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2011-04-12, 06:37 PM
So whilst talking to a couple of people from my group I suggested the idea of us playing a campaign in a relatively normal world apart from the existence of some people with psionic powers, known as Alters. And, me being me, I decided to see if I could come up with some kind of new system for this.

So far I haven't come up with any hard rules but I have got some guidelines for the powers. Essentially there are, so far, six Forms of psionic power; Telepathy, Telekinesis, Cryokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Teleportation and Enhancement. Under each Form are Talents, the specific abilities that you can learn to use. The Talents come in four different levels, the higher level ones requiring specific lower level ones to be already obtained. Use can learn more and more talents as you level.

So far the system will use both rankings and levels to describe the characters, the rankings going from Zeta to Alpha, Zeta meaning you can just about lift a coin but Alpha Alters being able to raise a statue or more. The characters will start as Delta rank Alters and possibly be raised more as they become stronger and recognised throughout the game.

I also only have most of the Telepathy Form Talent tree written down but hopefully you can tell me whether the Talents seem to be equally powered and look as if they aren't out of place.

Telepathy (TP)

Rank 1 Talents.

Mind Scan – Detect sentient beings in a limited area.
Surface Scan – Read surface thoughts of a single individual.
Mind Shield – Protects against mental invasion.
Detect Auras – Read auras and discover emotions as well as Alter ability (not rank) of those read.
Project Thoughts – Transmit thoughts to target.

Rank 2 Talents.
Read Memories – (Requires Surface Scan) Access previous thoughts and memories of single individual.
Steal Senses (Requires Surface Scan) – Receive the targets sensory input instead of your own, you are numb whilst this occurs.
Mental Backlash (Requires Mind Shield) – Deal damage to those who try to read your mind.
Detect Energies (Requires Mind Scan) – Can detect previous usages of Alter abilities in the area.
Lie Detector (Requires Detect Aura) – Become aware when target’s being read lie.
Suggest (Requires Project Thoughts) – Suggest actions or thoughts to a target that are hard to resist.

Rank 3 Talents.
Mental Probe (Requires Read Memories) – Discover concealed thoughts and repressed memories.
Mind Blank (Requires Mind Shield) – Register as a regular human to all Alter abilities.
Mind Blast (Requires Mental Backlash and Project Thoughts) – Damage target with a burst of mental energy.
Mind Ride (Requires Steal Senses and Project Thoughts) – Take control of target’s body, yours is in a coma while this happens.
Rewrite Memories (Requires Read Memories) – Allows memories to be changed, originals can reassert themselves if something triggers them.
Localised Postcognition (Requires Detect Energies) – Allows user to telepathically view the last occurrences of Alter abilities in the area.
Alter Analysis (Requires Detect Auras and Detect Energies) – Discover the target’s Alter rank and which Forms they can use.

Rank 4 Talents.
Mind Burn (Requires Rewrite Memories and Mind Blast) – Removes memories from targets mind, cannot be recovered by triggers.
Body Steal (Requires Mind Ride) – Take control of target’s body, you’rs is transformed into psychic energy.
Lock Down (Requires Mental Probe and Mind Blast) Overload target’s nervous system, causing intense pain and paralysis.
Command (Requires Suggest) Give target an order that cannot be ignored.

2011-04-14, 05:36 PM
Nothing guys? No suggestions for more powers or anything?

Speaking as such, I'm having trouble thinking up the Telekinesis Talent tree. I can't decide whether to have separate Talents for using telekinesis to pick up objects to use as shields or weapons or use them as a separate option for using pure psychokinetic energy...

2011-04-14, 06:04 PM
I'm not really seeing anything to helpfully comment on. It's a selection of power summaries; they could be sufficiently mechanically vague to basically make most suggestions pointless for all we know.

You've told us your formating but not how often they are acquired or anything else reallly. If you want ideas, I implemented a similar thing a while back here

2011-04-15, 12:39 AM
Look into 'Trinity,' (http://www.kmant.com/rpg/trinityrule.htm) the human version of the popular space-superhero game, 'Aberrant. It has almost the exact same power set, and should have some inspiration for what you're trying to build.
The powers are;
Vitakinesis; Healing
Clairsentience; sensory powers and ESP
Psychokinesis; lifting, throwing, MIND BULLETS
Telepathy; mind-to-mind communication, thought reading, thought altering
Biokinesis; mastery over your own physical form
Electrokinesis; electromagnetics, force fields, machinery
Teleportation; straightforward enough, I think.