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2011-05-09, 10:52 AM
I'm trying to make a cinematic-style Superhero card game for my kids. I've contracted a severe case of writer's block, however, and am beckoning to the community for help. Let me give you some background.

What is the purpose of the game? Well, the kids like action. They're not much into story, plot, etc. other than whatever story leads up to their smashing stuff. They like to roll dice but aren't capable of a lot of arithmetic, so complicated (for a kid) combat formulae are out, but I think dice should come into play for simple scenarios like "whoever rolls higher wins", "If you roll 4 or higher you hit" etc. Basically, the dice roll should be an inherent part of some powers or some card effects. Nothing complicated, however.

The cards should be the primary mechanic, with dice or something else occasionally used, as mentioned above. If I haven't bored you to death already, let me show you an example of what I'm talking about:

Let's make a hero. He is called Ignites (thanks, Ninjaman).
Primary Power: Fire generation.
Secondary Powers: Pyroblast (single damaging attack), Ring of Fire (defensive shield kinda thing), Fireballs (attacks multiple targets)
Secondary powers are basically all the neat things a hero can do with his Primary power.
Ignite has 10 Energy, or Stamina, or Vitality- whatever you want to call it. It is the combat currency of the game. You lose it when damaged, or can spend it for certain bonuses, but when it runs out you are out of the fight.

Now for the cards, which I think is the fun part and one of the areas I could use some help. Here are some ideas I had with the help of another guy:

Use Power- There would be a lot of these cards. When played, this card lets the hero make an attack, turn invisible, teleport, or whatever the effect of their superpower is. This is the typical card played by the hero. All the other cards are mainly for cinematics and unusual events.
Bonus Damage- yeah
Fumble- Played immediately when drawn. The Hero trips or something. Anyway, he loses this turn.
Slam- make a damaging attack on an enemy. Roll d6. If 4-6, enemy is stunned and can't attack next turn.
Smash- You hit the guy so hard he smashes through a building, wall, car, whatever. Add some bonus damage in there too.
Bring it Down!- Either you shoot out the floor from under him, drop a safe on his head, whatever, but you knock the guy straight through the floor/ground. This takes the fight to a new level, literally: either the floor below, the sewers, into a mausoleum, etc.
Saving Grace- you mitigate a little damage from your enemy's attack.
Weapon of Opportunity- you hurl a telephone pole, manhole cover, boulder, car, or some other big object at the enemy doing bonus damage.
Here Comes the Cavalry- someone shows up to help out, maybe an angry mob hurling bottles, the SWAT team, another hero/villain, a sidekick, or some minions.
Second Wind- gain some Energy back.
In Harm's Way- Uh oh! The villain has cut a cable on the window washer's scaffold, knocked a bus into a position teetering over the edge of the bridge, whatever. Anyway, innocents are now in harm's way and need to be rescued.
Topple- Well look at that. The villain is standing directly under that chandelier, or next to that tall stack of crates. What are the chances?
Bad Karma- player is forced to discard a card. I don't think I've considered a discard deck. Maybe place the card on the bottom of the draw deck?
Good Karma- draw an extra card.
Gloating- The villain loses a turn due to a fit of maniacal gloating. He's a villain. That's what he does.

There is much more to do. How much Energy is appropriate? How many cards to draw? How many powers should the heroes get? Should I create a list of powers or just let the players make their own with some guidance and balancing? How do the characters progress?

I would love any help you guys can offer. Comments, critism, questions, advice, suggestions? Thanks.