View Full Version : Are There Class Tiers in Rogue Trader/ What should I look out for?

2011-03-26, 03:04 AM
So the recent threads about DH, and Psykers therein being over-powered, made me think of this.

I'll be running a Rogue Trader game soon, or possibly playing in the same. I haven't played the game before, but 'Conquering worlds for fun and profit' (To explore strange new worlds and new civilizations, and steal anything that isn't nailed down) is just the sort of game goal I can get behind.

So how do the different classes stack up in that game? What are the broken combinations or the level where wild disparities start to appear?

I know that Navigators were a bit under-powered in the core game, and that Murder Servitors + Teleportarium = Victory in Space Combat, but a basic look at the rules doesn't seem to bring out anything woefully overpowered. The Psyker mechanics were re-jiggered, so now hitting people with your mind can't do anything that it seems a heavy bolter on full auto can't do better.

I don't know. Explorators have a number of options, but I don't know if any of those can really make them any better than a normal arch-militant.

Thoughts? Wisdom? Half-remembered dreams?

2011-03-26, 05:56 AM
Eh, not really. No matter how powerful you get on a personal level, remember that you're on a ship of tens of thousands.
Sure, the psyker can use mind control and the explorator can tank like no other. But it doesn't mean crap if you just acquire three platoons of guardsmen with lascannons and guncutters.

All characters in rogue trader can get to pretty ridiculous levels, but nothing will beat the power of PF.