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2011-04-08, 12:30 AM
So I was interested in playing an good incarnate in friend's campaign.

I thought healing would be really nice and the Stigmata feat (with Strongheart Vest of course) would be perfect for that, I just wasn't completely sure on how the multitargeting touching works exactly.

So using the feat itself is a free action, while touching someone seems to be a standard action, however it says you can touch 6 people as a full round action.

I'm assuming that healing yourself is a free + standard action, just like with any other cure spell. However, can you touch and ally with a standard action and heal yourself and the ally at the same time? Is touching only two people still a full round action? The Stigmata feat also says you can "save" unused uses. If you use Stigmata twice on an ally but not yourself (because you weren't injured), do you now have two unused uses for yourself or for any other ally that gets injured later? (this would be convenient because then you wouldn't have to keep Strongheart Vest charged all the time).

Thanks in advance for any rules help :smallsmile:

2011-04-08, 05:59 AM
Firstly, this thread should be in the 3.5 forum, not the general roleplaying games forum.

Secondly, Strongheart Vest doesn't actually help with Stigmata. The amount of healing you get depends on the amount of constitution damage you take. Anything that reduces that figure also reduces the benefit.

Lifebond Vestments are generally the go-to solution for incarnates who want to heal people (you'll need another source of healing for yourself).


Activating the feat is a free action. Its effects last for an hour, during which you appear to bleed, and can't regain the lost constitution, and you can't activate the feat again.
When you activate the feat, you gain a healing touch that you can use up to once per point of con damage you took. When your bleeding stops, you lose any remaining uses of your healing touch.
Once you've used the healing touch on a character, you must wait for your bleeding to stop before you can use it again on the same character.
It's a standard action to use the healing touch on one person, or a full-round action to use it on multiple characters (no more than six).