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D’ivers, the Manyfold Beast
“We are many. We are legion. We shall feast upon your carcass once the life has been drained from you. And we shall enjoy it.”
Prerequisites: Druid, wild shape power, at least one melee basic attack with the beast form keyword

A D'ivers pack attacks a lone warrior

You have the blood and the magic of Dessimbelackis, the Deragoth, sevenfold emperor of the First Empire. When you semble into your beast form, you take on the shape of many animals. You could be a pack of wolves, a gigantic swarm of rats or a group of stranger, primal animals. Though you have many bodies in this form, you share one mind; the coordination of a D’ivers pack is unrivaled in nature. Your many beings tear into your foes with abandon, annihilating anything in your path, prey as simple as deer and as dangerous as intelligent humanoids all fall before the fangs and claws of your pack.
The key to your continued survival is your very nature; though one or even many may fall… the pack lives on. Always.

D'ivers Path Features
Soletaken Sembling (11th level): You gain the Soletaken Sembling power described below. Soletaken Sembling counts as wild shape and d’ivers form as beast form for the purposes of feats and powers and other mechanics which specifically call attention to wild shape.
D’ivers Action (11th level): While in d’ivers form if you spend an action point to make a melee basic attack, one of your d’ivers packmates can also make melee basic attacks.
Great Pack (16th level): You gain an additional 2 d’ivers packmates. When you use d’ivers action, an additional d’ivers packmate can make a free melee basic attack.

Soletaken Sembling
You morph into a vicious pack of deadly animals
At-Will Primal, Polymorph, Conjuration
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You change from your humanoid form to d’ivers form or vice versa. When you change from d’ivers form back to your humanoid form, you can shift 1 square. While you are in d’ivers form, you can’t use weapon or implement attack powers that lack the beast form keyword, although you can sustain such powers.
While in d’ivers form, you are an animal and have three identical d’ivers packmates, which upon the use of this power are created in empty squares within 3 squares of you. This means that you have a total of four physical manifestations. Each of your packmates shares your hitpoint pool, has your defenses and otherwise uses your statistics. When you use a power with the beast form keyword, you can use any of your packmates as the origin square for that attack. You cannot take damage or negative effects multiple times from the same area attack because of your packmates, though such attacks can target you and/or more than one of your packmates. Your packmates count as allies for the purposes of powers and are capable of flanking. When you take a move action, you can also move each of your packmates up to half your speed.
When you are bloodied, you lose one of your d’ivers packmates. Packmates lost in this way cannot be regained until you take an extended rest, and packmates cannot be lost in this way more than once per encounter. When you are knocked unconscious, you immediate use wild shape to change into your beast form, and your packmates are removed from the encounter. These packmates are not lost in the manner they are when you are bloodied – they will return the next time you use soletaken sembling.
You choose a specific form whenever you use soletaken sembling to change into d’ivers form. Each member of the d’ivers form is your size even if it is a swarm, and resembles a natural beast or a fey beast, or a strange, unnatural primal beast, and normally doesn't change your game statistics. Your equipment becomes part of your d’ivers form, but you drop anything you are holding, except implements you can use. You continue to gain the benefits of the equipment you wear, except a shield.
You can use the properties and the powers of implements as well as magic items that you wear, but not the properties or the powers of weapons or the powers of wondrous items. While equipment is part of your d’ivers form, it cannot be removed, and anything in a container that is part of your d’ivers form is inaccessible.
Special: You can use this power once per round. You cannot use wild shape in a round when you have used soletaken sembling, or vice versa.

D'ivers Path Powers

Overwhelm the Prey
You and your packmates are as one – but soon, your quarry shall be in many pieces
Encounter Primal, Beast Form, Implement
Standard Action Melee Weapon
Target: One enemy
Requirement: You must be in your d’ivers form
Attack: Wisdom vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d8 + wisdom modifier damage.
Effect: Two of your D’ivers packmates each make one melee basic attack

Quickened Pack Strike
Taking advantage of the distraction provided by flanking, one of your packmates makes a quick attack
Encounter * Primal, Beast Form
Minor Action Personal
Effect: One of your d’ivers packmates who is flanking an enemy with you or another one of your d’ivers packmates makes a melee basic attack against the flanked enemy.

Unleash the Pack
The full fury of your pack is unleashed upon an unsuspecting group of enemies
Daily * Primal, Beast Form
Standard Action Personal
Effect: You regain the use of an encounter power with the beast form keyword and immediately use it as a free action. Then, each of your d’ivers packmates can make a melee basic attack as a free action.

Author's Note
Like the Cold Iron General, the fluff for this PP is based on The Malazan Books of the Fallen. Plus, I wanted a mechanic for turning into a whole pack of animals, and this provided a convenient set of features to facilitate that.

Sir Homeslice
2011-04-01, 10:12 PM
Soletaken Sembling's fluff has a copy/paste error. Also there seems to be a numerical error. If you are in diver form, and you spawn three identical packmates, why does it total five? And where do they spawn? I think this power needs the summoning or conjuration keyword with what it does.

2011-04-01, 10:19 PM
Soletaken Sembling's fluff has a copy/paste error. Also there seems to be a numerical error. If you are in diver form, and you spawn three identical packmates, why does it total five? And where do they spawn? I think this power needs the summoning or conjuration keyword with what it does.

Fixed the copypasta, cleared up the numerical inconsistency, and verified where the packmates appear. On a related note, I apologize for how complex the power is - I don't know how to simplify it without leaving unclarity.

2011-04-06, 10:52 PM
I find it hard to believe I nailed this wacky mechanic on the first try. Any more comments about this path before I let it hit the archives as finished?