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Ursus the Grim
2011-04-15, 04:53 PM
And by "your" I mean "your character's."

You see, folks, its been awhile since I've been really exhilarated while playing. My current group is a little inconsistent, ranging from 3 to 7 players, getting bogged down. My main character has yet to really hit the stride of his build, currently basically a "run in and scratch things, or throw figurines from Robe of Bones" character.

Last night, we gave a new player a chance at DMing. I played (as some sharp Playgrounders may know) a Thri-Kreen swordsage. Her first challenge for us was a small band of augmented merfolk. First I jumped out of a sand-dune using sudden leap, rolling all six of my d20s for attacking and getting +d6 with rapid assault and two crits. That was cool enough. Then I used part of my move to leap 15 feet away and dash back into the fray to use Devastating throw to hurl the last survivor INTO the cleric's wall of fire.

It got me a kudos for tactics/teamwork and a grim sense of satsifaction when the DM realized that that merfolk was going to take more than 2d6 damage as a result of the throw.

It made me interested in what other moments other players have to share. If you could pick ONE moment, one or two turns from one of your characters adventures to put on a great Wall of Epic, what would it be?

2011-04-15, 08:51 PM
The party had been staying at a temple for a short bit and had made some friends while there.

During their stay some badness was going down and the culmination was nigh.

The party races along a corridor and bursts into a room where, across the room on the other side of an altar, is the mad, evil cleric finishing the last few sentences of his vile ceremony. Draped upon the altar is an unconscious, young acolyte from the temple and the cleric has his hands raised clasping a dagger, clearly intent on sacrificing the acolyte as part of the corrupt ceremony.

I roll the highest initiative and get to go first ... and I use ... ventriloquism to make the cleric sound like he messes up a string of words of his litany, causing him to get confused and abruptly stop - just short of finishing the act.

Next round I dive over the altar, dragging the unconscious acolyte off to the side and out of harm's way before the cleric can recover and retaliate.

The rest of the party took care of the cleric's flunkies and captured the cleric.

Victory! :smallcool:

2011-04-15, 08:53 PM
First I jumped out of a sand-dune using sudden leap, rolling all six of my d20s for attacking and getting +d6 with rapid assault and two crits. That was cool enough. Then I used part of my move to leap 15 feet away and dash back into the fray to use Devastating throw to hurl the last survivor INTO the cleric's wall of fire.
Awesome jumping out of a sand dune!

I can imagine it looking like a scene out of a movie. Maybe they should have done something like that in the Prince of Persia movie!

Ursus the Grim
2011-04-15, 09:15 PM
Awesome jumping out of a sand dune!

I can imagine it looking like a scene out of a movie. Maybe they should have done something like that in the Prince of Persia movie!

Yeah. The Thri-Kreen have a +4 bonus to hide checks in sandy or arid areas. I thought to myself, 'yeah, that's going to be real useful'. Lo and behold, we are walking a coast and spot enemies. The hiding wasn't supposed to be dramatic, I just wanted to take advantage of a racial bonus.

Clever use of ventriloquism. I know a lot of DM's who'd be irritated by such a cheesy way to prevent the epic ritual, but I suppose that was your purpose for being there.

2011-04-15, 09:34 PM
First one wasn't my character, but it was still kinda awesome. Drow paladin of freedom, wields a whip and a longsword. The town's under attack by a red dragon, so she attempts to 'trip' it. The dragon barely notices, so the paladin swings up on its neck and attacks with a smite evil. Critical hit. Rolls a natural 20 on the confirmation roll. DM uses an instant-kill variant, so he says "Roll it again", and once more it comes up natural 20. The drow is now quite concerned about looking cool as she rides the dragon's headless corpse to the ground.
After all, it'd suck to look like a doofus immediately after that kind of a kill.

Same group, a few sessions later. Aspect of Tiamat against a party slightly too low a level and not nearly optimized enough to face it. This party included a blue half-dragon paladin by the name of Zahir Hawkwing, played by yours truly. Quite strong, good with his two-handed sword.
Tiamat makes her appearance, bombastic classical music is playing as the party collectively craps their pants. We're looking at your typical apocalypse scenario with a side order of TPK. Tiamat's first round takes out our sorcerer. Zahir is first up of the PCs, and they're basically planning on running away. He charges, smites. Critical hit. Confirmation roll is a natural 20.
"Roll again."
"... You suck. Your sword pierces the Chromatic Dragon's heart, destroying her and saving the world."

We've yet to go wrong busting out with a smite evil against a dragon.

2011-04-16, 12:36 AM
I've got two.
First I was playing a low level dwarven cleric in a short-lived Dragonlance campaign. It was set in the days when the gods were missing, and I was only allowed to play a cleric on the condition that I keep my abilities secret (mostly) and pretend to be just another dwarven warrior.

We were in a forgotten temple that had been sealed away. The parishioners had died during worship. The kender ( god knows it always starts with them). Stole a shiny medallion from the neck of the head priest. Catching him I told him to put it back. He used a Slight of Hand check to convince me that he had.

Then the bodies animated and I was staring at a room full of skeletons. Shouting a prayer to my ancient god I slammed the butt of my hammer against the floor. I rolled my turning check and ended up disintegrating all the skeletons. Then I turned to to kender and in a strained voice I said "Put. It. Back." Yeah it was epic.

Second time we were running an interesting shortlived game. The PC's (we found out after playing for 9 levels) were ancient heroes pulled out of time and into the future. Our memories were wiped. I was the only melee in a party full of casters - a cleric, a wizard, a druid and a psion/pryomancer. I was also the only one with a good alignment. I was mocked endlessly for it.
For the last session of the campaign, our characters had regained our ancient equipment and our memories. In game terms we instantly gained 10 levels and whatever gear we wanted (within reason) to make up the difference in our WBL.
The N/E pyromancer decided to torch a barmaid who'd turned down his advances. I told him that I would kill him, once our common enemy was slain.

My character was a dervish with a +1 keen holy two-bladed sword with basic optimization. Nothing fancy. We go up against the final enemy, an ancient red wyrm. Due to wizardly awesomeness we'd managed to catch the villain with his draconic pants down, as it were. I got a nat 20 on my initiative and the DM decided that I would get a full round against the dragon. I used A Thousand Cuts and asked the DM politely what the AC was just to make rolling easier.

I spun around the dragon like a top. I was a whirling whirlwind of death. Critting left and right. I ended up doing something like 474 damage to the dragon...in the surprise round. Dragon= Chunky salsa.

My character turns, panting, covered in blood and ichor and looks the pyromancer dead in the eyes. "Run." was all I said.

