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2011-05-02, 06:35 PM
I am requesting an elder evil for my upcoming campaign All I need is the stats of the thing, I can make the lair, background, goals etc myself. I am thinking CR 18-22

Associated with rot and decay as well as the savagery of death this being should use the Horrid Blight sign (page 10 Elder Evils). The malefic property that best suits it in the book is Discord and Woe (page 15) but if you can make a better one feel free.

I am envisioning it being a big melee beast that has an array of rot related spell like abilities or attack options. But it must have a way to fly (or some other way to combat a wizard casting fly and just proceeding to slaughter it at leisure). the image I found that best suited what i was looking for was http://im3.ebidst.com/upload_big/5/9/0/1273072740-15839-186.jpg
Good magic resistances are a must, my players like to over abuse wizards.

Also a beastie like this deserves a custom disease that the pcs actually have a chance of being hurt by (I find the ones in the dmg very weak). What I was thinking was slowly being turned into a hybrid of undead flesh and rotting plant matter (Template Anyone?) with rules like those of mummy rot but with a slightly higher CL check.

2011-05-03, 06:06 PM
Well, this might do as a starting point, either for you, or whoever rises to the challenge.... not sure, since I don't know about Elder Evils.

2011-05-03, 07:01 PM
How much health/AC do you want it to have? Honestly the melee+rot is already Demogorgon's shtick, so modifying it from him is the key.

2011-05-04, 06:00 PM
Well, here are a few unique special abilities with a rot/decay theme. Some of these are more powerful than others, so balance against your party's optimization level.

- Compost (Ex): When (Elder Evil) deals damage with one of its decay abilities, a swarm of insects erupts from the affected areas. The insects are a 4HD Fine-scale swarm with the usual swarm stats.

- All Things to Dust (Su): Exposure to the aura of (Elder Evil) causes things to accelerate in their rush to their inevitable end. Beings within 800ft of the Elder Evil find that their max hitpoints decrease by 10% of the original total per round. True immortal beings and undead are resistant to this and only suffer a 5% decrease. This effect heals naturally at the rate of one round of exposure = one day of healing. A Greater Restoration, Wish, or Miracle can heal this effect (optionally with an opposed caster level check against the Elder Evil if you want it to be very nasty). Creatures that hit zero max hitpoints due to this effect cannot be raised short of divine intervention. Does not activate Compost (unless you're feeling particularly cruel).

- Accelerate Decay (Su): The duration of all beneficial effects is quartered within 800ft of the Elder Evil.

- Touch of Maggots (Ex): The Elder Evil's melee attacks deal 1 Con damage, with an additional point per round afterwards until a DC (...) save is made. This effect does not stack with itself. This ability activates Compost.

- Betrayal of the Flesh (Su): The Elder Evil destroys the vital force of living flesh that it targets. It can target up to five beings with this ability at a time, but they must all be within 30ft of each-other. Fort save DC (...) halves 10d6 damage and negates increase in effective age category of the target by 1 (for physical stats only). Regardless of whether they save or not, targets are Sickened. The aging effects of this attack can only be negated by a Wish, Miracle, or similarly powerful magic.