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2011-05-12, 02:42 PM
This is my first attempt at homebrewing, so I thought I'd go with something personal: This is a remake of the Fighter class, dubbed the Man-at-Arms. I didn't want to go to far from the core fighter abilities (weapon focus, weapon specialiazation and its permutations) but I did want to give him some unique features that would allow him to win some fights, and be epic while doing it. The fluff on this guy is pretty much the same as the Fighter's. So here it is:

The Man-at-Arms

Alignment: Any
Hit Dice: d10


1|+1|+2|+0|+0|Arms Focus
2|+2|+3|+0|+0|Tactical Movement
3|+3|+3|+1|+1|Combat Form
4|+4|+4|+1|+1|Arms Specialization
5|+5|+4|+1|+1|Tactical Strike
6|+6/+1|+5|+2|+2|Improved Combat Form
7|+7/+2|+5|+2|+2|Physical Feat 1/day
8|+8/+3|+6|+2|+2|Greater Arms Focus
9|+9/+4|+6|+3|+3|Improved Tactical Movement
10|+10/+5|+7|+3|+3|Greater Combat Form
11|+11/+6/+1|+7|+3|+3|Physical Feat 2/day, Spellbreaker Strike
12|+12/+7/+2|+8|+4|+4|Greater Arms Specialty
14|+14/+9/+4|+9|+4|+4|Spellbreaker Strike Twice, Combat Form Mastery
15|+15/+10/+5|+9|+5|+5|Physical Feat 3/day
16|+16/+11/+6/+1|+10|+5|+5|Arms Supremacy
17|+17/+12/+7/+2|+10|+5|+5|Spellbreaker Strike Thrice
18|+18/+13/+8/+4|+11|+5|+5|Tactical Movement Mastery
19|+19/+14/+9/+4|+11|+6|+6|Physical Feat 4/day
20|+20/+15/+10/+5|+12|+6|+6|Spellbreaker stirke Four, Arms Perfection[/table]

Class skills (4+int modifier): Climb (str), Craft (int), Handle Animal (cha), intimidate (cha), Jump (str), Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty)(int), Ride (dex), Sense Motive (wis), Survival (wis), and Swim (str).

Weapons and Armor Proficiency: Men-at-Arms are proficient with all Simple and martial Weapons, All armors and all Shields.

Arms Focus: The Man-at-arms chooses a category of weapons, and gains weapon focus for all those weapons. Categories can include: Swords (Longsword, Scimitar, Falchion, Greatsword, Bastard Sword), Maces (Light Mace, Heavy Mace, Morningstar, Warhammer, Greatclub), Bows (Short Bow, Long Bow, Light Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow, Repeating Crossbow). If a category includes an exotic weapon then the Man-at-arms gains proficiency with that weapon for free.

{Note on creating new categories: Only three categories are listed as smaples because of the many weapons listed in other sources. Players are encouraged to make their own categories. A category can only include five weapons at most, and a maximum of one exotic weapon. All weapons in a category must deal the same type of damage (bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing). If a wepon deals two types of damage, use whichever type is more prominent (for instance, the Morningstar is used more similarly to a mace, and thus is considered a bludgeoning weapon). If a double weapon has heads which deal different types of damage, one end must be chosen as the primary head, and this side must match the type of other weapons in the category.}

Tactical movement: At level 2 the Man-at-arms learns how to better move on the battle field. They may select one of the following special abilities related to moving. At higher levels they recieve improvements to these special abilities.
Tumbler: The Man-at-arms adds Tumble to his list of class skills, and gains 5 skill ranks in that skill. At each level, they may put one more rank into the Tumble skill for free. Armor check penalties still apply to Tumble.
Charger: The Man-at-arms may make one change in direction during the movement for a charge. For every 5 class levels over first, the Man-at-arms may move an additional 10 feet during a charge and may make one additional turn.
Stalwart: During any round in which the Man-at-arms moves no more than 5 feet, he gains a circumstance bonus to Armor class, saving throws, and checks to resist being bull rushed, tripped, or disarmed, equal to 1+1/4 class levels. If the Man-at-arms is bull rushed or tripped, the effect ends. If the Man-at-arms is moved magically (such as by dimension door or similar effects) the effect persists, even if the Man-at-arms controlled the magical movement.
Distanced: The Man-at-arms may attack at the end of a withdraw, as long as they do not move farther than their speed. The Man-at-arms can alternatively move double speed during a withdraw, and do not provoke attacks of opportunity for the first half of the distance moved.
Rider: Whenever the Man-at-arms is mounted they may roll initiative for both themselves and the mount, and use the higher result. If the Mount has a higher dexterity modifier than the Man-at-arms, then they may use the mountís dexterity modifier for their armor class.

