View Full Version : Rules Question: Save penalties and more than one effect to a save

Lord Ascapelion
2011-03-29, 11:35 AM
So if I have the Aberrant Mark of Contagion feat (-2 penalty to saves for ongoing damage) and hit an enemy with Destructive Salutation, a spell which inflicts a stunned (save ends) and ongoing 10, but both are keyed to the same save, is the penalty for ending both? I'd say yes, but what're your opinions?

Mystic Muse
2011-03-29, 11:36 AM
If they're both keyed to the same save I'd say yes.

2011-03-31, 05:28 PM
the answer is a definate yes. As part of the (save ends both) there is a ongoing damage componant to it

2011-04-01, 09:17 AM
correct. Similar to how if a dwarf was hit with that, and it was poison ongoing damage.

If it is:
10 Poison damage (save ends)
Stunned(save ends)

The dwarf only gets the bonus to the 10 poison damage

If it is:

10 Poison damage and stunned (save ends both)

Then yes, the dwarf would be at +5 saves. So just rearrange it all and you see how the aberrant mark works.