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2011-04-04, 08:20 PM
Hi playground.

I've been a member here for a while, and mostly I just lurk and throw the occasional stupid comment out there, but I avidly enjoy gaming of many types and have been playing for more than 7 years. I particularly enjoy D&D 3.5ed.

Because of my love for gaming, and my own personal style of running, I find that most published settings are no good for me, or always missing something. SO I have my own as a work in progress. However, the more I play it out and the more house-rules or new ideas I add to it, the more I want to make a new style of game with it's own mechanics.

The base system would be much like D&D 3.5 ed. but it would run similar in fashion to E6 (I actually want epic to be past 10, so E10 I guess...).

The classes would be more in fashion with the D20 modern style classes, with the "talent" trees being replaced by "jobs" or whatever I want to call them, so like a basic combat class could have choices of the "warrior" talent or the "barbarian" talent, where each would offer it's own benefits and abilities. I was also thinking of having multi-classing be illegal, but allowing talents to be taken by other classes, like you pick your frame, and flesh out the abilities by choice of talents, though I may limit this by making "multiclass" it's own talent (like multiclass A: choose one talent from another class tree, must meet pre-reqs blah blah blah).

Magic would probably be done in a style simillar to 3.5 psionics or the True20 system powers (if you haven't seen that check it out it's cool). I was innitially thinking of making spells like feats that you take, so a fighter may have a bit of magic he picked up, or the thif knows some esoterica he can use in a pinch. The base mage would simply get more or better spells. It always bugged me that in D&D you can use spells to actually do what other classes do. My idea is to allow you to do some things better, or faster than if you did it normally, but only if you already can do that... so maybe having powerful spells have their own pre-reqs. The final thing I was going to do was, in addition to making spells like feats that people choose, metamagic would be the specialty of the mage, so only the mage can truly use spells to their potential, but anyone could learn a a few spells.

Sorry about the wall of text, but I've been very exited about the idea and haven't had a good place to talk about it with a group that would actually provide feedback (my friends love gaming too, but their responses to my wide-eyed dreams are pretty much limited to "cool story bro", so I finally posted here. Suggestions are not only only welcome, but much appreciated, but be warned, I'm stubborn about my ideas :smallbiggrin: