View Full Version : Help making a Daredevil [4e]

2011-04-14, 11:26 PM
I've been having a good time playing a Shadar-kai rogue hybrid wizard. He's ended up taking their 'live on the edge' policies to the extreme despite his abysmal number of hit points and I would like help building a power/feat list to reflect that.

So far the only thing i have is something like:

Quick Ride Standard action
Effect: move up to half your speed and make the following attack.
Target: One creature your size or larger.
Attack: Dexterity +3 vs Fort
Hit: You mount the creature and make and acrobatics check. You slide the creature 2 squares and it makes a melee basic attack against an enemy within reach with a power bonus to it's attack roll and damage roll equal to your check result divided by 5. You then fall prone in a square of your choosing adjacent to the creature.
Miss: You shift 2 squares away from the target.

Heel Move action
Target: One creature your size or larger
Attack: Intelligence +3 vs will
Hit: You mount the target and slide it 2 squares. While mounted, you can use a move action to slide the target 2 squares and/or a standard action to have it make a melee basic attack against a creature within reach. At the end of each of it's turns, the target rolls a d20, on a 10 or higher you fall prone in a square of your choosing adjacent to it.

Basically silly things like that. A running theme so far with this character is that he tries to jump on and ride everything the party comes across. But any sort of dangerous stunt powers/feats would work. I'll add to this as I get time, but would appreciate any input.