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Doc Roc
2011-04-09, 03:08 AM
Tracks sit at the center of Legend's conception of the world. They are how we build classes. They are how we customize characters at the broad level. They are how we snap together most monsters.

But what, you say?

Tracks do nothing for you?
A TRAVESTY! Travesty, dear journal, to say such a thing!

Ah! There you are wrong. A track is a wonderful thing. A very curious thing. What a track is, fundamentally, is a set of seven abilities designed to be separated by about two levels. In short, tracks can be thought of as big ol' ACFs. Weird, I thought to myself, and maybe you are thinking this too. If you'd like, I can explore this in a bit more detail.

From The Mad Gnome's Journal, Date Unclear.

Today I was conversing hopefully with a delectable tinned dinner, and it struck me that perhaps we could get something special together. A formula of sorts, one that extracts the last bit of delicious juice from the Tear System.

My journal informs me that it is in fact the Tier System, and it contains mostly salt, not juice. Whatever, I care not!

Anyway, if you take 5-(Tier) of class, I'd bet we could get a good working guess at how many abilities a class would need to lose to have a track added to it. No real way to get it to work for tier twos and higher without totally grinching up the pretty numbery bits.

No grinching my numbery bits!

From The Mad Gnome's Journal,
Date Visibly marked as a small set of smilie faces separated by slashes.

Limit two tracks per ne'er-do-well? Not sure, journal, just not sure!
Think you co--------------------------

-------------------------- Make something rather good with this and fighter? Let's call Truenamer...say... Tier 12!

I really love the sound of Wind Duke (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oE-GUMoJUWwoxq5pqpPHCnzog5RJasoU-NpK-eccHnI/edit?authkey=CLrIkP8D&hl=en#) Dungeoncrasher.

From The Mad Gnome's Journal,
This one is just a fragment, badly torn.

2011-04-09, 10:56 AM
Interesting. What counts as an "ability"? Does my swordsage(T3) need to give up one school to get a track, or all maneuvers, or something in between? A Spellthief(T4) can't give up steal spell and still be a Spellthief, so do we cut out one/some/all of the misc abilities, or cut out spellcasting, or something stranger?

This seems feasible, but it will take a significant amount of wisdom to get the balance about right and looks like it will need to happen on a case by case basis.

Doc Roc
2011-04-09, 11:30 AM
This is so. If people are interested, I can hack up some integration charts for a few likely targets.