There was also that time I had a dead hooker in a bag, but that's another story...

PairO'Dice Lost
2011-04-16, 12:46 AM
While I'm not sure what I'd say my own CMoA is, I definitely know what my roommate's was. We were also facing Tiamat as a BBEG (well, her pseudo-avatar, at least--same stats minus the salient divine abilities), and were trying to defend the last bastion of goodness on the continent from her rampaging hordes of dragons and dragon-kin when she showed up. She had bunches of mid-level sorcerers on her side and the party had no Vancian casters, so the battle beforehand was a challenge in and of itself. Most of the loot was wands and staffs and such, the good guys' Vancian casters had been taken out in the initial invasion, and no one in the party had UMD, so we were severely behind on loot as well. When Tiamat showed up, we all thought we were toast.

Except, that is, my roommate and myself. See, the DM, knowing that none of us could use them, gave each of Tiamat's major lieutenants a staff of power, all of which we collected after the fact and left sitting around in our extradimensional storage in the hopes of finding someone who could either buy them and/or trade us something of similar value, which we'd had no luck doing thus far. (I know most of you are thinking "retributive strike" already. :smallwink:) After a quick whispered conference, I (an erudite) and my roommate (a warblade) convinced the party to run up to where Tiamat was coming from, without telling them what our plan was.

We got to the city walls, and once the nearby army had been taken out and it was safe to act, Tiamat was nearly upon us. With some lucky rolls, we managed to get the warblade into a catapult, fire him at Tiamat, and successfully hit her. When he was safely situated on Tiamat's back avoiding her breath weapons, I teleported the party to safety and the following conversation occurred:
DM: Okay, you're secured well enough to her to be able to use both hands. What do you do?
Warblade: I draw my staffs of power
DM: Okay....
Warblade: I pull out a rope and tie all the staffs together.
DM: Okay....?
Warblade: For my standard action....
*DM's eyes widen*
DM: Oh. Oh! :smalleek:
Warblade: Yep.
DM: Uh, how many staffs do you have?
Warblade: Seven.
DM: ...and how many charges have you used?
Warblade: None.
DM: ...and Tiamat doesn't have evasion. ****. So that's...around 1400 damage after the saves.
Warblade: Yep.
DM: And Tiamat has...around 900.
Warblade: Yep.
DM: Ooookay. From across the city, the rest of you see Tiamat explode in a supernova of death.
Party: :smallbiggrin:
Warblade: :smallcool:
DM: :smallsigh:
*there is much rejoicing*
DM: Oh! There's a chance for you to get destroyed or sent to another plane! Hahaha....
*rolls 7d%*
DM: ...okay, I hate these dice.
Warblade: Yes?
DM: Every single roll has you going to Celestia. :smallannoyed:
Warblade: And I lived happily ever after. :smallcool:

Mystic Muse
2011-04-16, 12:51 AM

This is awesome. :smallbiggrin:

2011-04-16, 01:01 AM
My favorite moment was in a PFS game. Our level 1 party faces off against a big tough fighter that turned out to be level 4.

My halfling sorceress uses her daily trait bonus to hit him with a DC 17 cause Fear. He fails his save and takes off running, drawing AoOs from the party Barbarian. Barbarian chases down big dumb fighter boss and kills him while he can't counter-attack. Rest of party mops up his goblin minions.

Thanks to the boss failing his save, it was the easiest encounter in the module.

Jack Zander
2011-04-16, 01:38 AM
I usually get myself into nasty situations and then say my signature line, "Don't worry, I got this!" I only say it when we are royally screwed and it looks like there is no hope of winning the encounter with all our party members surviving, yet I have some brilliant (or sometimes just insane) plan. It always elicits groans from the other players, though my plans have worked every single time so they have started to trust me now.

For example, I was playing a samurai in an OA campaign and we were storming an earth spirit fortress by sheer force. The earth spirits seemed endless (two more would show up each round) and eventually I fell unconscious. Our shaman heals me back up to 3 HP and then the cavalry comes. There is a horseman with a spear or lance who looks ready to charge. We are surrounded by these earth spirits and none of us could take charging damage from a horseman without likely dying. I stand up and say, "Don't worry, I got this." Then I tell the DM that I ready a partial charge action to be taken if the horseman charges. The Shaman immediately starts cursing at me for wasting the healing he so graciously bestowed upon me in the previous round. The DM rules that we meet halfway and both charge, that I get the first attack because my action interrupted his, but that he does get an AoO on me because of the reach. He of course misses and I down him in one hit before he gets to hit me for his x4 charge damage. This was entirely dumb luck of the dice. I didn't have much of a chance of surviving.

Another example: I was playing a Jedi in SWSE with another player being a noble who is mostly support but also Force sensitive and has a few Force powers. We were all being destroyed by a dark side marauder with a vibroax who took me down to less than 10 life fairly fast and messed up the noble after I fell back. The scoundrel is pretty terrible at combat and was blasting at him and missing every round with his pee shooter pistol. I say, "Wait, I got this. [Noble], delay until after I go." He looks at me and says, "Really? you think we have a shot? Okay, I delay." I tell the DM that I use a Force point and activate Skilled Adviser, giving the noble a +10 to his next skill check. Then I tell him to use a Force point and return Force Grip to his Force suite (we had both already spent all our Force powers during the battle). He Force Grips the guy and rolls a natural 20 for a Use the Force check of something like 45. The DM ruled that we did some sort of Force Grip combo, both choking him at the same time and immediately crushing his windpipe in (I'm pretty sure he died from the damage, but even if the DM used Rule of Cool there he had little chance after that attack as all he could do is a swift action every round provided we maintained the attack.

2011-04-16, 01:42 AM
There was that one time in a Slayers d20/Planescape crossover campaign that we basically saved the life of one of the former BBEGs just because we felt like the circumstances of his demise sucked. That's a bit of a party-wide Crowning Moment.

We had learned that the entire Slayers world was basically an experiment in a series of little pocket dimensions run by Tharzidun to prove that there was no way that good and evil could ever cooperate (since thats how he had been locked away). Xellos had contrived events so as to escape, so he could be an independent agent, and we had gotten dragged along with the exploding portal. The DM was running him as the darker side of the character rather than the comedic side, so he had caused us plenty of pain in the past.

So for some crazy reason we decide to go to where Tharzidun was imprisoned, for information gathering or something. We find that the door says 'half who enter may never again leave, so decree the gods' and get the impression that that particular seal really means it. But we sort of gulp, shrug, and go in anyhow.

