View Full Version : Having a bit of trouble creating a creature, Help?

2011-03-30, 06:12 PM
Hello again homebrewers :smallbiggrin: I am having a bit of trouble creating somthing and request some help.
Essentually I am currently running a campagin werein each player has a sword based on a Zanpakuto (see bleach and cheese) just a little somthing to ake each character indivudual, and so far have been using rules based off of this system http://www.dnd-wiki.org/wiki/Bleach_D20_(3.5e_Sourcebook)/Shikai#Summoning_Type but now they have hit the end game, and are about to take on the main villan of this picture and I am having trouble throwing everything together.
Essentually the main villan is lvl 22, and uses a focused summoning zanpakuto, the projectile part is working fine, but I am having a lot of trouble putting the summoning part together. In basis he summons a Murder of crows with the following bonuses from that list, summon swarm,increase toughness x3, increased mobility, magic fang x3, focused summon (natural armour) empowered summon (+4 dex) and improved toughnessx2 now, i am completly clueless how to make this work, any help would be a life saver :smallwink: and entitle you to a cookie :smallbiggrin: