View Full Version : Mea Culpa

2011-04-10, 06:50 AM
So, this is going to be a confessions thread: your most recent gaming screw-up, and your regrets about it.

Mine, from last night: Call of Cthulhu, Return to Innsmouth. While controlling an NPC, I got a friend's PC killed at the build up to the climax of the very final bit of the very final mission by being far too gung-ho with a satchel charge. What made this worse was that I later thought of a couple different ways I could have salvaged his PC, if not the rest of the scene, and that a couple of other PCs had previously had their Crowning Moments of Awesome in the same session (I would say what they were, but the potential for spoilerage is a bit huge... suffice it to say, that broadly speaking the mission was a success and only half our investigators actually died).

So, yeah. If I'm ever controlling an NPC in a future session of that kind, I'll remember he's an NPC. And I'll definitely remember that a 35% chance of throwing something in the right direction may not be enough...