View Full Version : Awesome epic spells/powers

2011-05-02, 06:53 PM
Making an epic pyrokineticist, I mad up some cool firepowers (pun intended) for him. Wanted to know what people thought of them, as well as what your coolest epic spells/powers are.

Scorched Earth: 50PP. An area of ground or other surface (up to 625 (5X5 squares) square feet) superheats. Anyone on the surface takes 10d6 fire damage per round and must make a DC25 concentration check to attack due to "hopping around" effect. Lasts 1d6 rounds. Fortitude save DC 30 for half damage.

Immolation: 50PP. Envelops a single target up to 100 ft. away with white flames, causing 50d6 damage. Reflex save DC 40 for half damage.

Heat Wave: 60PP. Massive heat wave blinds and heatstrokes anyone within 50 feet. Affected take 1 point of damage to constitution, strength, and dexterity per round inside. Fortitude save DC 20 to avoid eyes drying and cracking. After 3 rounds spent in the wave, subject must begin make a DC 30 fortitude save every round or die of heatstroke. Lasts 1d3+5 rounds.

Epic Psionic Teleport (with fire): 20PP. As epic teleport, but better. Disappear and reappear with an awsome-looking burst of flame, and enjoy complimentary peanuts while teleporting.

Your brain, on fire: 20PP. Roast someone's brain. Mind affecting. Initial Fortitude save DC is 25 to not die, and 35 to end the effect. DC increases by 2.5 per round.

Firestorm: 25PP: As matter agitaion, but works instantly on anything flamable within 100 ft. ranged burst.

Epic Flare: 15PP per square mile: lights up to 50 square miles at full sunlight levels. Anyone within 10 feet is permanently blinded (no save, this will go through your eyelids). Anyone within 50 feet must make a DC 30 reflex save or be blinded for 1d12 rounds.