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2011-05-02, 11:54 PM
The Magyk-Touched

The Magyk-Touched are an interesting group who for some reason are sympathetic to magic and because of this they become... changed by prolonged exposure. Their primary power is that they can use the very spells that altered them so. It isn't uncommon for Wizard's assistants to suddenly start manifesting these powers. Arcane Touched are often mistaken for Sorcerers, though they lack Draconic Heritage.

Intelligence-focused Touched are even more peculiar, as they wield their magic not with force of will but with, as would be implied, their intellect. The wizard methods of casting are what gave them their powers and it is these methods that are used in their casting. These are effectively Wizard spells that have become ingrained into the very beings of the Touched.

An alternative would be to just call them "Magic Mutants" and leave it at that...

Major1 Use Magic Device +22 Skill 1 +2 Spell 1 1/day3 Ability 1 +14 Use Magic Device +2 Spell 1 1/day Detect Magic 1/day5 Caster Affinity +26 Ability 1 +1 Spell 2 1/day7 Spellcraft +28 Spell 1 1/day Detect Magic 1/day Spell Saves +19 Ability 2 +110 Caster Affinity +2 Spell 3 1/day, Spell 1 2/day11 Caster Affinity +412 Ability 1 +1 Spell 2 2/day Craft Magic Item13 Knowledge (Arcana/Religion) +214 Spellcraft +2 Spell 4 1/day, Spell 2 2/day15 Ability 3 +116 Detect Magic 1/day Spell Saves +1 Spell Saves +217 Caster Affinity +618 Ability 2 +1 Spell 5 1/day, Spell 3 2/day, Spell 1 3/day19 Concentration +220 Caster Affinity +2 Spell 3 1/day, Spell 1 2/day Magical Resilience

Spells: The Touched all have an affinity to a particular set of related spells. These can be likened to Domains. Each List contains five spells: One first, one second, one third, and so on, all related and drawn from the same larger spell list. As they advance, the Touched gain access to more of their spells and gain the ability to cast them a number of times per day as spell-like abilities. When they choose a list, they must also choose a key casting stat. If their list is Divine, this must be Wisdom. They get to choose between Charisma and Intelligence if their list is Arcane. DCs are based on this stat and Caster Level is 1/4, 1/2, or 1 times the character's level.

Abilities: Depending on their casting stat, Touched gain bonuses to different Ability scores. If they're Intelligence focused, then they get Int, Wis, Cha, in that order. If Wisdom focused, it's Wis, Cha, Int. If Charisma focused, the order is Cha, Int, Wis.

Caster Affinity: This bonus applies to all interaction rolls made with characters and creatures with levels in an Arcane or Divine spellcasting class, depending on whether the Touched has an Arcane or Divine list.

Spell Saves: Touched gain this number as a bonus to all saves against spells and spell-like abilities.

Craft Magic Item: The Touched gains the ability to create any magic item that utilizes only spells to which they have access, as long as they meet the minimum CL requirement. Normal costs and creation time apply. Wands are popular.

Knowledge (Arcana/Religion/Nature): Whichever type the Touched uses.

Magical Resilience: As a being natural possessed to the casting of spells, the Magyk-Touched have always had a certain level of tolerance. However this power does not fully manifest until a very late stage. They gain Spell Resistance 11+Their level and may cast Lesser Globe of Invulnerability once per day as an immediate action. This counts as a spell-like ability and uses the Touched's level as the caster level.


Flame - Arcane
1-Produce Flame
2-Scorching Ray
4-Wall of Fire
5-Explosive Cascade (SC)

Force - Arcane
1-Magic Missile
2-Blast of Force (SC)
3-Chain Missile (SC)
4-Otiluke's Resilient Sphere
5-Wall of Force

Ice - Arcane
1-Ice Dagger (SC)
2-Snowball Swarm (SC)
3-Hailstones (SC)
4-Wall of Ice
5-Cone of Cold

Burst - Arcane
1-Sonic Blast (SC)
3-Sound Lance (SC)
5-Cacophonic Shield (SC)

Light of Celestia - Divine
1-Light of Lunia (SC)
2-Light of Mercuria (SC)
3-Light of Venya (SC)
4-Shadow Blast (SC)
5-Blistering Radiance

Wind - Arcane
1-Feather Fall
2-Gust of Wind
4-Defenestrating Sphere (SC)
5-Cyclonic Blast (SC)

Control - Arcane
1-Charm Person
2-Tasha's Hideous Laughter
4-Charm Monster
5-Dominate Person

Healing - Divine
1-Cure Light Wounds
2-Cure Moderate Wounds
3-Cure Serious Wounds
4-Cure Critical Wounds
5-Raise Dead

Hurting - Divine
1-Inflict Light Wounds
2-Inflict Moderate Wounds
3-Inflict Serious Wounds
4-Inflict Critical Wounds
5-Slay Living

