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This homebrew is for the Swords and Wizardry (S&W) gaming system (http://www.swordsandwizardry.com/).

Gnomes are typically cheerful, industrious, and inept. Gnomes posses infravision to 60 feet, and the ability to detect sloping passages (1-5 on 1d6), unsafe stonework (1-4 on 1d6), and approximate depth (1-4 on 1d6) and direction (1-3 on 1d6) underground. They are highly resistant to magic, gaining a +1 bonus to their saving throws for each 3.5 points of Constitution (a typical gnome will have a bonus of +3 to +4). Unfortunately, this also means that there is a 1 in 3 (1-2 on 1d6) chance that any magical item a gnome attempts to use will malfunction (armor, weapons, and illusionary items exempted).

Gnomes rarely use traditional weapons but rather focus upon their own inventions and tools They are the first race to invent black powder a substance which has quite the explosive quality. The recipe for black powder was sold to the dwarves along with prototypes for firearms, which the dwarves quickly capitalized upon. Typically, gnomes have a single invention(s) that consume years of their life trying to reach perfection (it is important to note that most inventions never actually work). Gnomes will typically work on their inventions and test them out whenever possible. Gnomes despise parsimony in their inventions and will typically make them as complex as possible. It is customary for gnomes to create their own weapons and armor (or heavily modify existing ones). They typically live beneath or within mountains with elaborate tunnel complexes.

Prime Attribute: Intelligence, 14+ (5% experience); Wisdom, >12 (-10% experience)
Hit Dice: 1d4 (Gains 2 hp/level after 9th.)
Armor/Shield Permitted: Only self-made or self-altered armor allowed.
Weapons Permitted: All weapons are permitted; but ranged weapons (i.e. firearms) preferred

{table]Level|Experience|Hit Dice|Saving Throw
10|360000|+2 hp|5
11|+100000|+2 hp|5[/table]

Gnomish Equipment

{table]Armor Type|Standard Gnomish Chain
AC:|-4 [+4]
Cost:|75 gp[/table]

{table]Weapon | Damage | Weight | Cost
Gnomish Pistal | 1d4 | 2 | 50 gp
Gnomish Rifle | 1d8 | 10 | 150 gp
Gnomish Blunderbuss* | 1d12 | 15 | 200 gp
Bullets | - | 0.5 | 20 gp[/table]
*Short range (e.g., 10 feet) only

Gnomish equipment is costly and often does not work. In the hands of an "experienced" gnome it will typically function 75% of the time (1-5 on a d20). However, in the hands of non-gnomish individual there is always a 50% (1-10 on a d20) change that the equipment will backfire. When this occurs the weapon will explode causing the intended damage to operator (save for to take half damage only for gnomes). It is important to note that notable gnomes have killed their opponent as well as themselves in shootouts.

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