View Full Version : A Gun That Shoots Plot

2011-04-29, 08:26 PM
In a Scion game I'm running, I'd like to give my players more control over the plot. They've already been allowed to make characters with any backstory they want, fitting the setting to them rather than the other way around, and I'm adding rules similar to Plot Points in the Serenity RPG (by spending Legend, for those savvy in Scion), but I want just a little more. I want to give them tools (literal or figurative in-game) that can drastically alter the story in the right situations.

As an example, the Colt from Supernatural: a gun that kills anything in a world where everything has very specific weaknesses. But they only have a few bullets left.

Any ideas?

2011-04-29, 09:16 PM
They're Scions, they're already living, breathing guns that shoot plot.
Just let them go to town and watch the laws of physics, time etc. sit in the corner and weep