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Count D20
2011-05-02, 04:46 PM
I'm trying to adapt the Shinto gods to D&D 3/3.5.
I can't seem to find a version someone else did, and am starting the job myself.
I will look up the myths soon.
The main gods I know I need to have are : Izanagi and Izanami, Amaterasu, Susanoo and Tsukuyumi.
I;m not sure what other gods to include. Any advice?

2011-05-02, 05:28 PM
There is an old AD&D/Planescape book called On Hallowed Ground, which contains a dozen or so pantheons. Among them are a few of the chief Shinto Gods. Around ten or so.

Of course, that's not 3.5 stats (no domains), but they have a write-up, alignments and spheres, at least.

If I have some time tomorrow, I'll post a short version here.

2011-05-02, 11:04 PM
1e/2e edition Deities and Demigods (later republished as Legends and Lore due to fundamentalists attacks on the gaming industry) had exactly this pantheon inside.

http://www.wizards.com/dnd/files/LegendsAndLore.rtf is a direct link to the free download that WotC made available.

2011-05-03, 05:31 AM
My advice is to do this with private messages with the two folks above. This is real world religion and thus not allowed on this board, even in gaming form.

I know, it sucks, but them's the breaks.

2011-05-04, 12:27 PM
The Mod They Call Me: It seems impossible to discuss appropriate D&D stats for different gods without discussing the religion those gods come from. Thread locked.