View Full Version : [4e] A CHA-based replacement for Dire Radiance

Lord Ascapelion
2011-05-10, 02:11 PM
Well, one of my players is going to be using a Star Pact Warlock in my game this summer. I was thinking to give him a CHA-based alternative to Dire Radiance, but I figured I should check in here before offering it. Here are some ideas...

Delirium Spiral - Implement, Psychic, Fear
Ranged 10

1d6 + CHA psychic damage and you slide the target up to two squares.

Star's Eye - Implement, Radiant
CHA VS Fortitude
Ranged 10

1d6 + CHA radiant damage. If the target moves on its next turn, it takes 1 radiant damage for every square it moves willingly.

Dark Tentacle - Implement, Necrotic
CHA VS Fortitude
Ranged 5

1d6 + CHA Necrotic damage. You pull the target up to two squares and it's slowed until the end of your next turn.

Thoughts on which one (if any) I should use?