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( First attempt at a Homebrew race. So comments, questions, suggestions and criticisms are welcome. General goal with this is to have a fairly nice race with good lore and background--designed for the Forgotten Realms--to play around as. Also of course I'd like it to be balanced and not over or under powered, though I am not a mad optimizer. LA 0 is a goal )

The Keldrashnim (Singular:kel-drash-Knee, Plural: Kel-Drash-nim) are a widely dispersed race of Humanoids with features similar to that of a Tiefling. Long ago a group of Tieflings wished themselves to have an identity and a place in the world and so they formed a group. Rejecting the fiendish side of their heritage and breeding selectively, this group overtime became a distinctive race. Over countless generations they have expanded in number, grown uniform in appearance and developed their own culture and language.

They possess no actual homeland of their own, instead they live scattered in several tight-knit tribes across Faerūn, though a few bands exist in even further flung regions.

Singular: Keldrashni, Plural: Keldrashnim. A region comprised of a Keldrashnim majority is called a Keldrash.

Personality: Individually Keldrashni are defined most often by their colorful and artistic culture. Clothing is typically colorful, to mirror their colorful culture. A Keldrashni is often proud of personal accomplishments, trophies are typically small, usually only something one could wear, such as a bracelet, anklet, ring, earring or decoration for ones horns.

Honor and honoring ancestors is also important. An individual Keldrashni will generally know much of their ancestry and can recall it from memory. Individually Keldrashni are proud of both craft skills and performances. Skill is highly prized in this society. One who is a great craftsmen, or performer, or simply of a high level in a class is highly valued.

Finally hospitality on both a personal and collective level is prized. Though the hospitality comes at a price. One must be known as a friend to receive the hospitality of a Keldrashni. Almost all are assumed to be a friend unless other reasons exist to question ones intentions.

Physical Description: Physically they share much in common with Humans. The major differences however are stark and noticeable.

For one eye coloration tends towards green, gold, hazel, and occasionally red. They tend to be a bit more olive or brown in skin pigment, Their ears also have a tendency to be more pointed, indicating a possible elven contribution to the early Keldrashnim population. The starkest difference is the emblem of their ancient Tiefling ancestry. Horns, all Keldrashni have horns. These horns are uniformly like that of various goats and rams, though which sort varies from clan to clan and from Keldrashni to Keldrashni. Sometimes long stalks extend out from the side of the head or top or forehead, for others they are curved and rounded like a ram. Rounded horns are a bit more typical and amongst female Keldrashni they are nearly universal. Finally, they possess tails to varying length.

Keldrashnim skin is like any humans skin, similar to any other mammal. Hair colors are as varied as human hair color, though some have purple, or bright red at times, by and large though there is a high degree of dark auburn hair colors amongst Keldrashnim.

Relations: Relations with other races depends heavily on that races opinion and hospitality towards Keldrashnim. The relations are dominated by if they host nation or of the person being dealt with is friendly and respectful. However half-breeds have found sympathies with the Keldrashnim, who themselves began as a collective of half-breeds. However generally a purely evil being will find only hostility from the generally good natured Keldrashnim.

Alignment: As a group they tend towards Chaotic Good alignments. Heroes are those whom do righteous acts, even if those acts might not be legal. Doing right by ones self and ones community is highly prized, and while they have a "Keldrashni Code", for the most part being free and doing good is prized. Some are Lawful Good, as their society does internally possess rules and regulations however this seems to apply only to Keldrashni custom.

Keldrashni Lands: They possess no actual homeland, instead they are scattered into many enclaves across Faerūn. Host nations harbor them as resident minorities. Actual places of habitation vary wildly. Though traditionally one can say they tend to live in areas where travelers will pass or go to. In cities they form enclaves and tightly knit and overwhelmingly dominated neighborhoods. From here they sell wears or perform various arts to host populations or each other. Others live on the outskirts, on the main roads in small settlements or even out in the wilderness on lightly traveled roads. These Keldrashnim communities are often heavily agricultural and the most isolated.

Language: Typically they speak a language called Keldrish, though most linguists agree that it's very related to Common. The level to which this dialect can be mutually understood depends on the level of isolation of the Keldrashni in question. Highly rural and isolated clans speak a Keldrish so isolated as to be it's own language, those within cities of host populations generally speak a Keldrish a Common speaker can at least grasp. The closer to other populations a Keldrashni comes from the likelihood of knowing pure Common goes up significantly.

Generally they know the languages of the host nation.

However Infernal and Abyssal are shunned languages as they are damned as the tongues of the fiendish aspects of their distant ancestors. Though Keldrish is known to have a few Infernal words left as loan words (Almost exclusively curse words).

Names: Naming conventions are similar to that of humans. Last names typically based on patriarchal descent.

Adventurers: Somewhat uncommon to rare for a Keldrashni to go on an adventure. When it happens it's usually to do some benefit for their home or family, or in a personal quest to be considered a great hero or saint amongst their own community. One lone adventurer would typically be a very motivated individual.

Keldrashni Racial traits:

+2 Charisma, +2 Dexterity, −2 Strength: Generally Keldrashni are not given to warrior fighting. Having no actual homeland, they do not need to field armies and thus have little history of being fighters. Instead in combat they act as rouges, sorcerers, and rangers. Particularly friendly host populations can gather large Kaldrashnim volunteer forces. However they are generally never part of a regular army.
Humanoid (Planetouched): Being descended of a group of largely good intentioned Tieflings and some additional humans and Elves, Keldrashni still bare the marks of their more fiendish, lower planes, ancestry. Small echos of the planetouched remains in their blood line.
Medium Sized
Keldrashni base land speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision(Ex) : Keldrashnim can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white only.
Racial Skills: Keldrashni have a +2 racial bonus on Ride checks, +2 to any craft skill if one is chosen.
Resistances: +2 racial bonus on saving throws against poison and disease effects.
Weapon Proficiency: Attacks using Crossbows have +2 to Attack Roles.
Automatic Languages: Common, Keldrin. Bonus Languages: Any (other than secret languages, such as Druidic). Keldrashnim live scattered amongst many peoples and thus can learn any language found in an area, or that of the host nation.
Due to their horns and tail, all headgear and leggings that is crafted for a Keldrashni will increase the price by an additional +25%, This can be reduced to a +10% if the Keldrashni has the craft skill being used and can thus assist effectively.
Favored Class(es): Bard.

**Changes done, highlighted in red.

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This seems like a very interesting race. Just a few suggestions:

Humanoid (Planetouched) already exists in the form of lesser planetouched, so I suggest you change the (Outsider) to (Planetouched).

Also, most races have only one favored class.

EDIT: Also, I could be wrong, but don't all crossbow users use dexterity instead of strength for the modifier bonus to attack?

2011-04-11, 10:05 PM
This seems like a very interesting race. Just a few suggestions:

Humanoid (Planetouched) already exists in the form of lesser planetouched, so I suggest you change the (Outsider) to (Planetouched).

Also, most races have only one favored class.

EDIT: Also, I could be wrong, but don't all crossbow users use dexterity instead of strength for the modifier bonus to attack?

Thanks for the response, made the changes,

For the weapon thing, I changed it to +2 the Attack roles with attacks using Crossbows. Not sure if that is acceptable or not.

Thanks for the input by the way.