Stuff happens in the temple, we find out things, and eventually we go to leave. We all exit no problem. Turns out Xellos had his foot in the door, preventing the barrier from ever closing completely but leaving him sort of screwed, having his soul essentially cut in half by the process. I.e. he wants to go out as a magnificent bastard after all the grief he caused us.

So instead, we pull together and basically decide 'we're going to save him, just because what the hell, divine fiat sucks even for an oft-times enemy'. We concoct a crazy scheme using Planar Perinarch to basically piece his soul together, since it has been established that mazoku are entirely beings of shaped willpower and ego, so they should be divinely morphic. Plus we're on Limbo, so we've got material to play with to fill in the gaps. So a Planar Perinarch and a quickened Wish later, the DM says 'Well crap, thats basically the exact right way to save him. I never thought you'd save that guy. Wow.'

More specific to my character, then there was the time in a different campaign where we were fighting this demon imitating a god on his personal demiplane while an army camped by the portal firing ranged weapons in to aid us. We killed the thing, but its plane started to collapse around us. We fled back through the portal, but it looked like it was going to be really destructive. So I took my greatsword and hit the portal like a baseball with the flat of the blade. It blew up in my face and killed me outright, but it deflected the blast away from the other PCs and the army.

2011-04-16, 01:54 AM
Oh man.

So this was in a Dark Sun game, my Yuan-ti monk and our party decided to leave the (relative) comfort of the city and go somewhere, and lo and behold, we got a random encounter, in fact we rolled a one on our random encounter. A demon.

So, a Cerebrelith gets summoned up through a portal somewhere and decides to make us his after-dinner snack.

And man, we fought it hard, but nobody could really do much at all. The ranger's arrows couldn't overcome DR, the Tari Thief had very few combat abilities (and I'm pretty sure did nothing much at all), the Evil Paladin kerplunked it with a wooden sword, and I flurried at him, stunning a couple times.

But the defining moment, is when I rolled 4 natural 20's. Four in a row on my attack. So, using the instant-kill variant, I had slain the demon.

My monk had jumped up to his midsection and literally tore his heart out. :smallcool:

Needless to say, from that day on nobody messed with my monk.

Funny thing is, the very next session, the Tari got slain by the instant-kill rule. The DM always rolls in front of us too, so those 3 nat. 20s were scary as hell.

2011-04-16, 07:22 AM
I don't know if this counts as a "moment", but it's definitely my favorite.

We were playing a one-shot with a home-altered version of the White Wolf system. The setting was a fantasy world and the PC's were a young, recently crowned bastard son of the old king (played by me), a general and a wealthy merchant. The story was that the kingdom had been in slow decline for decades: Getting smaller, weaker and poorer. We decided to remedy the situation with conquest and held a big conference with all the nobles and the pope-analogue.
We decided to invade a land to the east, one that controlled the wealthiest seaport around and followed an unorthodox faith. We made our plans and I blew most of the royal treasure on a year-long military buildup. Failure in the campaign wasn't an option.
But all was not well. The merchant started plotting against me and got the general on his side. I as the player didn't know what exactly they were plotting, but my character got a warning that they weren't loyal. So while everyone was going off for private chat with the GM I made plans of my own. The king reestablished relations with an assassin guild (codenamed "tailors") that had once served his family and offered them land in return for their services. Their first job was to take out a noble that the merchant had corrupted against me.

Anyway, the time to invade came and we made a multi-pronged attack. It went pretty well at first; I had convinced the pope-analogue that ours was a holy mission and he lent me several thousand mercenaries, so my position was a good deal stronger than the other players had expected. We pushed towards the shore and the capital. The king personally led the final charge into one of the fortresses along the way and everything was fine.

There was a week-long siege around the capital as our catapults bombarded the wall. As it cracked, we sent the army in. But it turned out the local king has hired a HUGE force of foreign mercenaries and the fight turned out be tougher than anyone had expected. AND THEN while battle raged in the city the general and the king were attacked in their camp by several hundred men belonging to an "allied" noble. The merchant had set us BOTH up to die while he was scurrying back home to his lands. The two of us and my elite knights barely made it into the city and now became sandwiched between two hostile forces.

I sent the general to lead the battle in the city and PERSONALLY charged into the fray at the gate to lead the defense against the traitors. The king was a capable warrior and I'd splurged character points on an artifact sword (The White Sword of Kings!!) and started stacking up the corpses and provide a huge morale boost to my troops. The fight dragged on and on and the gate was absolutely plugged with corpses by the time we drove the traitors off and turned around to aid in the fight in the city.

The general and I won the day, the city was a burning ruin, we surrounded the palace and the last defenders, I scored HUGE on an Intimidate roll and made them surrender, strolled in and personally beheaded the local king.

Meanwhile, the merchant was surprised to discover that I'd slipped one of my assassins into his entourage. He narrowly survived thanks to his magic, but the entourage didn't and he had to walk back home all alone.

In the end we suffered huge losses but had taken a wealthy port, the merchant had lost most of his forces, the treasonous nobles were exposed and dealt with, the king gained a reputation as a glorious old-fashioned warrior king and the general got to live on on a very short leash; Always with my personal "tailors" around, ready to offer him their skills if the need arose. :smallwink:

2011-04-16, 09:22 AM
I just had one last week with my (4e) elf ranger.

I fell through the roof of a cave, and the pit passed the cave floor, then went on to a bed of spikes. I made my Acrobatics check, catching myself on the ledge, saving myself from the spikes. I pulled myself up and went further into the cave, trying to find a way back up to my party, when a bunch of undead showed up and surrounded me.
With my party trying to figure out a safe way to get to me (and thankfully picking off the archer skeletons that they could see), I had a bunch of great rolls and managed to take the majority of the undead myself, simply by running around and Twin Striking the crap out of everything, and I only got hit a few times.

Not as cool as some of the other stories here, but it was fun (especially since my DM started playing music from Tron Legacy).

2011-04-16, 10:15 AM
I'd have to consider this mine; I was playing Zetris, an elven druid who, for much of the campaign, had maintained a snake theme. Her snake animal companion had been killed earlier in the campaign, and when he was reincarnated, he became a rat. Not even a dire rat, just your standard garden-variety familiar type.

Setup : Big military campaign, followers of Hextor had rallied a huge army of monstrous beings alongside drow and duergar against the kingdom we worked for. The two sides had previously fought to a stalemate in a marsh between two mountain ranges, and our party had broken it, and pushed forward. We were now in a valley leading toward the major dwarven hold, where intelligence said the monstrous army was laying siege to them from above. We approach, and sure enough, there appears to be a massive army there. In the center of the camp is a pair of ten foot tall artifact-towers topped with some kind of gems, which are producing arcs of lightning, zapping the green dragon snoozing in between them.

