View Full Version : Need something more than a legacy more than a regular item.

Darth Stabber
2011-03-29, 03:30 PM
So I am trying to brew up a trio of lesser legacy items. They won't require feat investment, but they are decent magic items, that get an added bonus when some condition is met.


The first is a +1 keen dagger that gives 1 free widen spell to a necromancy spell per day, and when used to become a lich grants 1 free lvl of metamagic on necromancy spells. In my campaign world you need an opposite caster (divine if you are arcane and vice versa) to cut your heart out. This thing gets the second ability only if it is the blade that cuts your heart out.

I need 2 more (at least) of these. 1 that is good for a shaper psion and one that is good for an unarmed swordsage, though they shouldn't be weapons.

Current thoughts
-bonus ability to astral construct.
-hold a psionic focus.
-free augment or metapsionics.
-1 per encounter (or day), when the dagger is covered in the blood of an enemy, gain 1pp per hit die of that enemy.
-hold an extra prepared manuever.
-allows a manuever the initiator doesn't know 1/encounter.
-Apply a metamagic feat to a maneuver.
-allow a boost to affect multiple people.

2011-03-29, 07:02 PM
How about these (not sure if I've gauged the power level appropriately and, obviously, the player's style makes a difference).

The unarmed swordsage gets a pair of bracers that let him add his Wisdom bonus to damage rolls made with unarmed strikes and, once per encounter, when an enemy provokes an attack of opportunity from him, he can initiate a strike with an initiation time of a standard action against that opponent instead of making a normal attack, but only if he is either unarmed or only wielding gauntlets.

The shaper psion gets a vest woven with ectoplasm that grants DR/- equal to his power points/30, rounded down, but minimum 1 and once a day lets him use the Twin Power metapsionic feat on the astral construct power without expending his psionic focus or increasing its manifestation cost by 6 PP.

Darth Stabber
2011-03-30, 10:22 PM
My current thoughts

Ledoran's Blade
Basic Effects - +1 keen cold iron dagger
Secondary Ability - 1/day you may add the widen spell or extend spell feats to a necromancy spell without having either feat, increasing the spell level or casting time. This ability can't be used again until the blade has tasted blood again.
special condition - If you use this blade to remove your own heart during the ritual to become a lich, you receive the final power.
Final Power - this item holds up to three charges, it regains 1 charge whenever you confirm a critical hit with this weapon. You may expend one charge to reduce the level increase of a metamagic feat applied by one. This ability may reduce a spell lower than it's normal level.

Kelthan's Helm
Basic effect - light fortification
Secondary effect - you may ready an extra manuever
special condition - when you defeat a rakshasa with a cr higher than your level with out aid, you may use this items final power.
Final Power - this item holds three charge, it regains 1 charge whenever one of your strike manuevers fails to hit a target. You may expend one charge to reready a spent amnuever as a free action

Tormalan's Amulet
basic effect - you regain 1pp whenever the target of one of your powers makes a sucessful saving throw, or you miss a touch attack with one of you powers.
Secondary Ability - you may choose 1 arcane spell you possess the scroll for and comit it to memory, you may use that spell as a psionic power of a level = to the spells level + 1. You may change the spell selected whenever you are meditating to regain power points for the day.
special condition - ???
Final ability - the number of spells that can be affected by the secondary ability increases by your INT modifier.

So what do people think of that? Also does anyone have any ideas for a condition for the psionic necklace?