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2011-04-20, 06:40 PM
So about a minute ago a Captcha prompt gave me "Lyrindis the siege,."

I think I'll change that to "Lyrindis, the Eternal Siege."

I've decided, quote rightly, that this is clearly some form of plane. As such, playgrounders, I'd like your input in its traits.

I'm undecided as whether it should be timeless or erratic time. Shape strikes me as self-contained.

Impeded magic of some sort would seem reasonable for a planar siege environment, but what is impeded is another question. Teleportation's a good start. Probably anything planar, but just a high check for impeedence or should the plane be locked? What about healing?

I'm torn between directing this towards some form of Angelic/Diabolic conflict over a maguffin of some kind or making it a Ravenloft-like torment for the fighters in some long forgotten war.

Should it be aligned or elementally aligned?

Any input? Any similar strange inspiration sources?

2011-05-13, 02:32 PM
You might want to flip the normal things that people first think of. So have angels trying to break into city, defended by devils, to liberate the population. Or water elementals assulting a fire held place.
Or just stay away from thematic aligned sides, and go with races: a neverending battle between the Fae and Giants, maybe (although that might work more with a war and less a siege). The PCs could be allies of one of the two sides, or one of a couple of neutral states.

2011-05-16, 01:28 AM
An army of Undead, led by a coalition of Demiliches who have cooperatively formed a whole skeleton, commanded by the skull, a Mindflayer Demilich, has come to bear, threatening to subjugate the whole of reality. Not only has every mortal race and kingdom set aside their differences to fight this threat, but so have many monstrous races, undead who seek to stay independant of this new master (notably many Vampires, above all others), and even the Angels, Demons, and Devils have set aside their eternal war to face this threat, so great is it. Now, after a long war, the arrayed army of the planes stands before the Demilichs' fortress, a massive city that they must crack open and tear down, so that they can destroy the Demilichs.


And now I read the OP in more detail... *headdesk*

Well, anywho, that above still sounds like a fun idea to me, so I'll leave it there for anyone to grab and give some thought to this Eternal Siege. My first thought though is for it to constantly change hands, and the sides in the conflict change as well, but the conflict never ends.

2011-05-16, 01:23 PM
Ok, I'm seconding the "always changing hands" idea. But I do prefer not having an automatic good vs evil idea. Maybe the city has a artifact that everyone wants (fountain of youth, maybe?) and lots of sides are always fighting to posses it. And the city is on a flat plain or in a valley, or some other indefesible location. So you have two+ sides fighting to posess the city, for the uber artifact, and they don't attack each other directly because... the city is on a land bridge between the two empires? Since the entire point of fighting is to hold the city, they don't want to attack any farther. Or something like that.

Bob the DM
2011-05-26, 01:59 PM
As for planar traits, you could make it everchanging, like limbo depending on who has control over what areas around the beseiged city. I also like the idea of making the planes a kind of infinate and timeless mix with the center of the plane fixed upon the city. Time passes normally on the plane, but because of the eternal battle, it borders all other times on all planes, instead of just other planes and as you get closer to the center the bleed of the other planes traits grow weaker until this plane's features are dominant. Control of the city is the key goal, but you could also have things like an Asmodeus while he rules hell and is looking for the power of the city to really take the bloodwar to a new level, as well as one who has been usurped as leader of the nine hells and who wants the power of the city to regain his crown.

If the city is large enough to have different area's there's no need to limit teleportation as the hit and run raids from the various powers controlling the various districts might be common. You could have the actual city as indestructable so that controlling areas like the walls/outer defences are always a priority.

If you run the districts independant of the city as a whole, then there would be various factions trying to spread their influence and you could avoid a good/evil outsider split as numerous powers would have to form tentative alliances as needed instead of one side on the inside and one on the out.

The focus for a neat epic level game could be trying to secure/hold the final few districts before one side truely ever controls the whole city. A dire situation that might happen once a millenia

2011-05-26, 03:00 PM
What about a constantly changing reality and only outsiders are exempt, so it's like one of those sci-fi stories (usually involving time travel) where everything has changed except the main characters, who have to figure out why. Only instead, it's a fact of the world, so there's nothing to solve. Or maybe there is.

2011-05-26, 03:13 PM
Jailorn's reality changing sounds a bit much, but the boarders all planes sounds cool too. And the control changes terrain too.
Although I don't think there should really be districts. There should be permenent citizens of the city, and something that keeps them from getting killed in the constant siege. Dunno what mechanism that would mean. The districts sounds a bit too much like the giant city community project, the name of which I have temporarily forgotten.