View Full Version : A Modern Zombie Survival Guide, a Giant ITP Community Project

2011-04-08, 02:49 PM
I'm the kind of guy who loves a good zombie flick. A good one, not a bad one. But I thought "These people have no idea how to survive in an apocalypse! If I were there, sure it'd be really hard to stay alive, but I'd be able to do it!" And then I realized that an "invasion" of these zombies could be prevented if someone were to devise a guide that doesn't just cover one scenario where "What if the zombies were caused by a virus?" (Like Max Brook's guide covered Solanum,) I realized a truly complete guide would have to include multiple scenarios, i.e., Is it supernatural? Is it truly a virus? Is it bacteria? does the "infection" mutate infectees? Does the infection mutate itself? Does the infectee change based on his lifestyle? Are the zombies even zombies, or just rabid humans? Can it be cured? Are they created through radiation? Etc.

This guide will be divided into catergories, which are about the aforementioned scenarios (which I will take more suggestions of, the more the better the chance we stay alive,) which we will divide into individual subcategories, such as "What kind of food is safe to eat during this infection? What kind of weapons are the most effiecient? What is the most effective shelter? How can you maintain electricity?" Though I'm pretty sure in the end the most important question will be "How can we get this guide printed?" *Chuckle*

This thread will be where the most important ideas will be posted, and we'll compilate them under other threads if it gets too out of hand, like if this gets to be 38 pages that we have to find proper content. Thus I think the smartest idea would be to compile major info we need at the main page, so you can jump to the locations we need finished. I think the first scenario we should work on is the classic Romero zombie, but that's up to us in all.