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desero clades
2011-04-15, 11:42 PM
Basic idea for the class is semi inspired from MTG drawing from different mana pools. The character will have 5(?) different pools from which to use different abilities from as well an unbound mana pool based on his Int(?) mod. For example, Geran wants to use flame bolt, it'll cost him 1 fire mana or 1 unbound mana. Of course as the class progresses it'll get stronger abilities and more mana points for each.
However, that's not the main thing I want the class to be based on... I was thinking of having some sort combo system, where the player can choose a certain number of Finishing Strikes (for lack of a better term) where in order to use them he/she will need to use spells of certain mana in a certain order. For example, to use Inferno he'll need to use 3 spells before hand in order of Frost, Lightning, and Fire.

Questions... am I trying to do something overly complicated? Should I just make the abilities on par with the warlocks and just get rid of the mana points? Any suggestions on which elements to use for the different mana pools?

Long time lurker... first time posting, Thanks in advance

2011-04-17, 07:33 AM
Not to knock the idea, but I wouldn't try that straight off.

Trying to work a masterpiece as your first design is kinda doomed to failure, don't you think? Imagine picking up an etchasketch and being surprised that you couldn't draw anything successfully. Kinda like that.

I suggest starting with an ACF or something like that, feats or skill tricks and working up from there. Kellus' guide to making a base class (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4935759) is good for when you get there.

This was NOT a knock; ask any of the more unbalanced over-enthusiastic designers around here [myself, Realms of Chaos, Kellus, Fax Celestis] and you'll be told straight that designing a magic system from teh ground up is very difficult...

I'm still struggling with mine two years on...

2011-04-17, 10:53 AM
The best way to approach new classes is the one mentioned in the DMG. Take an existing class and try to realize the idea you have with as few modifications as possible.

If you want a mana based class, I suggest looking into psionics. The psion is an already existing class that is considered to be well made and also easy to modify.

The main reason why I would stay away from having 5 seperate mana pools is primarily book keeping. Keeping track of all those mana pools would most probably be a huge pain and in the end the only thing that matters is the spell that flies towards its target. What numbers change on your character sheet doesn't really matter to anyone else but yourself.

desero clades
2011-04-17, 06:44 PM
I've made PrC's before, which are easy... I just didn't really know where to begin balancing from level 1 and make a nice progression without giving too much in the beginning and not enough in the later levels or vise versa. Most of the times I play with my friends we start at level 5+ so those early levels are somewhat a mystery in terms of what's balanced.

The main thing I want out of the class is the combo spells. I agree though, 5 mana pools would just be a pain to be keeping track of, including which spells you've used and in which order. One resource is probably enough to keep track of huh? Or maybe infinite abilities like the warlock and make the combo spells per-day abilities.
Okay, I'll work on it a little and post what I have later on. Thank you for the feedback and that link, it's really useful! :smallbiggrin: