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2011-04-26, 01:05 PM
Hello all good folks :)

I don't know how familiar you are with the two aforementioned systems mentioned in the thread's title, but for more info, look here (http://www.greenronin.com/store/product/grr1801e.html) and here (http://www.greenronin.com/store/product/grr1707e.html).

The gist of things is that I am looking for some feedback on some system additions I've come up with, considering that the system and setting itself is quite fascinating enough as is.
But there are somethings that seems to have failed transition, and that is the issue concerning spell levels and magnitudes, and how those interact. This is just a working table, but it's a start, so:

MT range corresponding to magnitude level:

Level of Magnitude | Spell MT(DC) interval
Dabbler | 5-19
Student of magic | 20-39
First magnitude | 40-59
Second magnitude | 60-79
Third magnitude | 80-99
Fourth magnitude | 100+

This is what I deem most reasonable, and the rules concerning safe level limits, are translated as follows for casting a spell beyond the casters current available magnitude:

Damage conversion corresponding to magnitude "jump":

Number of magnitude jump(s) | fraction of drain taken as lethal damage
+1 | 1/3 Lethal damage(2/3 nonlethal)
+2 | 1/2 Lethal damage(1/2 nonlethal)
+3 | 2/3 Lethal damage taken(1/3 nonlethal)
+4 | All drain taken as lethal damage

It may seem a bit harsh, and I'm not sure whether I should just add d8 damage instead of converting the nonlethal drain damage, but it means that for a dabbler, it is horrifying to cast a spell equivalent to a second magnitude spell effect. As per see does this also mean higher interest in casting the spell as a coorporative ritual.

Oh yeah, and as a sidenote, when any text hints to using the spell level as a determent, then I would say that the spell level equivalent, or now so called SLE is:
SLE = Spellcraft DC(MT)/10

Also when taking nonlethal damage due to spell drain that is higher than your Massive Damage Threshold you're inclined to a Fortitude Save DC = 15. If you fail this save your fatigued until you rest for at least 8 hours. If already fatigued in any way, you become exhausted for an hour. These conditions can be healed magically, if you so dare.

A rules question:
Which of the two systems "coorporative magic" rules do you think should be taken into account, since they diversify a bit from one another :)?

Now for some additions to certain spell effects, these are some I would really appreciate feedback on:

First we have Destroy, I deem it fine that it handles ability drain and object/force destruction, I just need it to be capable of draining levels(Aka. inflict negative levels) since no other spell effect is capable of this. My question is, should inflicting a negative level highten the spellcraft DC by +50 or +70? In all other ways it works normally, with adding dice damage as per normal ability drain.

The second spell effect I want to upgrade is Shapeshift. I want to make it capable, perhaps as a fourth magnitude effect, to grant the shapechanger some more aspects of their acquired form. For this I've been thinking spellcraft increases of:
+20 for all extraordinary special attacks, +40 for all supernatural special attacks, +60 for all extraordinary special qualities, +80 for all supernatural special qualities. Maybe this is a bit high, or maybe in the wrong order(extraordinary vs. supernatural) :)?

All thoughts and feedback is Greatly Appreciated, Delighted and Obliged :D

Edit(additional content):
One thing I failed to notice is that I'm not excluding the old spell system entirely, since I'm implementing the Ur-words system, which is sorta like the True Names system for 3.5, only a lot broader and easier to use :) This system is presented in Thieves' world - Shadowspawn's guide to Sanctuary

Oh, and btw, in case anyone is wondering why I'm not specifying the campaign setup, it is because I like the Thieves' world setting as it is, and will keep it that way for most parts, I just thought that the spell system needed a certain degree of flexibility and gritty atmosphere :)


2011-05-01, 12:50 PM
Is this the wrong board I'm posting this in or is it just systems that are way unfamiliar with most people :s


2011-05-08, 04:17 AM
I don't know what to say, I've proofread it now and edited it. Since it seemed to me it could be a little incomprehensible.

I'm thinking of just takin the silence as a sign of either "wrong spot, dude" or overwhelming agreement, because I myself am beginning to find these contributions to the system flawless :P


Lord Vampyre
2011-05-10, 01:29 PM
Is this the wrong board I'm posting this in or is it just systems that are way unfamiliar with most people :s


It is quite possibly the latter. I've seen the system, but I've never actually had the chance to play it. And thus the dilemma of trying to objectively give advice.