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2011-04-11, 06:23 PM
A friend informed me of a "blank-card" game called Dvorak (http://www.dvorakgame.co.uk/index.php/Main_Page). It really appeals to me, and so I'm trying to introduce my friends to the idea by making an example game.

The scope of this project is somewhat ambitious considering I know very little about the subject matter, but I want to demonstrate a serious, coherent game. I'll still ask players to make cards, but most of them are either 'skittish' and won't want to make cards or tell me "But that's dumb, because you can just make broken cards!"

So, I'm essentially trying to make a whole deck ready for us to play with, and allow my friends to contribute if they want to.

The win condition for this deck is to "assemble the seven samurai." Players are not trying to assemble any specific seven samurai, rather, they are trying to assemble any seven samurai cards.

I started drafting cards, and here is what I've come up with so far.

Fickle Ronin
Thing - Samurai
At the end of your turn, if another player controls more non-samurai things, they gain control of Fickle Ronin.

Loyal Samurai
Thing - Samurai
Loyal Samurai can't change controllers or be dishonorable.

Samurai Ascetic
Thing - Samurai
At the end of your turn, if you have more non-samurai thins than any other player, discard Samurai Ascetic.

Twin Samurai
Thing - Samurai
Twin Samurai counts as two samurai.

Wandering Samurai
Thing - Samurai
Play under any player's control.
At the end of your turn, pass Wandering Samurai to your right.

Other Things
Customs Depot
Thing - Establishment
Any time things exchange controllers, you draw a card.

Discard this card from play to make any one Samurai dishonorable.

Thing - Establishment
Once per turn, you may auction any card you control. You can set any parameters for this bidding. You may allow players to bid things from outside of the game.

Musashi, Rising Dragon
Thing - Warrior
Once per turn, you may have a player discard a card from their hand. If they discard a samurai, replace Musashi with it.

Discard this from play to destroy any thing in play.

Secret Passageway
Any time a ninja is discarded, you may discard this to play the ninja under your control.

Target player gains control of target samurai. Attach Bribery to that samurai, it is dishonorable.
"Hiragi always was an honorable man. That is, until he saw how much farther he could throw coin."

Any two samurai fight to the death. Discard both samurai from play.

Looking at what I've got so far, I definitely need more actions. Because of Secret Passageway, I'm inclined to include more ninjas to increase it's interaction.

I'm considering changing Samurai into their own card type. This is because I only want players to be able to play one Samurai a turn.

I'd also like to refine the wordings on my cards and make them less ambiguous, and it'll be easier for me to do that if I have others trying to interpret my cards.

I need more things that interact with dishonorable samurai. I'm going to include a Seppuku card that makes all dishonorable samurai die. A friend also suggested an "Oni" card that makes dishonorable samurai stronger. I was thinking of something like this: (Keep in mind that being a dishonorable samurai is generally disadvantageous.)

Thing (- Spirit/Demon)
Each dishonorable samurai counts as an additional samurai towards winning the game.

Thanks, I'd appreciate any feedback.