View Full Version : [D20 Modern] Burst/Autofire doublecheck

2011-03-29, 07:24 AM
Just to be absolutely clear, autofire (and by extension burst) is an attack and not an attack action, correct? Thus, as a full attack you can fire as many bursts as you have attacks, correct?

2011-03-29, 09:37 AM
I believe so, yes.

Kuma Kode
2011-03-29, 11:48 AM
It isn't clear, but it's under the special attacks header and doesn't say otherwise, so yes, I would say so.

You'll eat bullets like it's candy, though, and if you're high enough level to make multiple attacks your enemies are almost guaranteed to be able to routinely make a DC 15 Reflex save.

2011-03-29, 02:35 PM
More making sure my players can do what I think they can do for encoutner planning, but good points. Even though D20 modern is little more that 3.5 with guns instead of magic, the rulebook is poorly edited enough that things are'nt always clear.

Kuma Kode
2011-03-29, 06:13 PM
d20 Modern was never given the attention it deserved by its designers. The level of editing is rather unprofessional, with abilities missing, tables being incorrectly formatted, and references to rules that don't exist in d20 Modern. For instance, you can wield a bastard sword in one hand as an exotic weapon, or in two hands as a martial weapon, despite the fact that there is no such thing as a martial weapon in d20 Modern.

Similarly, the Wildlord's share spells ability for their animal companion is present on the table but missing from the descriptive text.

2011-03-30, 06:35 AM
Yeah. It's still a decent system, you just have to use massive amoutns of rule 0.