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2011-04-18, 03:56 PM
right, thanks to Thomar_of_Uointer, the limit breaks system is officially dealt with, so i'm now moving on to my next idea: Materia Feats.

You are more adept at casting magic, summons, and enemy skills.
Prerequisites: 3 or more materia at level 2 or above, heroic level 4.
Special: You gain an additional die of damage/healing inflicted by your materia equal to one-quarter you level (rounded-down).
Normal: You only deal the amount of damage/healing stated in the materia's description.

You are a master of the thunder element.
Special: You gain a +2 bonus to all casting rolls and damage rolls when using the Thunder and Ramuh materia, or any enemy skill that states thunder as its sole elemental property.

Feedback please :)

2011-04-18, 05:03 PM
While this is exciting and all, we have nothing to go on as far as materia is even concerned. Please provide a link to a system for it or post a materia system with your feats please, otherwise this is unfortunately not very helpful.


2011-04-18, 08:15 PM
i can't post the entire system on here at the moment, but off the top of my head here is a quick rundown of how the system works:

Red - summon materia
Green - magic materia
Yellow - enemy skill materia
Purple - ability booster materia

Magic, enemy skill, and ability booster materia can be purchased. Summon materia are rewarded by the GM to players for successfully completing missions, or by finding them in materia caves (set by the GM as part of his/her campaign).

To cast magic/summons/enemy skills, use the following calculations and compare the result to the target/targets Magic Defence:

Magic - 1d20 + Int modifier + miscellanious mods
Summon - 1d20 + Wis modifier + miscellanious mods
Enemy Skill - 1d20 + miscellanious mods

Casting magic and enemy skills takes an attack action, and summons take a full-round action. If a target is weak against a particular element, damage is increased by one-half the damage roll (rounded-down). Damage is halved if a target is resilient against a particular element (non-elemental magic/summons always inflict double damage).


Spell Type: attack (non-elemental)
You inflict 3d10 points of damage to each opponent in a 10-square radius from you on a successful casting roll. If the check fails, opponents recieve half-damage (rounded-down).

Summon type: attack (elemental/ice)
On successful casting roll, you deal 5d8 points of damage to all opponents in your line of sight. If you succeed the check by 5 or more, opponents are frozen and lose 1 point to Constitution each proceeding round until healed or dead (0 Constitition score). If you fail the check by 5 or less, opponents receive half-damage (rounded-down). If you fail the check by more than 5, the summon instantly fails.

That's what i can remember so far. If something is inclear then i'll explain upon request :)

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2011-04-19, 01:34 AM
no i seriously can't. My computer isn't working at the moment and im writing on this forum through my phone's internet, and last time i checked im limited to what i can do.

EDIT - the materia system i have put in an earlier post i would like some PEACH please.