerful creatures, known to the Changeling through his prior adventures. He has tasked them to be his chief recruiters of more interesting allies, while he focusses on rallying the greater community of the lost.

Vague story structure...

Act 1.
Consists of following various leads to acquire powerful allies.
Mainly to establish setting and provide recurring characters, as well as get the players used to the power level they are at.
It is the main point where other supernatural settings than changeling will come into play. And they will only recur later if the players or their allies have some involvement with the settings.
Changelings will probably see a lot of merit in the idea(if they think it can succeed), the other factions will need to be bribed or otherwise convinced to help.

I don't expect the game to break at all here. Big powerful potential allies, and it is legitimate to use any measure to convince them to join up. I kind of just want them all to show off to the fullest extent at this stage, and I'll hopefully be able to give them all something to do.

Act 2.
Kicks off when 2 members of the Thorns Motley return, and reveal that there is a traitor at the highest levels of the crusade. This coincides with large scale attacks on the base. The players must prove their own innocence, while hunting down the real traitor.

Obviously when we get to a more predefined plot point, there is more potential for things to break down.

Act 3.
Obviously there is a lot to go wrong in act 2. But as planned act 3 would be the assault on Arcadia.
The players should discover the big secret here, that the entire reason behind the crusade is a lie. Or at best a side effect. The real reason behind the actions of the Thorns is to rescue one of their members, who had transformed into a member of the True Fae. Whether the crusade is successful in its professed motive is going to be up to the players.

Of course this is all just a rough outline. I'll need to do a lot of mechanics work for Arcadia if I ever get there. They will likely be somewhat screwy and dreamlike.

2011-03-24, 02:59 PM
Merits? Well, Sin-Eaters have Krewe Merits that are pretty nice, but their actual powers are where it's at. And Mages have Paths or whatever they're called, but it's not like having a path and just having high dots in an Arcana results in a very big difference. I can't think of any other awesome merits that are splat-specific off the top of my head.

The "power tiers" are generally considered: Mages > Sin-Eaters > Changelings and Prometheans > Vampires and Werewolves > Hunters and minor supernaturals like Ghouls, Wolf-Blooded, Psychics, etc. > normal mortals.

The main thing that puts Mages and Sin-Eaters so high is exponential power growth; when a Sin-Eater gains Manifestation dots, he gains power with all of his Keys, not just one, which is often very useful. (I think just how useful is often overstated, but it's a problem). And when a Mage gains dots in Forces, he's not just increasing his "throw lightning bolts at you" ability, he's increasing his "throw lightning bolts at you while chilling in Hawaii" via Space, "make assassin pigeons that can throw lightning bolts" via Life, and so on.
Also, freeform magic, ceremonial magic that acts like superpowerful buff spells, and the not-terribly-great difficulty of avoiding Paradox allow Mages overwhelming power if you let them. It's possible to yank Sin-Eaters back into being more balanced with everyone else*, but it's a lot harder to do with Mages.

Note that by default Sin-Eaters can buy dots of their power stat for 3 Merit dots each at chargen. If someone took full advantage of that to start with 8 Psyche, it would be an issue. So, uh, don't allow it.

Also, I'd consider using some of the Combat Hacks from Armory Reloaded to make werewolves and vampires more effective in combat, and if a player wants to do a vampire, strongly urge him to take some Coils of the Dragon so he isn't completely useless during the day.

*I'd limit the number of Keys a player can buy to, oh, 4 or 5, and not let them take those items that give you extra Keys. I'd also have blessed weapons do damage that they can't bulwark with Plasm (and possibly have blessed weapons bypass magical protection like iron does for changelings) to add a weakness, and add in rules for their Geist attempting to possess them that trigger when they do something that imperils their Synergy, probably based on the demonic possession rules in Inferno.

2011-03-24, 07:35 PM
Where do Genii fall, out of interest?

The Glyphstone
2011-03-24, 08:21 PM
Where do Genii fall, out of interest?

Genius is a fanmade product, so it's not usually included in this analysis. I haven't seen the ruleset in a year or two, but from what I remember, the powers of Wonders were still rather vague and undefined. Not sure how they'd fit in to this - below Mages, because Mages are Hax, but whether they'd beat out Sin-Eaters I'm uncertain of.

2011-03-24, 08:42 PM
I know it's fanmade, but since the only books I have are Mage, Changeling and it, and I love technogabble, I like it. What do you mean by 'vague and undefined'? The ruleset I have is very specific about, for instance, what you need to make a transformation ray.

The Glyphstone
2011-03-24, 08:49 PM
Like I said, maybe I'm remembering an older version. Do you know if it's still being worked on, and where I can find the latest update?

2011-03-24, 08:56 PM
At the moment, it's sitting on 1.1, which has apparently been out since April of 2010. Link. (http://sites.google.com/site/moochava/genius)

Wings of Peace
2011-03-25, 03:57 AM
I'd scale back Sin-Eaters powers some, do as others have suggested by using the Armory tweaks to werewolves/vampires, and if your Changeling players start to lag encourage them to make lots of pledges for max awesome.

Pledges are also fairly nice because Changelings always seemed like they should be weird to me anyways so if your player refuses to shoot people wearing hats because the Norpel the Dustmite King made him pledge to well then all the better.

Edit: The main things I would keep close watch on for Sin-Eaters are the fire key and Boneyard Manifestation. Fire Key has some mean abilities, like easy Plasma (or whatever they use as mana) regen, and Boneyard can shatter what should have been hard fights.