After investigating, we discovered that the army? Massive illusion. That in mind, we head in to deal with the dragon, and the lightning starts arcing and hitting us. We start making fort saves.. and every failure results in us aging. At which point the dragon grows in size right in front of us, and we have a collective "Oh ****" moment.

Now, at this point, we have a party consisting of a sorceress (heavy artillery), barbarian (cavalry), cleric (healbot, mostly) and myself, the druid (support.. generally). We aim to take care of things the usual way... full frontal assault. And the sorceress? The one we normally count on to be our big-damage rocket cannon? Has an attack of morality, and refuses to attack the dragon on the grounds that "We don't know it's evil". Admittedly, she had recently blind-fireballed a room known to hold a monstrous enemy, and killed ten innocent slaves in the process, but.. well, she chose the worst time ever to flake on us. The barbarian and I trade a few blows with the dragon, and with the crystals, trying to climb the towers and break the gems causing the aging affect. It doesn't go over all that well, and the dragon goes back and forth between us. Eventually the aging gets too much for the barbarian, and he flees, taking one last shot from the aging effect and hitting middle age. He spends the rest of the fight taking potshots with a bow, trying to break crystals and .. well, not doing that good a job of it. I back off when he does, cleric heals me a bit, and we regroup.

At this point, we're really seeing the bad end of things. Dragon's still getting aged (and it immediately recovers spell slots when it gains them). Sorceress is being fairly pointless, as is the barbarian. Cleric's willing to step up and do what she can, but she rolls 1d8+4 with her longsword, and has burned most of her high level spells already. She's also taken some con damage, as this dragon has a poison breath weapon, which has been rocking the party too. Being a druid, I'm immune, and being an elf, I can handle the aging a bit better. In the immortal words of Zetris : "Sigh."

A few rounds are spent buffing. Stoneskin. Wild shape : Dire ape. Shillelagh. Animal growth. During this time, the dragon grows another age category; It's now about 5 CR over us. However, I'm now Huge size, with a strength well in excess of 30, two-handing what amounts to a Gargantuan magical quarterstaff. Bits of diamond dust sparkle in my fur from the Stoneskin effect, and my HP is in the 130-150ish range. The fight that followed was a one-on-one, knock down, drag out fight, during which time both Zetris and the dragon are getting zapped by aging effects - to my detriment, and its benefit. The scene was described as being like Godzilla fighting King Kong in a lightning storm. By the end of it, the dragon was defeated, Zetris was nearly dead, her stoneskin depleted, and a few years from middle age herself. She soaked the last couple aging-zaps to kill the towers, then marched back to her companions, turning back to Elf form and nearly passing out from the lower Con. She gained a lot of respect for that one, though. The campaign did continue from there, but nothing else was quite as character-defining as the once distant and aloof elf stepping up and putting her life on the line, breaking all the rules and doing what needed to be done.

2011-04-16, 10:29 AM
I'm playing a paladin and my friend has betrayed the party and he's summoning Cthulu( yes the actual Cthulu) with a magic gem behind a wall of force. I use my Holy avenger to plunge through the wall, crit the bastard, killing him in one roung and smash the gemtone. Then i slay Cthulu's avatar using all my Smite Evil's for the day while the rest of the party feebly tries to join me. Goddamn if it wasn't the best thing a character of mine has ever done

Mark Hall
2011-04-16, 11:21 AM
The one I usually trot out in these situations is a decade old, and from Rifts:

The Last Day of Harakhamis Arimi Acherean

We awoke at dawn of the last day. Something about that dawn seem crisper and purer than any dawn I'd ever seen before, and I knew that the day would be momentous beyond imagining.

We knew where the tomb was, roughly, so Nightfall and I flew in slow passes over the plateau, seeking out a magical signature that would tell us where He lay. Once we had him, we could go home. On the sixth pass, Nightfall motioned me down. He'd found the tomb. A rough hole cut into the wall, bearing a faded inscription. It was beyond my ken, until I flipped down the optics on my helmet, translating them from arcane script to my native Egyptian. "Let only he who is true enter here, for he who knows maliciousness shall surely fall." I knew maliciousness, that was before the Village of the Damned... not anymore.

We retrieved the others in quick order. Only Maelstrom, Nightfall, and I felt up to the task of going in... too main stains on the other's souls from this campaign, I suppose. A quarter mile in, we came to an archway. Nightfall read the Gaelic inscribed, and we found the trap... one set for he who entered with an impure heart. I stepped through, even though I knew my heart wasn't pure. I had to. My family, my clan, my people... my homeland... depended on us waking the man who lay in that sarcophagus. I passed through with nary a scratch... I wish I'd had time to wonder why.

We lifted the lid from the sarcophagus, and gently lifted out Arthur Pendragon, greatest warrior of Old Atlantis. He awoke, slowly, shaking off the dreams of twelve thousand years, looking at us quizzically. The others, Bagh-Dach, stood in awe. I kept my head, as Acheran do, and stepped forward with a bow.

"Arthur Pendragon, I am Harakhamis Arimi Acheran. May I present to you Nightfall and Maelstrom, of the Bagh-Dach clan?"

He seemed more at ease with his own clanmates there, and questioned me about the date. "It has been twelve thousand years since you last breathed, Arthur. There is much to do, and we will explain later."

He hesitated, wanting his sword, his armor. Why is it that warriors always want a sword? The Bagh-dach found it concealed in the room, and he seemed much relieved to have it on his hip, clanging against his armor. As we walked up, we spoke briefly of the situation with Atlantis, telling him of the loss of Atlantis and the ongoing campaign to reclaim it. He was not comforted by our news, but I did not expect him to be.

When we stepped onto the ledge overlooking the valley, the scent of evil was palatable in the air, even to those of us with normal senses... the presence, though, was enough to send Nightfall reeling for a brief moment. Before us, in the quiet air, hung a man, long hair and wild eyes. Some part deep within me, some stain I had long tried to purge, knew this man to not be a man... he was a god, one of evil and deceit. I shoved to Gecko all but a tiny portion of my power, whispering into the radio that they should leave, now, through a portal I knew Zoderhan could make. In that instant, the man spoke, his voice like a roll of thunder across the plains.

"Harakhamis! You owe me a debt, the debt of a life! You will slay him, Harakhamis, to pay your debt to me!" I didn't even need to look to know that he pointed to Arthur. Time slowed to a crawl, and I knew that all debts must be paid. Quick as thought, I flew along the wall to stand in the empty air across from him.

