View Full Version : What do I do with this energy?

2011-05-02, 10:48 PM
I just created the framework of a campaign setting on a whim. A couple of ideas popped into my head, the hamster ran in its wheel, 2+2 became 4, and all of a sudden, a new world happened.

I've designed how the planes are put together, how many gods there are, and of what, and decided on the general technology level.

But now I don't know what to do with it.

I only get to play D&D every once in a while, and when I do, it's usually to continue one of the many, many games in progress.

I'm still not done being creative with it. I still plan on giving each diety a set of domains, favored weapon, etc. (not to mention a name...) and will probably end up drawing a picture of each one. (my soul and my drawing hand are crying. There are easily over 50 of them.) Not to mention assigning planar traits to each plane, and drawing a map of them. (again, easily over 50, but at least maps are easier to draw than people...)

So, since the actual chance of using this setting for an actual game of D&D is pretty slim, what do I do to keep this geyser of creative juice from becoming a huge waste of time and effort?

2011-05-03, 01:28 AM
Well if you don't want it to go to waste then type the whole thing up and put it up in Homebrew:World Design. Then other people can look at it, give critiques and cherry pick it.

Or you could try to pick a time period within the history your writing and make a short novel out of it to publish; publishers like the first one to be short and you get more leeway after that.

2011-05-03, 09:06 AM
If you're designing from cosmology and pantheon down, you've got quite a journey before you start putting together playable adventure hooks. Detail out the gods, maybe ask to be a follower of one of them the next time you roll up a character. I know I have no problem with my players inventing gods.