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2011-04-24, 05:12 PM
Hey guys, first time posting so go easy on me :)

I love creating new magic items, armors, weapons, random bits and bobs to aid my players, or their enemies :P Just want to get your opinion on some of them

The Quick-Armor Belt (Moderate Transmutation)

The Belt is made of hard sturdy leather with a large silver buckle. On close inspection you notice a small button in the buckle, upon pressing a suit of bright silver armor appears on you. Pressing the button again makes the armor vanish.

With the exception of the method of donning it, the armor is completely typical for a Breastplate. Activating it is a standard action.

The Weapon Rod (Moderate Transmutation)

A short thick rod of heavy metal alloy. Scrawled around the rod are draconic runes which when translated mean ''Name me, for I am Weapon''. When the user holds the rod and calls out any melee weapon, the rod shifts into that weapon. No matter what form the rod takes it always has a +2 enhancement bonus. To return the rod back to it's dormant form simply intone ''Sheath''

The Artisans Workshop (Major Conjuration)

This simple unnassuming Bronze key has the image of a paintbrush chiseled into it. When placed into any standard door lock, and turned, the door lead to a demi-plane known as the Artisans Workshop. The plane consists of a large building in a blank featureless plain. The building contains the equipment and materials necessary to construct virtually any object capable of the Craft Skill, and all Craft checks in the workshop gain a +4 bonus. Every time the door is opened supplies are replenished.

Will Update more Stuff later :) Please tell me what you think!

2011-04-24, 05:30 PM
Hmm, the belt is a less useful Ring of Arming that takes up your waist and armor slot instead of a ring slot.

The rod is the weapon function of a Rod of Lordly Might, but lets you turn it into pretty much anything and has a set enhancement bonus. No idea where to price it.

The workshop is... interesting. So long as you have a door handy, you've got a fairly good hiding place. I'm curious what happens if the door you used is destroyed, and whether or not the door needs to remain open. If it can be closed, what happens if someone else opens that door? If you can close the door, does it always go back to the exact same door?
Its an Instant Fortress that cannot be attacked from the outside (and indeed, some magic no longer penetrates because you aren't on the same plane anymore) and gives +4 to all craft checks. An instant fortress is 55000, a +4 Skill Item is 4x4x100, or 1600, but this doesn't specify a type, so probably 3200gp. It says materials are refreshed whenever you go in. Does that mean that for mundane crafting you no longer have to present the materials from which you will be making your spiffy new item?
How many people can this place support? Does the +4 bonus apply to one craftsman? To 100 craftsmen? To the entire population of the multiverse, assuming you could stuff them inside?