"You know I can't do that, Mephisto." Please, gods, let them have the time. Let them have the time. A crackle in my senses told me the Rift was opened... they could go home. Maelstrom spoke to me in the radio, asking me if I was sure. I had no choice... I had to pay my debts. I sent them through the portal with my blessing, until only Zoderhan remained.

"Then you know the cost." Mephisto's words contained more hate than I had ever known, and his negligent gesture summoned nearly a score of deevils to stand before him. In the corner of my eye, Zoderhan blinked out of sight. For an instant, I thought he was gone through the portal, and wished him well. I felt his parting gift materialize around and inside me... armor of pure energy, and a bubbling, magical strength. I knew the cost.

With both hands, I raised my sword. A thought sent the energy of life running down its blade, and it glowed green in the light of an early morning. As I raised the blade higher, over my head, the sun crested the cliffs, bathing me in its light. The exultant energy was too much for me, and a word rang out of my throat. "HORUS!" I charged into melee, a mortal against a god, and knew that I would never die.

And then I knew no more.

More recently...

Systems Failure:
We were in Juarez, pushing back the Mexican Bugs after the EMP in El Paso messed up the Bugs there. They were trying to summon a Lightning Bug, which would've severely ruined our day, since they would have then been able to gate in even more reinforcements. My psychic was part of a small squad who was supposed to stop this.

The power of the lightning bug was awesome; he vaporized half the squad, leaving me doing my best to keep him busy. I have NOTHING I can use against him... my psychic powers are all mental and healing, nothing that can actually hurt the guy, just get his attention. So I radio for an air strike, doing my best to keep this guy aggravated, so he can't get away. I spend several minutes of game-time just dodging... taking cover whenever possible, popping back up to hit him again if he starts to lose interest, pulling grenades off corpses... until the air strike hits, and obliterates me and him.

Minotaur Paladin of Bahamut. We're in Thunderspire, pushing through the duergar fortress. After that last fight, we're a bit beat up, but we figure there can't be too much more, so we move into the main room.

Bad idea. A ton of duergar, including one of their leaders and a warlock. We're getting creamed... low on healing surges, low on dailies, quickly running out of encounters. Our party starts to pull back, but we're disjointed.... they're getting into the midst of us, breaking the retreat. I grab the duergar leader, hold a knife to his throat. The rest of my party reluctantly leaves, but I'm backed into a corner. The round after my party leaves, he breaks the hold. We don't bother to roll me going down under a half-dozen duergar axes (though, when they return to the fortress, they do face a minotaur zombie).

2011-04-16, 11:45 AM
This isn't as epic as many of the stories involving Gods. My whole party (8 of us, plus the druids giant bat) were stuck on a roof with a whole city of zombies trying to get to us. The only way out was to have the Driud's bat fly us one by one from this roof to the next one where we could follow a path to escape. I was playing an Elf that had just gotten into Champion of Correlan Larthian (sp?) and was the best fighter in the group. I stood at the door killing zombies as they walked up the stairs to the roof while the rest of my party escaped. Then, when the bat was only halfway to the next roof taking the last of my party besides me, I took one too many hits and couldn't stay at the door for another round. I ran from the door and jumped off the roof, over the street full of zombies just waiting for me to fall so they could feast on my broken body. What did I need to roll to make the jump? 18. What did I roll? 18. It was the most epic thing our rookie group had seen.

2011-04-16, 11:57 AM
Paranoia game (yes that Paranoia), we were tasked with getting a trio of nuclear reactors working after they had gone down. As there were 3 of us we split up and dealt with one reactor each. By the end of the session my reactor was the only one fully functional and not a crater.

My character had a Nuclear Engineering of 1 (which, for those of you unfamiliar with the Paranoia system, means he was almost completely unskilled in nuclear engineering, he would have needed a d20 roll of 1 to succeed. I used ingenuity (i.e. getting directly into the reactor myself and 'jump starting' it myself using my electroshock power) to get around that)

2011-04-16, 03:12 PM
I have one, although its not big and flashy one like most of these.

I was playing an exalted monk. The party had completed a challenge and the reward was we allowed to ask one question of a long dead sage who knew almost anything. The rest of the party used their questions to ask about locations or treasure or weaknesses of their enemies.

When it came time for me to ask a question of the Sage, I wasked him if there was anything more I could do to help him.

2011-04-16, 03:33 PM
As a Dm I have a few from random NPC's. But 2stick out because after there moments they party has never frogotten those characters.

D&D 4e
Rodrick, the elven fighter in full plate. The party frees him from a wall were he has been chained to with admantium chains welded to his armor for the last week. First thing he does is warn them about the dragon and will help them get past. Party upon seeing the dragon lock the door unfortunately on the other side is Rodrick. Who proceeds to man-handle the dragon using the chains as improvised spiked chains and beats the dragon to bloodied in 4-5rounds. They quickly unlock the door coming to help him, the rogue that did it was executed.

A super villian by the name of Doctor Boom has gotten into a stalemate with the cops and can't escape without destroying his illgotten gains.
With the good doctor are a group of street thugs and criminals in all different sets of attire.
Now the heros show up and quickly take them down in 5rounds at most leaving 2figures besides the heros standing. Doctor Boom and a man in his 20's wearing a crisp black suit a pistol at his side. We will call him Tim.

Tim is charged by are Superman guy. After rolling a nat 20 on his toughness save, it is described that Tim actually punched back and blocked it
The element control guy 'Frost' shots Tim who rolls his second 20, He shoots the bolt of ice right when its formed
The Plant control scientist tries to entangle him, Tim gets his third 20, dodging the vines and kicking the superman guy into them
Now 'Black Wolf' a time stopping martial artist tries to 'Time Stop' Tim. He freezes all the cops, and the superman guy in place. Tim? He got his fourth 20
Now its the final heros action the Darkness Controler/Healer 'Shade'. She goes for a blast that missess Tim but hits both the superman guy and 'Black Wolf'
Now Tim goes. He grabs the superman guys throws him into 'Black Wolf' who both get nat 1's and fall into a unconsious heap directly infront of Frost.
Tim proceeded to get his portion of the loot activate the explosives and destroy what the doctor wanted so Tim could escape in the chaos.
This leaves the cops looking upon the sight of heros that have saved there city twice burned bruised injured and unconsious in the banks ruins

Jay R
2011-04-16, 03:56 PM
We were playing in a D&D tourney at Tacticon I, in 1976 or 1977. They had deliberately put in a 134 hit die monster (no, that is not a typo - one hundred thirty four), to eliminate any team stupid enough not to run. We were stupid enough not to run.