Divine Aid - Divine
4-Divine Power
5-Righteous Might

Holiness - Divine
3-Magic Circle against Evil

Unholiness - Divine
3-Magic Circle Against Good
4-Consumptive Field (SC)

Speed - Arcane
1-Expeditious Retreat
2-Cat's Grace
4-Dimension Door
5-Dimension, Greater (SC)

Strength - Arcane
1-Enlarge Person
2-Bull's Strength
5-Enlarge Person, Greater (SC)

Light - Arcane
1-Dancing Lights
4-Rainbow Patterns
5-Prismatic Ray (SC)

Drain - Arcane
1-Ray of Enfeeblement
2-Ghoul Touch
3-Vampiric Touch
5-Waves of Fatigue

Undead - Divine
1-Detect Undead
2-Shroud of Undeath (SC)
3-Animate Dead
4-Death Ward
5-Circle of Death

Shadow - Arcane
1-Net of Shadows (SC)
2-Wall of Gloom (SC)
3-Claws of Darkness (SC)
4-Shadow Conjuration
5-Shadow Evocation

Foresight - Divine
1-Omen of Peril (SC)
3-Blindsight (SC)

Stone - Divine
1-Magic Stone
2-Soften Earth and Stone
3-Stone Shape
4-Spike Stones

Bite - Divine
1-Magic Fang
2-Bite of the Wererat (SC)
3-Bite of the Werewolf (SC)
4-Bite of the Wearboar (SC)
5-Bite of the Weretiger (SC)

Deception - Arcane
1-Silent Image
2-Minor Image
3-Major Image
4-Hallucinatory Terrain
5-Persistent Image

Disguise - Arcane
1-Disguise Self
3-Invisibility Sphere
4-Invisibility, Greater

Antimagic - Divine
1-Detect Magic
2-Spell Immunity, Lesser (SC)
3-Dispel Magic
4-Spell Immunity
5-Spell Resistance

Protection - Arcane
2-Protection from Arrows
3-Protection from Energy
5-Indomitability (SC)

Animal - Divine (Nature)
1-Speak with Animals
2-Hold Animal
3-Dominate Animal
4-Giant Vermin
5-Summon Nature's Ally V

Plant - Divine (Nature)
2-Wood Shape
3-Speak with Plants
4-Command Plants
5-Wall of Thorns

Lightning - Divine (Nature)
1-Thunderhead (SC)
2-Electric Loop (SC)
3-Call Lightning
4-Arc of Lightning (SC)
5-Call Lightning Storm

Disease - Divine (Nature)
1-Delay Disease (SC)
2-Decomposition (SC)
4-Contagious Touch (SC)
5-Contagion, Mass (SC)

Poison - Divine (Nature)
1-Breath of the Jungle (SC)
2-Healing Sting (SC)
3-Poison/Neutralize Poison
4-Poison Vines (SC)
5-Poison Thorns (SC)

Tree - Divine (Nature)
1-Branch to Branch (SC)
2-Tree Shape
3-Speak with Plants
4-Command Plants
5-Tree Stride

2011-05-03, 12:05 AM
Since their spellcasting is inherit of who they are, I think that they should not have the option to pick INT for arcane casting. Charisma is the ability score of choice for spontaneous arcane caster if I recal.

2011-05-03, 09:19 PM
Added a number of the Lists, nowhere near all of them. The idea for the intelligence-based Touched is that they are indeed casting Wizard spells, it's just that the mental pathways of these spells have been impressed upon their brains to the point where they are inextricable. Their intellect still dictates the raw power of these spells.

2011-05-08, 11:33 PM
I greatly increased the number of Lists available. They now cover most of the major stuff. A bit more feedback would be nice.

2011-06-22, 02:24 PM
Bloodlines for the bloodline god!

2011-06-22, 02:36 PM
Bloodlines for the bloodline god!

Got another two ready to post. Hopefully I'll get around to doing so today or tomorrow.

You know how upper-level Illusions start to become a bit real? And how most Wizards can't get a date? Uh... Glamerkin. And my other one, the Morphics, have the power to absorb bloodlines and selectively activate them.

Always open to suggestions or requests. I seem to be on a Bloodline kick like I was on an NPC PrC one.

Edit: Since this apparently has renewed interest, should I finish the remaining Lists?

2011-06-22, 05:39 PM
Edit: Since this apparently has renewed interest, should I finish the remaining Lists?


No one homebrew bloodlines.

Hell, almost no one notices bloodlines.

2011-06-22, 05:42 PM
Because pewr literacy is kewl.:smalltongue:

In all seriousness doesnt look too bad.

2011-06-23, 01:22 PM

No one homebrew bloodlines.

Hell, almost no one notices bloodlines.

I think this may largely be due to the... uninspiring-ness of those presented in UA. They're not terribly impressive or distinctive. Heck, if it hadn't been for Percy Jackson giving me the idea in the first place, I likely wouldn't have gotten into the whole thing myself.

Hopefully I'll get around to the remaining Lists after I type up the Morphic.

Edit: Added five or so more lists, most of which are Nature ones.