View Full Version : Writeboard - Make your homebrew open source!

2011-04-18, 07:53 AM
Writeboard (http://writeboard.com/) could be the coolest way to post up a large homebrew that I've seen. It automatically tracks your changes by having different versions of your document, and you can make it public and even give the password to your document to your fellow playgrounders to have them be able to revise your work, then compare your version to theirs and decide on the final product.

This has the advantage of someone being able to directly change a perceived imbalance in the text of someone else's homebrew, and then that homebrewer can look at and either accept or reject the change, or implement a change of his own, as opposed to a suggestionn/response. The difference is subtle, but there.

A very, very cool, free, public, web-based document writing and editing program. I'd love to see someone try using this for a large homebrew.

What do you think of it?

2011-04-18, 11:20 AM
It looks like a single big text file. While that works for specific things like monsters and classes, I think you need more options to organize material for more complex subjects.

Also, this does not seem to be what the term open source means. :smallwink: But still a nice tool.

2011-04-18, 12:02 PM
Not literally, of course, but it'd be in the spirit of open source, as other people can edit. Also, I'd say that, to the contrary, between headers and the bare minimum of formatting it allows, you could conceivably fit an entire campaign setting into one big ass text file.