So we open a door, and the DM says, "It's a 10x20 room containing a 134 headed hydra." We closed the door, changed what we were holding. Then...

Fighter: I open the door.
Wizard: I cast Web spell.
Priest: I toss a flask of oil.
Druid: I toss a flask of oil.
Thief: I toss in a torch.
Fighter: I close the door.

Each head has 1d6 points. Each head takes 1-6 damage. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Killing the undefeatable 134 hd monster costs us two 2nd level spells and a few common dungeon supplies.

The game also had a rule that a natural twenty, followed by an eight on a d8, was an automatic instant kill, against any foe. Time was running out, and we hadn't found the quest object yet. So we (the players) were moving at top speed. (Balrogs weren't demons in OD&D.)

DM: A balrog appears in front of you. He's in reach of the fighter.
Fighter: (throws a d20 and d8 down the length of the table) We keep going.

THEN, the dice stop in front of the DM. 20. 8.

DM: But ... but ... but....
Thief. I pick up the balrog's whip on the way past.
Fighter: What do we see next?

After the tourney was over, we were told that we had earned exactly the same eps as one other team, so it was a tie. I asked, "Did you include the balrog's whip in our loot?"

"Oops. I forgot about it."

The 2 copper pieces that whip was worth won us the tourney. The trophy for winning is on display in my game room today, a third of a century later.

2011-04-16, 07:47 PM
Playing an elven scout who had just taken a level of paladin, inspired by the two other paladins in the party. (Introductory game for new players, with a shifting roster of players, sometimes eight or nine at once.)

The guest DM for the night gives each paladin a dream, with an attractive woman offering power and riches if they will switch sides.

The first, a singleclassed paladin, doesn't think twice. (I think it was his first character, so I don't hold it against him.)

The second, a binder/rogue/paladin, accepts and gets turned back to his LE alignment. (Helm of Opposite alignment changed him LG, which in his mind = paladin.)

Finally, my character, paladin of freedom, is more skeptical. He continues to question what is happening, until the elf temptress changes to a drow. At this point, questioning turns to outright refusal.

DM calls for a Will save. I ask how much of a bonus being part of an elven order established to fight the drow gives. Add a +3 on top of a good roll, 18 or so on the die, and my paladin is not forced to comply. DM asks what he does next.

"I'm unarmed. I punch her as hard as I can."

Next thing we know, the party is woken by spider-riding goblins, and things are going to hell. The characters that haven't been in the game as long as others are lower level and dropping like flies.

My character is fighting with everything he has, which is obviously not enough. In the chaos, he can't tell the other two have gone blackguard. They're both taking out goblins and spiders, and when they can, unobtrusively offing party members.

My paladin ends up locked with the last goblin, protecting the last non-negative HP party member besides the blackguards. Then the singleclassed blackguard charges up....and kills off the dwarf.

With the shock of the betrayal, and nothing left to protect, my character tries to run as the blackguard finishes off the goblin. Unfortunately, at 0 HP, he passes out. The blackguards find him easily, debate waiting for him to heal and force him to turn, decide that will take too long, and finish him off.

It's not the end result that's awesome, but the way we played out the hopeless battle with in character roleplay, while as players we knew what was up.

It was totally going to be a great way to continue, tracking down the blackguards and getting revenge, until the regular DM killed them off with a roc, and had a druid reincarnate everyone. Of course, my guy ended up as a yuan-ti with no legs, thanks to a special reincarnation table prepped after the massacre, so it wasn't all bad.

2011-04-17, 01:20 AM
I have two personal crowning moments of awesome, both of them courtesy of the Tome of Battle book.

First requires a bit of set-up.

It was a short one-off adventure that only lasted about four days spread over four weeks and was supposed to take us from level 8 to level 21 (which it did, the DM pretty much tossed levels out there like they were candy). Our group was a royal order of knights tasked with defending the queen and her castle from an army of orcs, goblins, giants, and some dragons that were seeking to kill her. We were essentially commanding a rather small army in pursuit of this goal as we handled all the truly threatening assaults. Giants attacking the gate house, shamans teleporting in trolls, and getting buzzed by red wyrmlings whose kobold riders would bomb us with flasks of alchemist fires and drop off 'para-troopers'. Fought it all back with a rather peculiar group. Had a full on monk, a ranger (she decimated the enemy due to favored enemy), a hexblade (who disappeared after the first two days), a cleric (or was she a druid), and a crusader (me) focused on Devoted Spirit who just wouldn't die.

During the final battle, the leader of the enemy army sent his personal mount, a red dragon of indeterminate age, to assault the castle while he snuck in to assassinate the queen. We didn't know that at the time, so we focused on the frakkin' big dragon, but had a problem. It wouldn't come down to melee range and just kept buzzing the lower courtyard with it's breath weapon, leaving only the cleric/druid to try and fight it off, and failing. Since it kept flying below the level of the tallest tower though, the monk had a plan and raced to the top of it. The monk's plans (and that player ALWAYS played a monk)...rarely worked out well though, so I raced after him but...you know...monk. He got to the top long before I did. And leaped off for a single, hella powerful 'charge' attack against the dragon the next time it passed below. Grounded it for a moment while the monk broke his legs and had to crawl to safety outside the dragon's reach. So, doing the knightly thing (something my crusader was big on), he got the dragon's attention and challenged it to a duel. Assuming it'd have an easy time of it, the dragon flew up to make mince-meat out of the crusader, and crushed him against the roof-top. However...he didn't die (Immortal Fortitude stance), though the dragon believed that he had and turned it's attention to the other party members. On my turn, he stood up from the dragon sized depression in the roof-top, looking as if he should be dead several times over, spits out some blood and grins at the dragon.

"Is that all you've got?"

Was all he said before hefting his maul and bringing it down in a massive over-head swing (full power-attacked 9th-level maneuver from Devoted Spirit critical) that splattered the dragon's brains all over the courtyards below to the cry of 'FOR HEIRONEOUSSSSSSS!'

My party members raced to the top of the tower to find out what had happened to see my crusader, looking perfectly fine, trying to wipe all the blood off himself.

Twas the first time the monk's player ever voiced any fear about...anything in game and OOC. "Dude, that's terrifying what you just did."

2011-04-17, 01:41 AM
My swordsage jumped the shark. No really.

Level 4 Aasimar Swordsage on a boat when a dire shark attacks. With highest initiative I jump over the shark, into the water, and landing a critical with a great roll for damage one shot it. The DM then proceeded to explain that I had filleted it like a salmon.

Hida Reju
2011-04-17, 04:07 AM
Warmage Random and friends vs the Adult Red Dragon with spell buffs on (Shield, stat buffs, and movement boosters). Note this a party with no actual Wiz or Sorc just a bard doing utility stuff with wands.

Now Warmage Random has a thing for dragons and this is why.

First encounter with a red dragon started as an aerial battle vs Ship on ocean. Dragon has obvious edge. Dorf cleric in a can decides that only 2 characters matter in this fight. The Psiwarrior Archer twinked for super accuracy and spike damage (Psychic shot) and Random the warmage. So I get a Protection from fire, Protection from evil, and a Bless. I cast Cold energy fire shield and Ring of Blades. Lesser magic weapon gets cast on the ring of blades by bard. He is also standing 20 feet away from either of us ready to move in to heal.

Long range fire before fight begins was a acid fireball (energy substitution) and a melf's acid arrow. Dragon's saves prompt me to stop throwing anything that gives a save.

Other characters are loading and firing Arrows from the ship with little to no effect. Round one dragon decides to fireball boat from sky. This was countered by the bard and his wand of fireball. (In game knowledge of how this dragon starts a fight from questioning survivors) My action is to cast Melf's Acid arrow (I am 8th lvl it lasts 3 rds doing 2d4+3 due to warmage edge per round).

Psi Archer blasts dragon for 40 from a psi shot arrow plus cold enchant. Dragon decides to strafe in to breath on me and archer but needs a round of movement to pull it off.

Next round i fire a second Melf Acid arrow, now there are 2 adding up for about 14 damage a round. No threat yet right?
Archer get singed by fire breath a bit but Protect from fire ate most of it. On me it's even worse anything that got through protection from fire got halved by fire shield so I end up taking like 8 damage. Archer blasts him again for about 30 damage from a single arrow.

3rd round melf's acid arrow again just out of Orb range at start of round. Now I am getting noticed as its now taking 6D4+9 per round. Dragon decides to close this round. And I am thinking wow this is going to suck for me. I get the pounce charge. (yes the GM gave it pounce)

I take all of my hit points in a single round and get chewed to death. But here is the moment you were waiting for.

I am sheathed in cold damage retribution. Claw, claw, bite, wing buffet, wing buffet comes in and each hit causes 1D6 +11 cold damage. so that is on average 21 damage a hit after 1.5. So it took an extra 84 damage +13 for the ring of blades when it crashed into me.

Dragon died chewing on me they had to pull my body out of its throat.

Fun was had by all except me who had to be raised dead when the boat got to the next town. I came back bitter and a bit resentful to dragon kind.

2011-04-17, 07:49 AM
Carl the Bugbear 4e.
Carl used a executionar axe and at level 2he got a crit with his daily after using predatory eye and rolled max damage for his attack.
Here is what it did 36(From Crit)+5+8d6. The total max damage made it do 89damage. So the white dragon we were facing that was bloodied the round before instantly collapsed and died.
Carl claimed the prize as his after all the round before he crit with his encounter for 24+5+5d6, totaling to 50damage.
Carl may be a bit slow but the party never questions the insane man childs plans now

2011-04-17, 10:05 AM
In a party with an Elf, a couple of humans, and I'm playing a 1st edition Drow female with a bad attitude. She and the party's Elf have been at each other's throats for most of the run.

We're on the way out of a dungeon crawl and a Lurker Above gets the drop on us. All of us, since we're in tight formation. No one has a weapon out, so we're reduced to fists which won't do a lot before TPK via suffocation.

Drow looks over to the Elf and says, "Goodbye" - and activates a ring of shooting stars. Roll dice, near maximum damage to both her and the Lurker Above - killing the latter and saving the party and putting her at -8 (we played the -10 dead house rule).

Drow gets a healing spell or two and survives. Ends the adventure with the Elf looking at the Drow, shaking his head and saying, "I don't know what to make of you" before walking off.

2011-04-17, 11:04 AM
Playing a 3.5 campaign that led us to a lake in the underdark. We're going near a pair of rocks in our boat while fighting off dire bats, when suddenly, Ropers! After a few rounds, a dire shark jumps out of the water and grabs one of the bats. Next round, our fighter gets pulled off the boat by the roper. He's wearing dwarven mountain plate. So, I, being the rogue, handed a rope to our barbarian and told him to hold on. I took the other end, and ran and jumped into the water to help our fighter. Next round, dire shark swallows me whole....and I've only got 25 hp left.. The others play out the rest of the battle. When it was my turn, instead of trying to cut my way out, I look at the DM and saying "Remember the potion of 100 years aging I picked up in the last dungeon?"
The dire shark got the potion poured into its stomach, and aged 100 years, disentegrating around me while I was still underwater.

2011-04-18, 02:22 PM
About a third of my plans overall involve either myself or someone else getting captured by the enemy to bypass some of their security, while the remainder are either extremely complex or involve getting eaten. (seriously, about an 8th of my plans involve getting eaten.)

In one, I got captured by a bunch of druids who were extremely active about forcing people into helping the environment so I could free a bunch of prisoners. While I was there, I slowly built up a stockpile of flammable materials in the corner of the shack. Every day, I was silently and secretly cursing the druids into having massive metal shield fetishes.

One day, about 6 days in, lit it on fire. It was in a good position to not only burn down the camp, but to also burn down a good portion of their precious forest, so I knew if I made a semi-clean break, I would be able to get away, since they'd have to deal with the fire without magic. The commoners and I then threw a few dozen iron pot lids at the druids, who due to previously mentioned curse, picked them up to use, nulling their druidic powers.

I had a stuffed bear filled with paralysis poison, and using poisoned throwing rocks, the prisoners and I managed to hold off the druids long enough to cut a hole into their main wall. The prisoners who were still alive got entangled at the hole we made by one of the druids who had remained uncursed, so I turned to the druids and said "If I can't have them, no one can" and without warning, made an illusion of a massive fire directly over the escaping commoners. The commoners were surprised enough to shout out in pain before they realized what was happening, and fell silent, giving me time to stride into the flames, and extricate them, getting away freely.

2011-04-18, 03:25 PM
Star Wars Saga edition. Rebellion era campaign. I'm playing Kale, a naive noble young hero...emphasis on naive. Our mission? Steal supplies from a lightly guarded imperial base. GM expects us to stealth in, or fight. Instead I point out that I already own an imperial major's uniform and we have a slicer artist aboard.

One faked requisition paper and quite a few high bluff checks later and not only are they giving us the supplies, but Kale has convinced the stormtroopers to help us load the stolen goods on our ship which, by the way, had an A-wing aboard. GM starts smirking now that troopers are suspicious, Kale claimed it was captured for infiltration. Nat 20 bluff. Troopers finish loading and wish us a good day.

