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2011-03-31, 12:24 AM
'ello, folks! Name's Feichi.

Over this summer I'll be running a Pokemon DnD campaign for my friends. As those of you in the know about videogames and Pokemon are likely aware, there are at least 600 pokemon now.

Now, imagine large scale battles with dozens of these different Pokemon. Figurines and map markers would be problematic, don'tcha' think? :smalleek:

I have happily, however, come up with an idea. My mine conjures up images of little disks with clear plastic tops, under which you can slide paper printouts to fit all of my Pokemon-ing needs.

I unhappily have no idea how I'd go about doing this, or finding anything like that anywhere. Does anyone here have any suggestions on how I could handle this conundrum, making or buying the pieces for this disks?

2011-03-31, 01:01 AM
Print out pictures of pokemon and fold them into a tent shape, with tabs going toward the centre, like so, taping or gluing a small weight in the centre if needed:


2011-03-31, 01:12 AM
I suppose that would work. Still gonna' keep derping around for ideas, though.

2011-03-31, 01:26 AM
Here's what my group does sometimes:

Buy mosaic tiles. They're usually about 3/4" each and come in packs of 25 or so. Then, print out pictures of the pokemon on label paper, cut them out and stick the pictures on the tiles. For added protection, cover the surface of the tiles in clear packing tape to keep the images from rubbing away or getting scratched.

2011-03-31, 01:33 AM
Hmmm. There's a thought. Getting closer to what I'm thinking. Ultimately, what it looks like is that I'll end up just going to a craft store and seeing what I can nab for myself. :smallannoyed:

2011-03-31, 02:25 AM

Not a close up shot, but here they are in action. (You can spot my character among them.)

2011-03-31, 02:26 AM
Shininess. That should work. :3

2011-03-31, 02:28 AM
Here's a tip: When covering them in packing tape, cut off a strip of tape beforehand and set the tile on it face down on the sticky part. Then, cut away the rest of the tape except for a "cross" or "plus sign" pattern around the tile - then, you can wrap the extrusions around and stick them to the back. That way, everything stays secure and there's no peeling.

Glossy or matte finish spray is also something to try.

2011-03-31, 03:50 AM
thats an awesome idea.
I generally use discs of stiff card, cut from the sheet at the back of a pad of paper. then draw and ink by hand or stick on a printed image. a more durable system would certainly be an advantage.

2011-03-31, 06:50 AM
You can pick up a bag of little balsa wood discs that come in differing sizes at a craft store for anywhere from $3-$6 (depending on the size of the bag). Paint little pictures on them, or cut out paper pictures and glue them on. Spray on some varnish, and done.

2011-03-31, 07:46 AM
Warhammer bases might work, since they've usually got slots in them. Might be more expensive, though. :) Or simply get a

Or you could make paper bases to start off with. The Pathfinder paper minis have them: http://paizo.com/store/downloads/pathfinder/pathfinderPaperMinis/v5748btpy888h

2011-03-31, 12:41 PM
I use pennies for my bases. Small, cheap, heavy, easy to get. 100 of em for a buck, plus it gives you something useful to do with all the stupid pennies that build up in your pocket. Then I either glue on a flat image for tokens, or a stand-up image for a mini. Hot glue bonds very strong - much stronger than I was expecting, actually.

So the workflow to make a mini is-
1) Print out image (One Monk Games is my source (Specifically the forum contributor Dryw the Harper) but there are tons of others - plus when you are using digital images it's really easy to modify + customize)
2) Cut out image
3) Put a dob of white glue on the back
4) Fold er over
5) Hotglue to penny

Done and done. Costs nothing more than a penny, a bit of glue, and paper+ink for the printer. More durable than I was expecting, though SUPER easy to replace when one eventually breaks/ wears out.