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2011-04-12, 06:33 AM
Lesser Osyluth
Medium Outsider (Evil, Extraplanar, Lawful)
HD 6d8+12 (39 hp)
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Init: +7
AC 18; touch 13; flat-footed 15
(+3 Dex, +5 Natural)
BAB +6; Grp +8
Attack Sting +8 melee (1d6+2 and poison)
Full-Attack Sting +8 melee (1d6+2 and poison) and two claws +6 melee (1d4+2)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks Spell-like abilities, Poison, Summon Devil
Special Qualities Damage reduction 5/silver or good, darkvision 60 ft., immunity to fire and poison, resistance to acid 10 and cold 10, see in darkness, spell resistance 17, telepathy 100 ft., hide in plain sight
Saves Fort +8 Ref +9 Will +8
Abilities Str 15, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 10
Skills Bluff +9, Diplomacy +9, Hide +12, Intimidate +9, Knowledge (the Planes) +10, Listen +9, Move Silently +12, Sense Motive +9, Spot +9
Feats Improved Initiative, Multiattack, Iron Will
Organization Solitary, Pair (2), Team (3-5) or Investigation (6-10 and one Bone Devil)
Challenge Rating 5
Alignment Always Lawful Evil
Advancement by TYPE; Favored Class
Level Adjustment +6

Spell-like abilities: At will: Silent Image (DC 11), Greater Teleport, 3/day: Invisibility. The Save DCs are charisma based. Caster level 12th.

Hide in Plain Sight: (ex): The lesser Osyluth can hide even while being observed.

Summon Devil (sp): Once per day a lesser bone devil can attempt to summon 2d10 lemures with a 50% chance of success, or another lesser bone devil with a 35% chance of success. This ability is the equivalent of a 3rd-level spell.

Poison (Ex): Injury, Fortitude DC 14, initial damage 1d4 Str, secondary damage 1d4 Str. The save DC is Constitution-based.

A scaled down version of the bone devil, balanced to hopefully be approximately on the level of a bearded devil. These are supposed to be actually playable at higher levels. In the fluff, they'd probably fill the role of deputies to an actual osyluth investigator.