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Lady Tialait
2011-04-14, 09:09 PM
I mostly play World of Darkness by White Wolf, and I really like the new world of darkness systems, and the old world had an interesting bits of flavor. So, I want to make the three core products Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage into a fusion. It will be a more Old World of Darkness flavor with the New World of Darkness system.

I am working on the other two, and I have a lot of stuff done for Vampire already, mind you this is less Homebrew as a fusing old and new. Perhaps I will end up homebrewing places that the nWoD doesn't cover that I need.

The Fusion History:

It all starts with Caine, the Dark Father, and his children. Caine killed his brother in defiance of God, and was cursed to walk the world eternal but flee from the light. Caine met Lilith and fathered three sons, Enoch the Wise, Irad the Strong, and Zillah the Beautiful. Caine then betrayed Lilith and took her arts for his own. The scorned witch gave Caine three curses, that he would have to give his sons or suffer them alone. So, Caine gave the shadow gifts of Lilith to his sons, and Lilith's curse.

Enoch was given the power to see all, and understand it. His curse was too much for him, and he too had three sons, Arikel, Malkav, and Saulot. He gave each of them a portion of his own sight, and a portion of his own curse.

Arikel was given the sight of the soul, the ability to see both the blessings and the blights upon every soul. The portion of his curse that was given to Arikel was the inability to control his own blights. The vice of the soul would overcome Arikel, and all those under him.

Malkav was given the sight of truth, but the the ability to understand it. Forever would he see past, present, and future. Alas, he would not understand it and slowly go mad.

Saulot was given the ability to understand all, and by this understanding he saw the way to break the curse of Caine, and defy the edicts of Heaven. He however, saw that defying God would only cause more pain, and so his curse was to be unable to act.

The Three sons of Enoch often enjoyed each others company, but one day Arikel's greed forced him to wish for something unspeakable. He wanted the power of his father, he wanted to understand and see all, so he could take them and be with them. Arikel's greed was consuming. He could not resist it, and he saw his brother's slain. He found their curse ended with them, and he never gained the power of sight or understanding. This drove Arikel to a deep depression, both that he killed his beloved brothers and that he would never have their power. Arikel wept, and this caused the Great Flood. Arikel is said to weep to this day.

Zillah the Beautiful was so lovely that Lilith cursed him with a greater fear of the light, and Caine, in his grief gifted Zillah with a monstrous vestige so that he would know that he would no longer wish to look upon him. Zillah had three sons, Absimilard, Set, and Ventru.

Absimilard was given the monstrous vestige, to save Zillah from it. However, in giving this Absimilard took a new name for himself and his childer, Nosferatu the Nightmare. He only wished to love his Father, who was in shadows. He even scared his own father.

Set was the second Son of Zillah and hated by his brothers. He coveted the power of his Dark Father Caine, and often plotted to that end. His father protected Caine and cursed him to the shadows, deeper then his own. Set whispered his final words, a dark curse and his brothers heard it 'Mekhet'.

Ventru was blessed of all the Grandchildern of Caine, and was not cursed. Lilith saw this as an insult to her, as Caine ment it to be. And Lilith showed Ventru the darker side of humanity, and placed on Ventru both the Right to rule his siblings and the responsibility. Ventru slowly went mad from the weight placed upon him, and his clan.

Irad the Strong, was the strongest son of Caine. He was a warrior without equal. Caine granted him dominion over the beasts of the field. The curse of Lilith would damn them to one of the beasts. Irad had three children, two sons, and one daughter. Brujah, Tzimisce and Ennoia

Brujah was an honest man was was denied dominion over the Beasts, instead showed the ways of enlightenment. His blessings were that he became a powerful Philosopher-King, however Lilith's curse slowly made his kingdoms crumble under him. The frustration weakened his mind, and his soul.

Tzimsice showed much promise, and Caine took him into his tutelage, showing the shadow arts of Lilith, and the deeper secrets of the blood. It was Tzimisice alone that eventually freed himself of the curses of the blood, and of the flesh. Tzimisce transcended himself, and his brothers, and his Dark Father. Caine grew jealous of this, and destroyed Tzimsice, but not before Tzimisce could pass his secrets along, and so the Ordo was born.

Ennoia was granted all of the power of Irad, and all his curse. However, Ennoia was the daughter of Lilith and Irad, unknown to Irad, and the granting of the power and curse insulted Lilith, and she decided to split the curse and the blessings from what she saw as her own power. Lilith split Ennoia into two beings, Gangrel, daughter of Irad. Gangrel would forever have dominion over beasts, but slowly fall into their own dark beast. The other half was Ravnos, Son of Lilith. He was granted all the dark powers of Lilith without a curse to back it up. Ravnos was not a dark being like his kindred, and did not feel his vices pull him closer to the powers of hate. Gangrel thought herself to be the one that should have all the shadow powers, and warred upon her twin brother. Ravnos defended himself. Seeing his sister drove to such madness, Brujah stepped between them. Gangrel diablerized her brother in a moment without her mind. Ravnos seeing this shook his head at his other side's crime. He saw no way to resolve this, and destroyed his twin sister. Ravnos then tried to tell the grandchildern of Caine to war against the darker aspects of themselves, only to eventually be sealed away as a cannibal.

