View Full Version : [3.5e ToB] Cross-Discipline Maneuvers

2011-04-03, 02:45 PM
Disciplines, so far, have had absolutely no cohesion with each other. You take this discipline. You switch this one out. All fun, all good. But in reality, when one studies multiple disciplines, they begin to integrate their knowledge together. Some of the best create new maneuvers by combining the best (or the worst) of multiple disciplines. Thus, to keep transparency with similarly described systems (powers, spells), we include the concept of Cross-Discipline Maneuvers.

To create a cross-discipline maneuver, capture the flavor of both disciplines, include prerequisites for maneuvers from both disciplines, and add the descriptor [X-Discipline].

Currently, the only cross discipline maneuvers are in the Domestic Tarrasque (http://dnd-wiki.org/wiki/Domestic_Tarrasque_%283.5e_Martial_Discipline%29) discipline. They should be easy to spot out. (Usually I transfer the format to BBCode, but I'm being lazy at the moment)

What do you think? Is there a better name for the descriptor? Do you have any maneuvers you want to add? If you do have maneuvers, can I add them to the dnd-wiki (giving credit where credit is due.)?