View Full Version : [3.5] Homebrew Class Compendium: Nomination Thread

2011-04-14, 04:53 PM
I think it is about time to put together a compendium for homebrew classes. The first step? Separating them into tiers.

Nominations are simple, just provide a link to a class in this thread and a brief description & explanation why it fits into the tier it does.


[Linked name of class]
Tier [#]

Addition to the Compendium with Certification

Stage 1: After being nominated, a class will be put on a waiting list in this thread. From there, the class may be scrutinized by a few of us on its own thread. Once a few wrinkles are ironed out and there are no further objections, then the class will move to stage two.

Stage 2: Classes on the stage two list will be moved beyond the homebrew forums, and put up with a thread in the 3.5 forums with poll to see if it is deserving of its title. Should the class pass this, then it may be added to the compendium under it's tier. All tier rated classes are notably playable, but not necessarily tested.

Addition without Certification
You may submit a class to the compendium that is not certified. This will go in a separate, uncertified list in the compendium. This list will include a disclaimer warning players and DMs alike that these classes have not been looked over, and it is advised to carefully look over the class before allowing or selecting it.

Playgrounder Certification
A higher level of certification may be reached for certain classes, and will be denoted by a yellow star (http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRYPJ7nTF6nsJc2so0UgHYRGsctKnzj8 p3d31tzx7vE4_vtXjxPAg&t=1).

Achieving this certification is not easy. The class must have been played in at least 10 different campaigns, with each documenting the class's performance. Criteria for this will be posted later. Classes with certification are meant to be far more trustworthy than any with class available outside of the PHB. It will be suggested that DMs consider to allow these classes in their campaigns, and that the ratings are accurate in both theory and practice.