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Dark Kerman
2011-04-28, 12:29 PM
Hello there folks, I am just showing up here because I wanted some help giving a name to a campaign setting I am currently developing, which, at the moment is going by the name "Unarca" (A portmanteau of Unearthed Arcana). If you would help me name the nation and demiplane. But first... A description!

This world is a new one, forged from the bloated corpse of an ascending deity, the infamous Unraveller, Kry'Gondaloth. This creature had planned to become a god of elementals, and use it's energies to seperate the elements of mongrel mortals, slaying millions in the process. It would have succeeded, were it not for the work of adventurers, led by the enigmatic mage Dayd Kayman, and his troop, the awakened iron golem Johan Bohannon, infamous rogue and trickster Cassandra Stormboot, bard and singer extraordinaire Saga, and Fidellius Largo, the light of Pelor. Entering the ritual chamber and defeating the guards, the comatose beast lay before them, soaking in the energies of the multiverse. To kill such a beast outright would be suicide, for who knew where the energies would dissapate to, but this had already been planned. Pulling Kry'Gondaloth into a small demiplane of Dayd's manufacture, they cut the the link the elemental had with the chamber, and the instability of it's form began to rip at it, shredding it's shape, a opening portals to the elemental planes, sucking in material. As the adventurers fled, the demiplane filled with material, all the elements twisting and repulsing and combining together, the walls of the pocket of existence swelling, further and further.
Upon there return, the group found that where there was once little more than empty space, now there was land, and air, and warmth, and water. The further they strayed from the epicenter of the event, they noticed that the once side grew increasing wet, until they hit an ocean, whilst the other became barren, forming deserts, and then, eventually, flames sprouted from nowhere, pushing away the earth to stand on it's own, requiring no air to blaze.
Cassandra turned to Kayman, "What is to be done now?" She remarked. Speaking with ponderous fascination, he replied "We create the world anew".

Fluff aside, this is a demiplane in which the whole world is split into the elements, as you get closer to the center, where the capital resides (already named as Stroucken), you find a more mixed combination of elements, whilst as you go down into the ground, you find the "Earth" plane is represented, Up takes you to a place with the same features as the plane of air, to the one side (dubbed Pyran, which is equivalent to north) it becomes more like the plane of fire, and Aquan, oceans like that of the plane of water. In each corner is a portal leading to the respective plane, continually adding to the demiplanes size, causing it to grow more. The more habitable center (under control by the currently unnamed nation) is comprised of just about any race you can imagine, and is led by Dayd Kayman, who now acts as a demigod of the plane, protecting the nation from the factions of warring genies, having entered via the portal, and seeking to eliminate the other factions (These are the four different forms of genie found in source books). As it stands, there is a peace between the nation and the factions, with each group having a embassy of sorts in the capital.

That gives a breif over view of setting, so if anyone could be kind enough to think of a good name for the demiplane, nation, and perhaps the factions I would be much appreciating. :smallsmile: If you are interested in using this campagin setting, I will be more than happy to provide you with more information if you contact me. :smallsmile:

2011-04-28, 04:33 PM
Concordant Conflux

Dark Kerman
2011-04-29, 06:13 PM
"Realms of the Concordant Conflux"... Mmmm. I might just use that one, thanks! :)