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2011-05-09, 03:10 AM
What are your experiences with the crafting systems in different RPG-s.
I only have used myself DD 3.5 , ( I ever have played DD and GURPS)
DD system might get funny economical results, but I like that you can use it to quite easily find the cost and time required to craft something. If you have a table for the final prices for goods then jsut start rolling. ( and you are not miffed by the completely non elastic prices whisch have some weird relations tyo each other :D)

Im a newb at GURPS, so ever read the characters book, I guess crafting stuff would go down like everythong else i roll if i succeed at my armorer/letherworekr or whatever skill. Still could not find how much time would an effort take - is it left for GM-s volityion or is there somekind of a algorithm for that in Campaigns?
One thing I've often houseruled in my DD campaigns is that crafting skills are not armorer/weaponsmith/bower etc. but crafts are assinged by materials - so we got stone/wood/metal/leather for example ( kind of dwarf fortress style, a friend of mine even ran a dwarf fortress game once :D)
So what are your experiences with crafting items in different systems, what do you think is the best ( I might one to have a campaing with lot of crafting smeday).

Also I think i shuld mention - I mainly look for crafting "mundane " items. Not alchemy, enchanting, brewing poitions etc.