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2011-04-02, 07:19 PM
So, there's a discussion in the 3.5 forum discussing making Matt/Perrin/Rand in 3.5. As the discussion was going on, I realized this would be much easier to manage in Shadowrun.

Rand: Some ridiculously high powered caster, like a grade 14 initiate with magic maxed, with aspected mystic adept (sorcerer), and aptitude sorcery. He has most of his magic pumped into spellcasting, but enough under mystic adept to explain his skill as a swordsman. Probably has a lot of the metamagics invested into extra power points, so he can enjoy the full use of his magic for casting while still having some casting. ie as a grade 14 initiate, he's taken extra power point say 6 of those 14 times, giving him 6 points of adept powers, with the other 20 points invested into the casting portion of mystic adept, so he has access to the full 20 magic for casting.

So with his 20 magic with 10 sorcery and a sa'angreal that is effectively something ridiculous like a force 10 power focus, and he can split up his dice pool to cast 10 spells at once, cast them at a moderate force and you can just buy the successes on the drain test, but doing them a bit stronger makes it so you can't just buy it, and are going to wear down like that.

He doesn't even require much in the way of house rules, just a way higher power level than is typically expected in a shadowrun game.

The big problem is the lack of teleportation available in shadowrun.

Perrin: A high initiate grade adept with Berserk, Animal Empathy, Astral Perception, Astral Projection (this requires house ruling I believe, not usually available to adepts.), with a high astral combat skill, Improved Sense, and a high powered weapon focus for the hammer. Other powers may also seem fitting and can be added depending on how awesome you want him to be. For example you could take enhanced perception, some power that is the equivalent of enhanced pheremone perceptors, etc. Likely also has ranks in leadership. A homebrew quality that gives effectively a Mindnet that automatically links with any wolves within range would be the best way to describe his relationship with the wolves besides just general animal handling bonuses.

The bonus to using shadowrun for Perrin is that Astral Space in Shadowrun much more closely mirrors the world of dreams than astral plane in D&D. Even the way combat is handled, where you need to be trained specifically in it, and how things that happen in astral space can affect your meat body.

Matt: He's harder. He'd have a ton of random knowledge skills, with a top tier logic/intuition to back them up. Another adept, with lucky quality, and maxed out edge. Unfortunately I can't find a way to get above 8 edge, which is rather disappointing. That's a lot of rerolling, but compared to what Matt demonstrates? Not really. Maybe a second quality expanding on lucky that lets him throw his edge in dice on certain tests (such as gambling) without actually spending an edge, or helps his edge refresh faster than normal.

A lot of Matt's adept powers are going to increasing his stats to their augmented maximum. Agility, Charisma, Logic, Willpower, Reaction, and Intuition should all be pretty high, and agility, reaction, and logic should be approaching or at cap.While strength and body are at least above average (a 4-5).

Then he would have high social skills to complement that charisma, along with leadership/intimidate, with the appropriate adept powers backing it up (Commanding Voice, Cool Resolve, Kinesics, Improved Skill for appropriate skills). Then give him combat sense to represent the whole "dice rolling in my head something bad is going to happen" thing.

His Ashandrei would be a high quality weapon focus, For the Medallion, I'd say a houserule that lets Matt use a shielding focus without actually having shielding effectively granting him shielding, it's a dual shielding focus/counterspelling focus, and between them it would get him effective immunity to magic (it's still honestly a bit weak compared to the real thing, but the alternative is making a new custom immunity focus for him. And if his initiate grade is anywhere near the level assumed for rand to let him get 10+ spells off in a round, then a similar quality shielding/counterspelling focus means he's resisting any spell cast at him with 30+ dice, which covers just about anyone), then ranks in Magic Sense adept power to represent the detecting magic.

Any thoughts/comments? Anything I missed that would get the qualities being aimed for without random houseruled effects?

2011-04-02, 09:40 PM
If I remember Shadowrun correctly, it just can't really emulate the crazy scale of some of the magic that takes place in Wheel of Time. Mat will need houserules unfortunately, but the rest looks good.

2011-04-03, 10:31 AM
If I remember Shadowrun correctly, it just can't really emulate the crazy scale of some of the magic that takes place in Wheel of Time. Mat will need houserules unfortunately, but the rest looks good.

Really? I was thinking the way magic worked in Shadowrun worked -far- better for Channeling than anything in D&D. You have unlimited casting, but drawing more power than you normally could (overcasting) can kill you, and even doing what's within your power will wear you out (drain). You can make as many weaves as you want at once, most people can only handle 2 at the most, and even that is really hard, but Rand is a badass and can do like 12 (splitting the dicepool. Rand is just really ****ing epic).

The only thing really missing to make it perfect is Traveling, and a couple other specific spells he uses that don't really have an equivalent in SR. But really, Traveling is something that is considered impossible even in the WoT world until he rediscovers it, so it not existing in universe before him isn't even something new to have to consider.

And yeah, they all need some degree of houseruling, but it's far more minor than what is required compared to statting them out in D&D, just requires a higher starting power level than shadowrun typically sees. (personally I've never seen a game past 50-100 karma in shadowrun, with the 400 bp base)

Like I said Perrin has a permanent mindnet that connects him with any wolf within range, and astral projection despite adepts not really supposed to be able to do that. Matt is honestly the easiest, cause 8 edge is a lot of ****ing edge, and more than just about anyone, he just needs to be able to add that edge to more. I'd imagine even if you wanted to play him for real, a GM wouldn't be opposed to a quality that lets you add your edge to non-combat checks without spending an edge, or something like that.

2011-04-03, 07:08 PM
Obviously Rand is too powerful to be just a human caster he needs to be some powerful paranatural creature with an affinity for magic and the ability to change his shape to human. Say............. a Dragon.

(interestingly enough in a Shadowrun I was involved in Dragons were born looking human it was only after they'd passed through the equivalent of puberty that they gained the ability to change into their more impressive form. That was a nasty bodygaurd job I can tell you)

2011-04-08, 08:53 PM
The Wheel of Time D20 game used a power-point system for weaving, essentially making the casters in that world Psions.

The N'aeblis
2011-04-24, 12:30 PM
Mat rand and Perrin can be played very effectively on classic ad&d as long as the DM is good. I agree mat would be difficult without house rules but rand could easily be multiclassed fighter/wizard while Perrin is a berserker/Druid with a few creative limits placed on him. I actually made some characters based off of the forsaken. They were evil clerics antipaladins and magic-users.

Honestly wheel of time characters deserve to grace every game system since it is the most epic series ever.