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2011-03-26, 09:35 PM
I'm creating a Druid named Lerile and attempting to customize her in a balanced fashion (perhaps even nerfing her away from the normal power level of Druids). For those of you who've played WOW, I want her to be like a Moonkin/Restoration Druid, swapping away her Wild Shape (but not her animal companion).

Anyways, this is one of the spells I wanted to propose to my GM as a spell she's researched. The intended use was in creating goodwill and spreading nature worship to barbarian tribes, so its mostly fluffy, but it could potentially be used in a grove or sold for money. *Shrug*

Tree of Life
Conjuration (Creation, Healing)
Level: Druid 5, Plant 5
Casting Time: 6 hours
Range: 10 feet
Targets: a spot of clear dirt
Duration: Instaneous
Saving Throw: (None, not applicable)
Spell Resistance: N/A

By channeling the powers of life and creation, you create a leafy, precious redwood tree. This tree is shorter than most, only ever growing to be eight feet tall. To cast this spell successfully, you must have prepared a casting of Goodberry, Charm Animal, Cure Serious Wounds, Neutralize Poison, and Remove Disease. You must cast all of these spells while within ten feet of the tree. In place of the normal effects, this empowers the tree.

Once empowered, the tree flowers with a variety of fruit of the caster's choosing, up to four types. These fruit grow year round and in significant abundance, sufficient to feed twenty people. By praying at the tree (in rites decided by the caster), once per day the tree can provide a Cure Serious Wounds, Neutralize Poison, and Remove Disease, each once per day.

Animals within the vicinity of the tree are peaceful, and though they often remain skittish to human presence if not domesticated, do not hunt within a mile of the tree. No more than one of these trees can be in place within a mile of one another.

2011-03-26, 09:47 PM
That sounds more like a magic item than a spell.

2011-03-26, 11:17 PM
This should probably be in the homebrew forum; you should send one of the mods a private message and ask for it to be moved.

That said, I don't agree with ^, I think it works just fine as a spell. I'd consider reducing it to level four, perhaps--given that it already takes a pretty significant investment of spell slots to empower, can only be done once every mile at most, and only provides healing once a day, I wouldn't worry too much about players abusing it. Hypothetically they could create an orchard of these, but it'd take a lot of walking to make use of one large enough to be worth the effort of creating it.

I'm a little cautious of the "animals within the vicinity of the tree are peaceful" bit, though. What do you mean, animals? Will a Swarm stop attacking if it gets too close to the tree? What about a Dire animal? I might specify "animals with fewer HD than the caster." By the time you're high enough level to pacify animals scary enough to be used as monsters, you have plenty of other ways to deal with them. It depends on why you put that clause in--is it just for flavor, or was it intended to provide mechanical benefit against a (small) subset of monsters?

2011-03-27, 01:22 PM
This should probably be in the homebrew forum; you should send one of the mods a private message and ask for it to be moved.

It's usually faster/easier to report the thread; this ensures all the mods can see it. Also, other posters can do that. But PMing is fine if you prefer!

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2011-03-27, 01:47 PM
I actually agree with the first responder.

O.k. a few things, first if this is going to stay a spell, the duration should be permanent and the casting time should be ... however long you want, but it has to be at least a swift action(DON'T do that though it SHOULD be no less then a standard action, and I would suggest longer). Also, instead of saying a person has to have perpared certain spells you should say that the matierial components for this spell are potions of those spells(exept for goodbearrys) and 8 goodberrys which are all planted into the ground(or some such thing). I say this because there is NO mechanic for casting spells at the same time.

O.k. now, why I suggest it should be an item. First, you have already suggested magical requirement spells(just like items) The spell makes an item(which if we are honest is how Items are really work anyway) and you even have a material component anyway(the goodberry seeds I assume), which you need to,"cast the spell," but could just as easily be matierials nessisary for creating the seads of the tree.

2011-03-27, 02:39 PM
This is actually an extremely powerful spell at any level. Since it creates a permanent (although immobile), non-dispel-able magic item that offers unlimited use of of some very handy spells, it absolutely needs an XP cost. Otherwise, there really is very little to prevent a PC caster from using his downtime to create groves of the things. Even a half-dozen of them planted in a village essentially creates a one-stop hospital that can treat any wound, disease, or poison the common folk should come across. If this spell was widely used, it would fundamentally change the nature of the entire campaign world.