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2011-05-07, 10:53 AM
Here is the backstory and current stats of a creature I will be refferingto as the Protonach. The gameworld is Tamriel.

Behold the Precursor/Primal/Origin/Prime/Matron Atronach, a being of immense power split into eighths and rent asunder then spread across the land it was born in.

It is of Daedric Origin, made during the age of myth for an unknown purpose. It is known to the Daedra as the source of all Atronach as it gave birth to every form of Atronach, but each Atronach created came at a terrible cost. During the time of it's creation there were many deaths and even though the Princes made it, they fear it's power and have made it immune to banishment so none of them have to deal with it being on their planes.

It was assembled once before during the age of chaos by people attempting to gain power absolute, it granted the man who assembled it a single wish. An army came split it into eighths and rent it asunder, spreading it across the land never to be brought back together. There is nobody alive today who remembers any of what happened when it was created or assembled, but there isn't a great distance between any of the pieces. Every part is recognized as ancient and magical, which makes it extremely valuable to certain people, it is currently hidden away deep inside caves and ruins, or locked away in the vaults of Nobles, sometimes a piece can even be seen in possession of a Merchant.

Creature is assembled at the end of the campaign, it has eight bodyparts which are divided (not equally) into fifty components.

Sceptre (Heavy Mace): Rod, Claw, Orb
Shield: Ram, Plate, Grip, Proto Cannon (ranged weapon)
Head: LeftEar, RightEar, LeftHorn, RightHorn, UpperFangs, LowerFangs, LeftEyeStone, RightEyeStone, Jaw, Face, Cranium (back of head), Mind, Crown
LeftArm: ShieldMount, LeftPouldron, LeftHand, LeftArmSpike, LeftStub
RightArm: RightPouldron, RightArmSpike, RightStub, Palm, Thumb, IndexFinger, MiddleFinger, RingFinger, PinkyFinger
LeftLeg: LeftFoot, LeftShin, LeftKnee, LeftThigh
RightLeg: RightFoot, RightShin, RightKnee, RightThigh
Torso: Heart, Spine, SoulCask (Stomach), BackPlate, LeftChestPlate, RightChestPlate, Groin, Crest

Medium Construct.
Walking speed is 20, creature cannot run.

Hit Dice: ?d10 + ???
Base Attack:
Heavy Mace:
Shield Bash:
Awakening: Absorbs the soul of who or whatever completely assembles it, victim does not get a saving roll. Soul can be saved if the Protonach is destroyed within
Call to Arms (Ex): The Protonach can roar once per round, causing other Atronach/Constructs within 120 of the Protonach to fight for their creator.
Soul Feast (Su): The Protonach instantly absorbs the soul of any dead creature (including Undead)within 120 of itself, each soul adds 1d10 to it's Hit Dice. No Save.
Proto Beam (Su): The Protonach fires a non elemental bolt of energy from it's Sceptre every 1d4 rounds, Save is Will based at DC 30. I'm not sure what kind of damage to give it.
Proto Cannon: I'm thinking Heavy Repeating Crossbow, which needs no reloading. Cannot use while in Defensive Stance.
Defensive Stance (Ex): The Protonach can adopt a defensive stance in the same way as a Dwarven Defender. It gains +2 to Strength, +4 to Constitution, a +2 resistance bonus on all saves and a +4 dodge bonus to AC. A defensive stance lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the Protonach's (newly improved) Constitution modifier. The Protonach may end it's defensive stance voluntarily prior to this limit. At the end of the defensive stance, the Protonach takes a -2 penalty on Strength for the duration of the encounter. Using the defensive stance takes no time itself, but the Protonach can only do so during it's action.
Mobile Defense (Ex): The Protonach can adjust it's position while maintaining a defensive stance. While in a defensive stance, it can take one 5-foot step each round without losing the benefit of the stance.
Damage Reduction: The Protonach is immune to any damage that does not target the Soul Cask, the Soul Cask is unprotected and open to attack. The Soul Cask is also vulnerable to magic.

I'm wanting it to have a CR of 20, or something around that level. The entire campaign is spent searching for the individual pieces and assembling it, I expect a party to gain at least one or two levels while playing. I'm thinking about giving each piece of the Protonach a use as a magical item when it's still divided.
The person who places the final piece of the Protonach (the Crest) may wish for an item, which will be granted on the Protonach's death. The reward may be changed at the discretion of the GM.

What kind of changes would I need to make to keep it challenging, yet beatable? Within a time limit.