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2011-04-01, 07:47 AM
Ok so here’s what I see as having coming out of this thread so far.

the Half toaster half toaster is a template that can be added to any construct, living construct, half construct(i.e. half golem) and if appropriate robots or the like, here after referred to as the base creature.

half toasters were and are a cheap way for some wizards or artificers to get both a fine and loyal body guard and breakfast, often at the same time. they look much like warforaged but with a strangely squat rectangular head and very mirror like outer shells.


- reduce the base creature's size category by 1

- Gain Fire Resistance (5)

- A half toaster has a compartment in it's back, into which up to 20 peices of bread may be placed. It also has up to four, "toasting-slits," on either its head back or checks into which bread can be placed.

-the half toaster Gains the ability to heat up to four pieces of bread, per-round, into toast, at will(if toast is already in its slits) or as part of a movie action(if it must put the toast in its slits from its bread storage compartment).

- due to the heating coils inside of the half-toaster it can deliver an effect identical to the spell Heat Metal twice per-day with a range of touch as an extraordinary ability.

- do to the metal plating of the half-toaster if the base creature does not already have 2 or more natural armor the half toaster gains 2 natural armor.

- If the half-toaster is threatened with a critical-hit by a piercing or slashing weapon, the blade wielder must roll a Fort save (DC 10 + 1/2 the half-toaster's character level) or receive 5 electricity damage. If the crit. confirms, the blade wielder automatically takes 5 electricity damage, whether or not the previous save passed or failed.

- As a free action (if toast is in its bread compartment) or as a move action (if the compartment is empty) the half toaster may load a slice of bread into any of its four toasting slits were it must sit and toast for at least one round.
If the half-toaster wishes, it can eject the toast from its slits (up to four at a time (up to five feet)), starting in the round after the bread was placed into the slits, at an opponent. The toast will deal 1 bludg., +1 fire / round bread was in toasting slits (up to +5 damage).
-Alternatively if a piece of bread is kept in the half-toaster’s toasting slits for seven or more rounds it burns destroying the bread. This causes a thick cloud of smoke to stream from the toasters slits. Every consecutive round that this ability is used (up to 8 rounds) the smoke fills another 1d4 5ft cubes, expanding upwards and outwards. Anyone caught in this effect (including the half-toaster) resaves1/2 cover also anyone (other than half-toasters) must make a fort save at DC 10+half-toaster's HD + Cha or become nauseated creators in the cloud must make this save every round regardless of the affects of previous saves. However this makes the half-toaster smell quite bad and it receives -2 to all diplomacy, bluff and innuendo checks made until it is cleaned out (any repair or cure damage spell) The save DC increases by +1 per piece of bread the half-toaster allows to burn in this way at any one time. Any creature that does not breathe air, or otherwise has no lungs is immune to the nausea but still gains half cover.

- By immersing itself completely in water a half-toaster immediately short circuits, blanketing a 20ft. area of water around it in electricity. This deals 1d4 electricity damage per half-toaster to all creatures in the 20ft. area as well as to the half-toaster.

due to the half-toaster's toaster like appearance the half-toaster gets +10 to Hide in any kitchen owned by a creature at least three size categories larger than the half-toaster.

- I blame gnomes. : for some reason beyond their understanding anyone seeing a half-toaster for their first time will blame or credit Gnomes with the creation of the spices.

2011-04-01, 08:16 AM
I'm going to assume this is mostly meant as a joke. I would put the bread compartment in their chest not their back since, without extra joints, anything with a humanoid design would have a hard time reaching into a compartment on it's own back. Other then that it looks cool. I'm not very good at balance though, so them's my 2cp.

2011-04-01, 11:35 AM
Thats a very good thought. I will change that soon.

Couls I get some other advice also? I am looking for LA(which I still don't know) possible flavore. Other things of the like. thankyou.