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2011-04-05, 11:34 AM
So I recently got the opportunity to play Gamma World, instead of running the games like I had been doing. Creating my character was an interesting experience, so I thought I would come here and tell everyone about it, as well as to hopefully hear about your characters as well.

Like the book says I started off rolling my origins and went from there:

First, speedster, after reading the origin I was pretty excited, I really liked the extra movement, and the utility power. I was instantly filled with ideas of a cocky Flash type character, or maybe a martial artist, but I had to tell myself not to settle on anything because I had no idea what my second origin would be.

Second, alien. Instantly loved the at-will, and the utility. I was a little disappointed that its key stat was INT seeing as how speedster is DEX, I figured I was going to fall short in other areas of the game because my other stats would rely on my dice rolls. Still not wanted to settle on a concept before I finished rolling up the character I moved on to stats.

I’m away from my character sheet right now, but I was very happy with my stats. I fortunately ended up with no negative modifiers, and a sixteen in my STR, personally would have rather had that 16 in my CON, but that’s how the dice fell.

Before picking my weapons and armor, I went ahead and rolled for my starting gear, nothing really special here, other than the motorcycle I rolled up.

When I decided to pick my armor and weapons I knew at this point I had to settle on a concept. I had so many ideas, but they all seemed so boring or obvious. Then I got the idea of a character surrounded by all this gamma world technology, but utilizes older weaponry, and that’s when it all came together.

An old west gunslinger. He wields dual 1860 colt army revolvers (mechanically no different than only using one, but I like the look of 2) and a Quigley Sharps rifle. Yes the same one used in Quigley Down Under, if you have seen the movie.

After all was said and done I needed a name and a melee weapon, and that’s when it hit me…

…D*mn it! I just created Cad Bane from the Clone Wars show. I loved this character and sense I didn’t set out to copy a character I decided to roll with it…

…Melee weapon—“Energy Sword”

So I had created Clayton Murdock.

This ended up being much longer than I anticipated, but if anyone wants to tell me about your characters whether creation or otherwise I’d like to hear about them.

2011-04-05, 04:20 PM
The first time I tried it (I didn't get to play, only build a character) I managed to get Mind Coercer & Mind Breaker. Redundancies ahoy! Would have been even crazier if I'd managed to get Interaction as his random skill.

The second time, with the full spread of options? I got Mind Coercer and Vampire. I think I'd have liked to have played this one, and not just because I had phenomenal luck with the dice (lowest attribute 13).

By far the weirdest build I've seen is 'Sunshine'. Plant + Swarm. The image of a swarm of sunflowers from Plants vs Zombies, swinging in rhythum, with that smile on their face...

2011-04-05, 04:24 PM
When we did this for the Gamma World game day, I think I was the only person that played that wasn't Radioactive - well, I think one person rolled a 'Perfect' cyborg (cyborg on both choices). I think I was an Electric something Mindbreaker. With horrible, horrible stats outside the main ones.

2011-04-05, 05:10 PM
When I first rolled up a character in my first (and only one thus far) game, I got Gravity Controller, and Yeti.
I Believe I got decent scores, nothing too high outside of the main, but had a 6 in Dexterity, and he randomly rolled a canoe :smallbiggrin, and wielded a rebar club I believe, and a Shot Gun
At the end, everyone just thought it was all kinds of awesome, being a Gravity Controlling Yeti and all :smallbiggrin:. I do hope I can play that again some day :smallsmile:.

2011-04-07, 06:21 AM
I'm running a Gamma World campaign with my friends, and the party consists of:

Doctor Montelban: a genetically-engineered roach/human mutate. (rolled Roach twice.) He currently drives around a pickup truck with a programmable car horn, festooned with holiday lights (illuminated dreidels), and powered by

Frank Hasbargen: an empath/electrokinetic, who wears powered armor, attacks enemies with frisbees with nails hot-glued to them, and generally gets depressed for no reason.

Roy G. Biv: radioactive ectoplasmic, or ouchie-ghost. He is the proud owner of no less than six kaleidoscopes and four bottles of hand cream. He also rides around in a land canoe (a canoe with wheels), powered mainly by

Shank McNasty: giant gorilla. His weapon of choice is a life-size statue of Bill Cosby.

Last but not least, there's Rap-Torr, an android birdman that no-one in his right mind would ever claim credit for designing. He enjoys flying, enchiladas, and shooting his trusty laser gun at all and sundry when his blood sugar is low.

The Glyphstone
2011-04-07, 10:37 AM
An empath in Gamma World who gets depressed regularly...does he need another reason?:smallwink: