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2011-03-26, 03:38 AM
in our current game, we are playing Abyssals...i have just acquired 5 peasants after sacking a town on a solo mission and my plan is to take the bodies of their fellow townsfolk and construct a necrotech suit for each of them

the suit is meant to act on its own, with the peasants acting as mere spectators to the terrible carnage that will ensue from said war machines

my question is, what would be the best way to go about doing this with access to only walking war machine (and thus only up to coil rank 4 creations)?

thanks in advance

2011-03-26, 03:46 AM
Lessee. I was reading up on Necrotech rules not long ago for a Necrotechnomancer character.

Firstly, do you want it to be like actual armour, or do you want it to be a hideous arrangement of grafts that's bolted onto their torso and limbs, painfully moving them around against their will, likely shattering joints and destroying muscle by the efforts to free themselves?

2011-03-26, 03:53 AM
the first option was what i was originally going for, but the second one is so delightfully horrific i couldnt possibly pass it up

2011-03-26, 04:13 AM
Right then, we won't bother with hollowing it out.

Coil Rank 4 is 20 points of hilarious, disturbing goodness.
I'd say pour as much into Dex as you can, 6 points in this case, raising it to Dex4.
Hell, spend 4 more points between Stamina and Strength, leaning more towards Stamina.
Shove its Ability dots into either melee or martial arts, based on your preference. Melee if you want these things swinging scythes and such around, MA for rending and tearing of claws.
You'll have 12 more dots to spread around, I recommend Resistance and Athletics at least to help it cloing on to the poor flesh of the damned.

Next, I suppose choose a weapon. Either shell out the points for an actual melee weapon, or instead put those points into boosting the stats of the construct's own stats. I'd be careful here, and avoid going over 5 or so points. It's up to you, but there IS cool stuff to get.

Extra legs, for example, if you want drider-like bone constructions that have unwilling and tortured farmers instead of hot but stupid Drow priestesses.

It'll be more expensive and time consuming, but consider shoving a Attunement Spike into the mix. This is what really gives it that flavour of tormenting the poor victims. Basically, you have the spike drain motes/WP/health levels from them, which powers it for a scene. If the spike stayed in, you'd have to worry about it being use against you, but jamming it in once and then removing it removes their control and keeps it powered. This cuts out needing necromancy to activate it.

2011-03-26, 06:42 PM
this is incredibly awesome, thank you

unfortunately i cant get the attunement spike at the moment so i will have to stick with walking war machine shenanigans, but that should be rather effective for the time being