Combat Form: At third level the Man-at-arms may take one of the following feats, even if they donít meet the prerequisites. Power attack, Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Shield Bash, Rapid Shot, or Mounted Combat. If the Man-at-arms already has one of these feats, they may instead opt to take any fighter bonus feat for which they meet the prerequisites.

Arms Specialization: Upon reaching level 4 he Man-at-arms gains Weapon specialization with all weapons in the category for which they took Arms Focus at first level.

Tactical Strike: At level 5 the Man-at-Arms may choose one of the following feats, even if they do not normally meet the prerequisites: Improved Sunder, Improved Trip, Improved Disarm, Improved Bull rush, or Ranged disarm. If the Man-at-arms already has one of these feats, they may instead opt to take any fighter bonus feat for which they meet the prerequisites.

Improved Combat Form: Upon reaching 6th level the Man-at-arms improves upon the combat form he chose at third level, gaining one of the following feats based on his prior choice, even if he does not meet the prerequisites. If he already possesses the feat, he may instead take any fighter bonus feat for which he meets the prerequisites.
Power attack: Cleave
Two Weapon Fighting: Improved Two weapon Fighting
Improved Shield Bash: Agile Shield Fighter
Rapid Shot: Manyshot
Mounted Combat: Ride By Attack.

Physical Feat 1/day: Starting at 7th level the Man-at-arms may call upon sheer will power and determination to perform incredible displays of physical ability. Once per day as an immediate action the Man-at-arms gains a bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution equal to their Class level until the beginning of their next turn. The increase in Constitution grants additional hit points, and as an exception to the normal rule these Hit points are lost first.
For instance, Krom, an 8th level Man-at-arms, is fighting a dragon, and Krom is low on health. The dragon lands a bite attack, but before the damage is rolled Krom uses his Physical Feat to increase his Constitution by 8, gaining an extra 32 hit points. The dragonís bite deals 28 damage. At the beginning of Kromís turn the constitution leaves him, and he loses the remaining 4 hit points the dragon did not bite away.
Every 4 levels above 7th the Man-at-arms gains one extra daily use of his physical feat (2/day at 11th, 3/day at 15th, 4/day at 19th.)

Greater Arms Focus: At level 8 the Man-at-arms gains greater weapon focus for all weapons in the category for which they chose Arms Focus at 1st level. From this point forward the Man-at-arms is considered as having Weapon Mastery (feat PH2) for the purpose of qualifying for other feats. Further they gain Armís focus in an additional category.

Improved Tactical Movement: The Man-at-arm's tactical movement is improved upon at 9th level.
Tumbler: The Man-at-arms no longer applies the armor check penalties from Light armor to Tumble checks. Further: once per day on a failed Reflex saving throw, the Man-at-arms can choose to attempt a Tumble check against the reflex saving throwís DC. If successful then they only take half damage, but success or not they fall prone immediately.
Charger: The Man-at-arms may take a full attack action at the end of a charge. If they could already make a full attack at the end of a charge through some other effect then they may make one additional attack with their primary weapon at their full base attack bonus.
Stalwart: The Man-at-arms may move up to 10 feet without losing the benefits of Stalwart. In addition, they gain DR equal to their stalwart bonus/- while stalwart is active.
Distanced: The Man-at-arms does not provoke attacks of opportunity during a withdrawal as a double move. Further when the Man-at-arms withdraws as a single move, they may make two attacks at the end of the move. Both attacks are made at the highest base attack bonus -2. If the Man-at-arms has Rapid shot, then they may make three ranged attacks instead, though all the attacks take a -4.
Rider: The Man-at-armís knowledge and skill with mounts allows him to command horses he isnít even riding. Mounted Allies may use the Man-at-arms ride skill for their own ride checks as long as they are within 60 feet of the Man-at-arms, and he is conscious and able to see and speak. Further, the Man-at-arms can have his own mount make a single attack at the same time as he attacks as part of any attack action, except when the mount charges. The Man-at-arms may use a ride check for the attack roll of this attack.

Greater Combat Form: At level 10 the Man-at-arms gains further mastery over their chosen Combat form, gaining one of the following feats based on his prior choices even if he does not normally meet the prerequisites. If he already has the feat he may select any other bonus fighter feat for which he meets the prerequisites.
Power Attack: Cleave: Great Cleave
Two Weapon Fighting: Improved Two Weapon Fighting: Two Weapon Rend
Improved Shield Bash: Agile Shield Fighter: Shield Slam
Rapid Shot: Many Shot: Penetrating Shot
Mounted Combat: Ride By Attack: Spirited Charge