Another CMOA for the rest of the party too, as this is happening they slip in, plant charges, and slip out undetected. We take off and boom, no more base :).

Kale had lots of CMOA's with bluff...and the GM had lots of facepalms.

Got one from another player too. Playing an anti social mad scientist in a heroes campaign. Has a -1 in persuation (M&M3). Party captured and watched by computer so they can't escape. His immediate reaction? Look up and say "Hi computer" to try and distract it. I let him roll persuation. Nat 20. Okay, it's distracted by you, roll again to keep its attention. Nat 20. Cue loud and showy escape for the others as the computer stares dumbfounded at him as he makes increasingly innane small talk.

2011-04-18, 03:45 PM
(Fluff note:"Jigoku" is equivalent to "hell" - the literal translation is "the afterlife" but it's got negative connotations in the setting.)

In an L5R 3e campaign, I played a Matsu Berserker - Matsu Katsumi - a melee-only character that, while able to do tremendous damage in melee (seriously - she averages out to 80-90 wounds per attack, when most PCs do 20-30 and most everything has 60hp tops) is a serious glass cannon. She's really melee-only: no ranged weapons on the character whatsoever, and no skill at all with any sort of throwing weapon. If she can't get into melee, she's pretty useless. She even has a Disadvantage that limits her ability to use a bow.

So, the city in which we act as magistrates has been infiltrated by an evil, blood-magic wielding Clan (the Spider) under our dumbass noses. After nine months (and a year of real-time) of their seeding the city with their forces, they spring their revolution and start raping, killing, and looting their way across our beloved city, not necessarily in that order. We wake from a sound slumber to combat them, entering into a four game session extended combat.

By the end of this, we've engaged the BBEG (a blood magic-mutated uber-samurai) and his retinue. The rest of the party goes after him while Katsumi mops up the three-critter retinue (with 2 attacks per round and an interrupt attack that goes off when someone attacks me, the three are all dead before they've had a chance to make an attack roll). I turn around to see Mr. BBEG with three of the five party members strewn about him in varying states of "heavily wounded and unconsciousness", one PC cowering in a "castle of water" that he cast around himself, and with the last party member with his ancestral weapon broken on the ground.

BBEG recognizes Katsumi by reputation and pops wings via a spell and takes to the sky. He's about 50' up and starts monologuing while I stand around like a chump on the ground wondering exactly how the heck I'm going to go after this guy when I have no ranged weapons. Then I remember: with enough force behind it, anything is a ranged weapon. I blow a point of Void (kind of like Action Points) to give myself a single "virtual rank" in the "Thrown Weapons" skill (for dice to explode in this game, you must have ranks or virtual ranks in the skill), and burn the rest of my Void Point to perform "a single action not generally otherwise allowable by the rules."

Katsumi hefts her no-dachi like a spear, shouts "From Jigoku's heart, I stab at thee!", and launches her ancestral weapon skyward.

BBEG has a TN to be hit of 80, and 120 wounds.

Rolling 5 d10 and keeping 4 of them (10's explode) against a TN of 80. Four dice roll 10s. Then 3 rolled 10s. Final check result? 81. A hit.

GM tells me to grab my wife's dice and use hers. I shrug and grab her dice.

Damage check. GM rules that the no-dachi thrown does damage as a thrown spear. After some math (and advantage that adds a LOT to damage) I'm rolling 10 dice and keeping 5. 7 dice roll 10's. Then 5 dice roll 10's (20 per die so far). Then all five of those dice roll 6 or above. Final damage result? 142!

So, the BBEG, mid-speech against a melee-only character stuck on the ground 50' below him, is suddenly struck through the heart by a flying 2-handed sword and plummets, stone dead, to the ground below, ending the battle and the war.

My sword even rolled a 10 on the "GM's feeling vindictive" check result (needed a 10 on a d10) to not be broken when it hit the ground.

2011-04-19, 07:28 AM
Baru, Goblin Psion
"I'm going to need a marching band, a crab dinner for twenty, ink, paper and a ten minute distraction."

2011-04-19, 12:13 PM
Not me, but one of my favorite D&D stories (3.0 D&D):

Our first adventure was a modified version of an older module, but with some added stuff. Early on we found a wand. The wand had 3 charges max, and recharged one per week. It could be used for the following: Change gravity in an area, teleport the user and anyone linking hands to anywhere the user could see, absorb any amount of stuff into an extradimensional space, or release everything currently carried.

We found a large pile of dragon treasure in the dungeon, and we decided to absorb it into the wand for easy transport. Once we got back to town, in our inn room, we released everything in the wand. So a pile of treasure, 10,000 gallons of water, and a large crocadile monster appear in our room. The wizard carrying the wand then immediately re-absorbed the water, and we kileld the monster. The inn owners come running to see a bleeding giant crocadile on a pile of treaure, surrounded by us with weapons drawn. Luckily they liked us.

In the dungeon we also found this woman from the past that we rescued, due to some kind of time distortion going on in the dungeon, and after ome shenanigens related to returning her to her own time, and after we spent some of that pile of treasure, we had another pretty long adventure dealing with a city full of "shades," which had time powers.

After investigating their city, doign some damage, etc., we eventually leave and decide to go to the city that this woman was from, looking for something to help us fight the shades. The city was uninhabitted and in ruins.

After searching around for a while, it turned out the city had been destroyed due to an effect that made anything the inhabitends thought become real, and they had been killed by their nightmares, as the effect didn't end while asleep (I think this idea is from some book, but I forget the name).

After a while, weird monsters started showing up, and we decided to get the hell out of there. Unfortunately we were in some old temple, and the door we were trying to exit from had been sealed shut. As we're being chased by what amounted to a fang-filled mouth with eyes and legs, the wizard pulls out the wand and turns gravity to super high, pointing directly out of the building, on the door, causing it to bust out of its frame. Almost free!

More monsters outside, by we manage to keep them busy as we prepare to flee the city. But the wizard is bitten by the giant mouth monster, and is trapped in its jaws!

And then the wizard's player asks, "is my wand arm inside its mouth?" The DM makes a roll and says yes. The wizard activates the wand, releasing everything inside it...

10,000 gallons of water appear inside the monster's mouth, causing it to explode instantly, and sending the wizard sailing across the city. He dies on impact with a building. The rest of us escape over the city wall. His new character gets a large XP boost.

2011-04-19, 01:14 PM
Baru, Goblin Psion
"I'm going to need a marching band, a crab dinner for twenty, ink, paper and a ten minute distraction."

Wait, we can do noodle implements? I wanna redo mine. D: