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2011-04-14, 02:01 PM
These are for a setting I'm designing, so the names of the dieties are still placeholders. Just looking for general balance thoughts. All of these are intended to be a hybrid of classic feats, themed after a save, but at a decentish power level.

Favored of #D
+1 Reflex Saves
+1 Dodge Bonus to AC
Counts as Dodge for purpose of prereqs.

Favored of #C
+1 Fort Saves
+3 HP
Counts as Toughness for purpose of prereqs.

Favored of #W
+1 Will Saves
+1 skill point/level

Thoughts? Similar suggestions?

2011-04-15, 04:23 AM
They seem a little weak, for me. Throwing out a few random thoughts you could change them to something like this:

+1 reflex saves, and an additional +1 every 6 levels.
+1 dodge bonus, and an addition +1 every 4 levels.

And basically the same thing for the others. Feats that scale are generally a lot better than small flat bonuses.

2011-04-15, 04:28 AM
These are all, pretty much, based on a few of the weakest feats out there. Yes, they are better than Dodge, Toughness et al., but that's really not a balance point you should be working towards.

2011-04-15, 04:31 AM
+1 skill point a level isn't that bad, actually. The rest of them are really weak though.

2011-04-15, 12:39 PM
I agree the skill point one is stronger...I'm not really trying to displace the +save feats from core as such, and thus, I won't be boosting any of the save bonuses above +1, but I want to provide another solid bonus that makes them worth taking for someone after both things. Dodge is a particularly notorious bad feat that gets taken mostly for the prereqs, and toughness isn't much better...but a +1 to a save helps a bit.

Any recommendations for the non-skill feats to provide a slightly better, but still thematic and fairly simple boost to the non-save bit?

2011-04-15, 01:14 PM
1hp/level as the feat Improved Toughness

+1 dodge at first level and every 5 levels thereafter to a max of +5 at 20th level

2011-04-17, 07:52 PM
Imp Toughness is a solid feat in it's own right, though....one that gets taken decently often in practical charop. Making a better version of that would almost entirely invalidate it. Perhaps 1 hp/2 levels?