Spellbreaker Strike: By the 11th level in their career most any Men-at-arms have seen the powers of magic and those who wield it, but they have chosen to continue mastering the arts of weaponry rather than delve into eldritch powers. Thus Men-at-arms have developed powerful techniques to counter the power of magic users. The techniques each have a prerequisite of one of the feats gained as Tactical Strike at 5th level, and are related in form to those abilities. Using a Spellbreaker strike is tiring to a Man-at-arms, so he must rest five minutes before being able to do it again. At 14th level the Man-at-arms is strong enough to perform the Spellbreaker Strike twice before resting, at 17th level, they can use it three times, and at 20th level they can use it four times.
Improved Bull Rush: Spell Rush: By remaining stalwart and strong in the face of magics, a Man-at-arms with this technique can ignore magical effects. As an immediate action the Man-at-arms may activate this ability to gain Spell Resistance equal to their Class levels plus their strength modifier and constitution modifier for a number of rounds equal to either their strength modifier or constitution modifier, whichever is higher. Use of Physical Feat does not increase this Spell Resistance nor increase its duration. This spell Resistance is also applied to the Man-at-arms mount if he has one.
Improved Disarm: Spell Disarm: Just as a skilled warrior can take an opponentís weaponry, the skilled Man-at-arms can take the very magic away from a foe. The Man-at-arms may use this ability to remove the enemy casterís reserve of magical energy. As a standard action the Man-at-arms makes an attack roll against the enemyís Touch AC+ their caster level. If the attack lands, they roll damage as normal, but the damage is done as levels of spells from the caster. Highest level spell slots are targeted first, with remaining damage removing lower level spell slots until either all the damage has been dealt or there are no slots that the remaining damage can destroy. Spell Disarm has no effect on level 0 spells. Casters who prepare spells determine which spells they lose at random. For instance: Krom uses spell Disarm against a level 15 wizard, and hits for 14 damage. The Wizard has two 8th level spells prepared, but no level 6 or level 1 spells remaning. The wizard loses one 8th level spell, then one 5th level spell. Since there are no 1st level spells to damage, the remaining one point of damage is wasted. If used against a Psionic foe, the ability instead deals double damage to the Manifesters Power point reserve. It is impossible to score a critical hit with this attack.
Improved Sunder: Spell Sunder: The Man-at-arms with this technique can shatter magical effects the same way lesser warriors would shatter a blade. As a standard action the Man-at-arms makes an attack against either an ongoing magical effect or against a foe under the effects of a spell. The AC for the attack is their opponents Touch AC + the level of the spell+1/2 the caster level, or 10+the spells level+1/2 the caster level for ongoing spell effects. For enemies with multiple spells affecting them the Man-at-arms makes one attack, and can affect all spells for which the attack roll would be high enough to hit. They then roll damage as normal, but the damage is done to the levels of spells struck. Highest level spells are struck first. 0 Level spells are automatically dispelled if the Spell Sunder would connect with them. For instance: Krom is fighting a 16 level Cleric, who is using a number of spells to enhance his combat prowess. Krom makes a spell sunder attack against him, but only totals 26 on the attack roll. Though this is enough to strike at the Clerics spells 7th level and below(the cleric has a +1 dexterity modifier to his touch AC), it is not enough to harm the 8th level Unholy Aura on him. Krom then rolls damage and hits for 15. This is enough to remove all of the clericís other spells.
Improved Trip: Spell Trip: The Man-at-arms can use his insights in using a foes force against him against magic. Any time a spell targets the Man-at-arms or a space he threatens, he can use his Spell trip to attempt to turn the spell back on its caster. To succeed he must make an attack roll against 10+ the spells level +1/2 the caster level. If successful the spell stops and begins traveling back at the caster. If the Spell meets the extent of its range during this movement it stops and triggers as if it had reached its target if capable. Spells that strike multiple times can only have one hit reflected per use of this ability. Spells which affect a range of spaces (such as lightning bolt) still affect all spaces on the way to the Man-at-arms, but cannot affect the same space more than once.
Ranged Disarm: Spell Ranged Disarm: This ability functions very differently from Spell Disarm, but allows an archer to make good use of his bow against enemy casters. While wielding a ranged weapon, casters within 60 feet of the Man-at-arms provoke attacks of opportunity from him with a ranged weapon, even if casting on the defensive. If the attack hits then the spell is lost immediately, without allowing a concentration check. The Man-at-arms must be able to locate the caster and recognize that he is casting a spell.

Greater Arms Specialty: Upon reaching level 12 the Man-at-arms gains Greater Weapon Specialization with all weapons included in the category he chose for Arms focus at first level. Further he gains weapon specialization with all weapons in the category for which he chose Arms Focus at 8th level.