Explanation for blood potency and Fog of Ages:

Caine saw his children making children, and passing on the curse. He could not allow this to happen, till there was an army of powerful creatures. He cursed them to fall into torpor and their blood would weaken. Any who were at least four times removed from his true blood. Any who had doubled that would not even have the clarity of mind to remember themselves after they fell, and beyond another four, they would not have the ability to believe. No one knows how many times removed the modern broods are, but without memory, power, or belief, there is no telling.

Modern Incarnations of the 13 Clans:

Brujah is gone, killed by Gangrel. However, the blood does not forget a soul. The Brujah 'biker gang' has taken up the most ancient name, and the eldest Gangrel fear the revenge of the most wise rulers.

Gangrel's dominion over the beasts has faded with Caine's curse of ages, and each new creature of the night seems less able to control the beasts then the last. The beast's control over Gangrel however, has not lessened.

Malkavian is a term not for the children of Malkav, but those who are part of his 'resurrection'. Malkav had seen many things, and perhaps had planned for Arikel's betrayal. He had no children, but left his blood. In the Modern night any who take part in the blood of Malkav gain great insight, but lose their clarity. They no longer see the world as others do, they see beyond it. Malkavians are rare, and treasured for their insight. However, they are also dangerous as they seem out to show the Truth to all around them, willingly or not.

Nosferatu are children of sorrow and nightmare, and tend to keep to themselves. Long ago, the Nosferatu Elder split the clan in honor of his brother Set. There was the Nosferatu who brought not but fear, and the Mekhet who kept the dark knowledge that should be feared. So, the clan is split, but in good relation to itself.

Toreador is a name for a child of Arikel who wishes to teach, but they are more well known as Deava, as they are not often teachers. They are passionate, that is for sure, but they do not have self control to stop their passions. They simply move from passion to passion.

Tremere is a nickname for the Circle of Crone that seems too arcane. Named after a 19th century Ventrue member of the Circle who tried to codify the whole Covenant. Tremere Circles often use Blood Bonding to try to control the whole of the coven.

Ventrue claim to own everything. Well, everything good. They claim to rule all cities, to protect everyone from chaos, to bring stability to every vampires Requiem.

Lasombra were a bloodline of the Mekhet that were advisers to the Ventrue, and they were perhaps too good at what they did. Often times you would see the Lasombra Bloodline more in control of the world then the Ventrue were. This upset the Ventrue, who's pride was wounded and almost wiped out the clan. The few that still exist are kept as a reminder of what happens if you cross clan Ventrue.

Tzimisce is a title given to someone who has mastered all the coils of the dragon in the Ordo Dracul, upon being given this title they go through a ritual that warps their flesh to match their soul. This state of perfection often leaves them craving more.

Assmites see VII

Followers of Set are a group of Mekhet and Nosferatu who wish to resurrect the betrayer Set, and assist him in his quest to destroy Caine, they think this will allow them to gain the power of God without any curses. They are sneaky and dark, almost like the main clan lines.

Giovanni see Sangiovanni pg 65 Bloodlines the Chosen.

Ravnos is not dead, he is trapped. He seduces Gangrel Clan members to his call, and has even attempted to resurrect the Brujah to assist him against his sister. He has not gone mad with anger however, and wishes to be free. He forgives Gangrel, but sees that his Mother was right in teaching him the dark arts and not her. If he was to be freed, he would want to kill her. Those who claim 'Ravnos' instead of 'Gangrel' often end up with a fight on their hands upon meeting a true Gangrel.


Brujah - Brujah Bloodline as book

Gangrel - Gangrel as book

Malkavian - Ritual, causes madness and insight (need to homebrew) w/compulsion to bring more in.

Nosferatu - Nosferatu as book

Toreador - As Deava.

Tremere - Salubri - Non?

Ventrue - Ventrue As book.

Lasombra - Mekhet Bloodline - Khaibit, with secret history.

Tzimisce - Ordo Dracul sub-Covenant

Assamite - VII

Setites - Circle of the Crone - A special line of Cruic and ties to Set.

Giovanni - Cappadocius - pg. 65 Bloodlines the Chosen, Sangiovanni.

Ravnos - Gangrel schism, Unaligned Gangrel often take this moniker.

I want the Malkavians to have a kind of second sight that no one else has, perhaps giving them prophetic powers.

I will be working on Werewolf the Forskalopse tomorrow.