Combat Form Mastery: At Level 14 the Man-at-arms gains a truly incredible understanding of their form in battle, and gains one of the following special abilities accordingly.
Power attack: Cleave: Great Cleave: Mighty Attack: When the Man-at-arms uses power attack, he increases the extra damage of the attack by double (reminder: Using a two handed weapon already doubles this increase, and two doublings is a tripling). If any Mighty attack is a threat for a critical, then the Base attack bonus is not considered reduced for the confirmation roll, and the extra damage on the attack is also increased by the critical multiplier.
Two Weapon Fighting: Improved two Weapon Fighting: Two Weapon Rend: Double Strike: The Man-at-arms can use a single attack roll for attacks from both weapons whenever he would be eligible to hit with both. The Man-at-arms can also attack with both weapons at the end of charge, during an attack of opportunity, or whenever they attack as a single standard action. When making these single attack rolls the Man-at-arms does not apply the usual penalties for fighting with two weapons.
Improved Shield Bash: Agile Shield Fighter: Shield Slam: Shield Reflection: The Man-at-arms may apply his shield bonus to AC as a cover bonus on Reflex saving throws. Also he may once every 5 rounds attempt to negate any melee or ranged attack aimed against him. He makes a shield bash attack against the attack roll of the attack to be negated. If the Man-at-arms rolls higher, the attack is negated.
Rapid shot: Manyshot: Penetrating Shot: Supreme Precise Shot: Once per minute as a full round action which provokes attacks of opportunity, the Man-at-arms may make a single ranged attack at any target in line of sight. This attack does not suffer from range increments but must still be in the weapons maximum range. If the Attack hits, then the Attack is treated as an automatic Critical hit, without need for confirmation roll. Creatures immune to critical hits are immune as normal, but fortification and similar abilities do not negate this critical attack.
Mounted Combat: Ride By Attack: Spirited Charge: Mounted Barrage: The Man-at-arms can make as many attacks during the mountís charge as he could during a full attack action, but each strike must be aimed at a different square. If using a lance then the Man-at-arms can attempt to bulrush the target five feet as part of each attack without provoking attacks of opportunity from that foe. If successful this enables the Man-at-arms to attack them again, since they will be in a different square for the next attack.

Arms Supremacy: Upon reaching 16th Level the Man-at-arms gains Weapon Supremacy whenever wielding a weapon from the category he chose at first level. Further he gains Greater weapon focus whenever using a weapon from the category he chose at 8th level, and may take Arms Focus in a third category.

Tactical Movement Mastery: At 18th level the Man At arms has achieved full mastery over their tactics of movement in combat, becoming more capable than ever of gaining favorable position on the battlefield.
Charger: The first time the Man-at-arms charges in any combat scenario, the movement provokes no attacks of opportunity. Further, the Man-at-arms may Overrun during any charge as a free action with a +4 circumstance bonus to his roll. Even if he fails to Overrun a foe, he still moves through their space without provoking attacks of opportunity.
Tumbler: The Man-at-arms may now ignore Armor check penalties from Medium armor when making tumble checks. Further the Man-at-arms can as a full round action attempt a tumble against a foe with a DC equal to the targets armor class. If successful, they may treat the foe as flat footed and take a free full attack action against it. After the attacks they may move to any space directly adjacent that creature, regardless of how far that moves them.
Stalwart: The Man at arms may move up to 15 feet without losing the benefits of stalwart. Further, they now add their stalwart bonus to attack and damage rolls while it is active.
Distanced: Any time an opponent misses the Man-at-arms with an attack roll, the Man-at-arms may move 5 feet in any direction as a free action. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Rider: The Man-at-arms becomes immune to being dismounted, unless they choose to be. This applies even when on a flying mount upside down, or other amazing circumstances. The Man-at-arms may also use his own armor class in place of the mountís (excluding size bonus or penalty) if it is higher whenever the mount would be attacked. Lastly, Attempting to attack the Man-at-arm's mount provokes an attack of opportunity from the Man-at-arms.

Arms Perfection: At level 20 the Man-at-arms has reached the pinnacle of skill with his most favored weapons, and henceforth is a master of their use. Whenever wielding the weapons from the category he chose at first level, the Man At arms does not need to confirm critical following a natural 20. Threats from a natural 20 always deal critical damage, even against foes who are normally immune to critical hits, or would be able to negate a critical hit through fortification or similar abilities. Concealment or similar miss chance is also ignored on a natural 20. Threats scored without a natural 20 are treated normally. Once per round the Man-at-arms may choose to roll an additional 20 sided die with a single attack, adding the two results. He may chose to roll this extra die after the first die is rolled, but must do so before the attack is determined to hit or not. If either of these die rolls results in the threat range for the wepon, the attack is considered a threat. If either of these rolls is a natural twenty, the new rules for natural 20 as described above are followed. The Man-at-arms can attack from prone or while grappling with these weapons at no penalty and without provoking attacks of opportunity (if applicable). Finally the Man-at-arms cannot be disarmed while wielding these weapons and they cannot be sundered while he wields them. The Man-at-arms also gains Greater Weapon Specialization with the category he chose at 8th level, and weapon specialization in the Category he chose at 16th level.